Tulle for the living room: eyelets and photos, beautiful lambrequin and mesh in the interior, curtains in a modern style

Tulle for the living room is one of the central accents of the room Tulle for the living room is one of the central accents of the room Tulle is the most common option for decorating a window opening. What is not used today: and curtains with photo printing, and tulle with hand embroidery, and tulle with your drawing, and a completely opaque curtain. You can find curtains in a modern style, and a vintage option. After looking at the fashion catalog, if the model is expensive, by the way, you can think about its imitation or analogue. You can buy ready-made curtains or inexpensively make them to order. In short, there are lots of options!

    • How to choose the tulle in the living room: photos
    • Fashionable and beautiful tulle on Eyelets
    • combination of tulle with lambrequins
    • Option with photo printing: nice tulle depicting
    • popular tulle-net: the photo ininterior
    • Modern tulle for the living room( video)
    • Design tulle on the eyelets( photo in the interior)

How to choose the tulle in the living room: photos

You can select the classic tulle, and can be the basis for selection and fashionable Organza, Or a little with the effect of a retro veil, a lace curtain. It can be a monochrome curtain, or a multi-colored curtain. It all depends on what effect you expect from the design of the windows. It's right to start choosing with general advice.

Tips for choosing tulle:

  • It must match the style decision room - if, for example, you are an adherent of classic Scandinavian style, it is a light color, sometimes neutral white, or a model with fashionable geometric pattern, and unobtrusive folds;
  • Tulle + curtain = harmony, otherwise the band would be a failure( for example, tulle with a minimalist diamonds and riotous color blooming peonies on a luxury curtain;
  • If textured wall finish is present in the living room, then choose the correct plain options in the same shades thatdecoration of the walls, but not exactly the tone in tone.

Tulle must match the style decision of the hall Tulle must comply with style solution hall

should you use frosty white tone? Today is an often used solution less and less. it is believed ThuThis tulle is too cold and inconspicuous

Cold tulle shades, by the way, are usually used in rooms facing south, which somehow helps to soften the sensation of an eternally hot room, but this design does not always work in the image of the living room

Fashionable and beautiful tulle on the eyelets

Tulle on the luster base has been used for a long time, but now this type of tulle has a new wave of popularity. Eyelets are rings that compress the holes for the cornice in the fabric itself. It's beautiful, modern, tulle to the cornice is not required additionally. Drapery turns out to be natural, beautiful. Tulle is easy to open and close.

Tulle on the eyelets looks very interesting Tulle on the eyelets looks very interesting

Again, it is important in what style the living room is made out. If this is a style of Provence or country, then the eyelets are preferably wooden. A style of high-tech and other modern styles suggest the use of chrome or shiny metal eyelets. But still more often tulle is used in conjunction with curtains on the eyelets. That is, a combination of transparent or translucent tulle and a thick curtain.

Combination of tulle with lambrequin

Lambrequin is called solemn, elegant design of curtains at the top. There are different types of lambrequins. They are sewn either as a separate piece, or it is such a combined curtain.

What are the advantages of curtains with lambrequin:

  • Lambrucken visually smooths the unevenness of ceilings, hides some disadvantages of windows, their disproportion;
  • Such a frame from above makes the image of the room more complete;
  • Large selection - and lambrequins of two parts, and asymmetric, and combined, and the same delicate lambrequin.

Tulle with lambrequin has advantages Tulle with lambreken has the advantages of

Lambruck is differently draped. You can make folds of jabots, svagi, perekidy, kokil'e, tie, etc. Usually, lambrequin needs to be selected so that it is combined with curtains. Lambrequin fabrics should be consonant with curtain fabric. The proportions and asymmetry must be strictly observed. Color tones should be in harmony with furniture upholstery, carpets, bedspreads and blankets. Not in tone, but in harmony. This means that the colors should match each other, combined in terms of heat / cold, textures.

Option with photo printing: beautiful tulle with the image of

If the windows of the living room look out on the sunny side, you can choose a tulle that decorates photo printing. This fabric will better obscure the room so that it has a moderate, pleasant twilight. This, you can say, is an innovation. The fabric is not dark, but illustrated, black and white or colored. I wanted something new, pay attention to this option.

Tulle with photo printing can decorate a room Photo printing tulle is able to decorate the room

You yourself can choose a picture that will be on the tulle. And often the partner is the image on the pillows. Cushions + tulle - an interesting union, together they will look original. As a rule, such a tulle does not have folds, otherwise the image will be distorted. Such a tulle can be hung in the living room, if you want really new solutions. And the patterns are different - from flowers to butterflies to urban motifs.

Popular tulle grid: photos in the interior

Tulle grid is also not a new design solution, but interest in it is growing, which means that another wave of popularity has touched this curtain as well. If you do not want options on the rings, on the hinges, if the guipure fabric seems heavy, and with heavy curtains you want to remove the feeling of darkness, some cargo, then the solution may be just a tulle grid.

Tulle grid can be used in any of the rooms Tulle can be used in any of the rooms

The mesh material is a veil, a muslin, an organza, and a tulle itself. Used this fabric in any room, including, and in the living room. Sometimes apply both a grid and roller blinds. Sometimes it is used as a window frame and blue cloth in a mesh, and yellow, and other bright colors, and even at the same time several colors. They can also be beautifully draped. Tulle options - in most cases it's a beautiful story about a gentle and cozy design.

A thick curtain can be a second layer, and sometimes it's a beautiful silk curtain. Roman curtains and net-tulle are less common. Mesh tulle can also be on a tape, hinges, in the form of fastening can be clothes pegs. You can buy a ready-made version, order a tailoring in the atelier, or buy in well-known stores( for example, Bonpricks).

Modern tulle for the living room( video)

There are so many options for decorating the window in the living room - and the carnival curtains, and light nylon, and the shower curtain, and the blank black and almost transparent curtain on the bar or cornice. Remember that to drape the fabric you need a certain distance to arrange the folds, because the fabric should be taken with a margin.

Decent choice!

Design tulle on the eyelets( photo in the interior)