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Many parents prefer to hang tulle in the children Many parents prefer to hang tulle in the children's room, because it is practical and beautiful. The child's room should be comfortable, practical and light. However, in order for the kid to feel protected from extraneous views, care must be taken that the curtains hang on its windows. Ideal option for the child will be tulle. After all, this type of curtains, while preserving the child's personal space, does not block the flow of light into his room. How to choose the perfect tulle for a nursery - read on.

    • Why you need to hang tulle in the nursery
    • Tulle in the nursery for the boy
    • What can be hung in the nursery for the girl
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Why you need to hang the tulle in the nursery

Tulle is the easiest type of curtain. It is perfectly combined with many interiors and can have a variety of designs. Such curtains carry not only aesthetic, but also practical functions. So why is tulle so necessary in the children's room?

Tulle helps make the interior of the children's room beautiful and practical

Why tulle is ideal for a children's room:

  • Although the tulle does not interfere with the penetration of sunlight into the room, it makes natural lightLess active;
  • If you hang tulle together with denser curtains, a lightweight fabric will protect the bright curtains from burnout, significantly increasing their service life;
  • Such unaesthetic elements, like the battery and the old window sill, can be hidden behind a long and beautiful tulle;
  • Flying dust from the window, will not enter the room thanks to tulle, which is very important for children suffering from allergies.
  • Tulle makes the interior of the child more elegant;
  • If you have purchased furniture, the color of which does not match the basic shades in the nursery, then combining the divergent elements into one whole will help you to choose the right tulle.
  • Some styles of interior can not exist without a complement in the form of a beautiful tulle.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to hang tulles in the children's room. You can buy the right version in the store or sew it yourself.

Another advantage of tulle is that it does not completely reduce the amount of free space in the room. Therefore, this design of the windows is ideal even for not very spacious rooms.

Tulle in a children's room for a boy

It is not necessary to decorate a room for a boy and a girl in the same tones. To your child grew up a person, it is necessary to emphasize his personality from the early childhood and take into account his tastes. It's not just the shades chosen for the curtains in his room, but also the drawings that will be depicted on them.

When choosing a tulle in a boy's room, consider the age of your child. You should understand that the curtain with the bears does not like the first-grader, and the curtains with the typewriters are unlikely to appeal to a pupil of the eighth grade.

Do not think that only blue and blue colors are suitable for the boy's room. There are lots of universal shades that fit into the interior of any child's room.

Excellent in the interior of the children Excellent in the interior of the children's room will look like a tulle with typewriters


  1. Tulle with cars is the most popular option for decorating boys' rooms. If you see that you are growing a young racer, then such curtains will cause him indescribable delight. You can choose a tulle with photo printing or paint it with paints for the fabric yourself.
  2. Small travelers like curtains with pirates and ships. This tulle will support the interior of the room in a marine style. Also you can choose curtains with marine inhabitants.
  3. Another option that is acceptable for children of grades 1-5 will be curtains depicting soldiers or scenes of battles. Do not think that such curtains can adversely affect the peace of the child, such drawings bring up courage and courage in boys.
  4. Dinosaurs and other wild animals like boys interested in the animal world. These curtains will not only make the interior of the room more alive, but also help the child to better learn their pets.
  5. A very fashionable trend is to decorate the room with curtains with adornment of superheroes. Such curtains can please even the pupils of the senior classes.
  6. For children older than the fifth grade, it is better to choose a single-color tulle. It can have different shades, but be reserved. Also an interesting option for high school students will be light curtains with a seal in the form of English words.

To issue a room for a boy is quite simple, you just need to apply your imagination and take into account the child's tastes. If you are afraid to spoil the interior with the wrong choice, then you can look at the options from the fashion catalogs.

Which tulle can be hung in the children's room for a girl

Children's room for girls should be more gentle. However, if your baby is very active and does not like feminine colors, then you should not buy pink shades. After all, you do not want your child to live in a room that he does not like?

There are a lot of colors that are suitable for a girl's room, but they will not deprive her of her personality. You can buy tulle yellow, lilac, orange, light green and even blue. All these shades in the right combination will emphasize the femininity of the room, without making it banal.

For a girl For a girl's room it's better to choose a tulle of pink or beige shade

Ideas for a girl's room:

  1. Little princesses like curtains with photo prints depicting the heroines of their favorite Disney cartoons. Bel, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Mulan, Cinderella, Snow White are examples of princesses popular with children.
  2. On the curtains for the nursery there can be a color "rainbow".Such a tulle will have gentle transitions of all colors of the rainbow.
  3. Curtains with butterflies, flowers, bees and other classic elements of children's rooms, will look great on any background.
  4. Rainbow with unicorns - another fashionable print for the curtains of the children's room. Such tulles develop in the child a fantasy.
  5. Kittens and puppies bring to the emotion of most children of lower grades. Decorating a girl's room with a tulle with a picture of their fluffy pets, you will instill in your child a love for animals.
  6. Color blinds without a pattern are suitable for older girls. Also pay attention to the curtains with a floral or hearty print.

Tulle in the children's room can be used without any additions. It can be straight transparent linens with a weighting on the bottom edge or air curtains with beautiful warehouses. However, you can also supplement the tulle with more dense curtains, diluted and fixed on different sides of the window or decorate the window opening with a beautiful lambrequin.

Cornice in the nursery

Cornice in the nursery should be chosen with great care. After all, small fidgets are very fond of hiding behind curtains, jerking sharply behind curtains, or in general, wrapping up in them, like a cocoon. Therefore, the cornice must be so strong as to withstand the weight of the child.

In the shops you can find a cornice made especially for the children's room. However, if you already have a solid foundation for curtains, decorating it yourself will save you a lot of money.

You can easily familiarize yourself with the different versions of the cornices for the children You can easily familiarize yourself with the different versions of the childrens cornices in specialized stores

Cornice in the children's room should not only be reliable, but also beautiful. Such designs can have tips at the ends in the form of flowers or butterflies or be painted in bright colors. The most common cornice can also be made childish, having zadekorirovav it cheerful hard lambrequin.

How to choose a tulle in a nursery( video)

Tulle is an excellent option for decorating the window space of a children's room. Due to the variety of designs of such curtains, the interior in your child's room can not be called boring.

Design tulle in the nursery( Photo Interior)