Curtains in the living room: in a modern style combined, curtain models, photo two-color, night two colors

Curtains in the living room must be selected very competently curtains in the living room should be chosen very wisely What drapes for the living room to pick up?What's in fashion now?Turkish or Italian?How to choose curtains, so they do not look like theatrical scenes?Which is better - the traditional curtains or blinds?Very often a person scrolls through his head all possible options, not knowing which principles of choice to rely on. Indeed, it is not so easy to decorate a window in the living room - too much attention to it is riveted. From the curtains will depend not only on the perception of the window, but also on the room as a whole.

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Classic curtains in the living room

The conservative aesthetic role of curtains in the hall is the creation of vertical waves. In this sense, all the curtains of the classical look are similar to each other. But the mounts will be different, and this is also an important point.

Classic curtains in the living room can be attached in several ways Classic curtains in the living room can be attached in several ways

mounting options for classic curtains:

  • looped .Hinges or clamps can be wooden, metal, plastic, fabric. They are located on the curtain canvas, due to which the fabric can be hung on the cornice.
  • Cord .On curtain rails, curtains are fastened with laces, very similar to the loop method.
  • Kuliskovoe .Kulisk is located in the base of the curtains, so that the canvas can be typed directly on the baguette pin.
  • Laminated. This curtain is curtain, which is made of the same material as the curtains, and it is located in the eaves, covering the mount.
  • GREASE .In this case, the fastening is represented by a ring, which is installed in the rim of the curtain base, a row of rings is typed onto the cornice.

Classic curtains can be tight, and can be light. That is, rough, heavy fabric, and semi-transparent materials are also possible. Assumed and pick up, as a functional accessories, which can collect the blind in one place.

Rolled modern curtains

This design is completely different from the classical version. In this case, the cloth web is wound on the shaft, it is fastened in the upper part of the window by fixing corners. This shaft is supplemented with weights so that the fabric is evenly distributed along the opening of the window. This mechanism is installed directly on the window frame, walls, ceiling, and there may be two subspecies.

This or a closed structure, where the shaft is camouflaged with a box, is equipped with such a guide for the movement of fabric, thus creating a frame. And an open design is a simple system with an external shaft.

Rolls look very impressive Rolled look very impressive

The roller blind must match the size of the window in size. Sometimes the curtain must be installed on the slopes, covering the entire window part. This installation assumes that the sill has no projecting parts so that the curtain is difficult to open. And there are roller blinds of two, three layers, which open in turn. Popular design, in which the bottom of the window remains open, and the top is covered with curtains.

Creative two-color curtains

Fashion blinds of two colors will be equally appropriate to look in the living room and in the bedroom, and in the nursery, and the kitchen as well. You can combine two colors according to the principle of contrast, or you can choose a combination of colors from one color range. Such combined curtains should not contradict the general design of the drawing room.

Two-color curtains will look good in any of the rooms two-color curtains would look good in any room

successfully considered the following ideas:

  • Black and white curtains in contrast;
  • Yellow-green curtains, this design is especially pleasant for perception;
  • Pink and gray curtains - gentle and counterbalancing.

In this case, the texture of the tissues can be different. Let's admit part of light fabric is light, and dark curtains differ in density. There may even be three-color curtains, but with the emphasis of color accents, the main thing is not to overdo it. If you want to make a curtain from fundamentally different canvases, some sort of "roll call" in the interior should be found. For example, plush curtains are a good choice for a classic living room, a bit in vintage style, but somewhere else in the room there must be a repeat of the plush textiles.

Stylish combined curtains in the interior

And now directly about the color combination. Polistav fashion catalog, you can see a chic combination. It's not necessary to combine colors in an original way, it can be classic duets that look beautiful on the living room window.

Combined curtains add some zest to the interior of the room Combined curtains add some flavor to the interior of the room

most interesting combination of curtains for the living room:

  • Burgundy + Red = very much a dangerous, explosive union. Here, it seems, there is no such thing that the second color softens the first. But if you add a third color-diplomat, it can be gray or gray metallic, you should get a very interesting combination.
  • Beige + golden .Such combinations are not novelties, but they create a chic combination that can pacify, relax, make a tender environment. Of course, such colors should also play along with the wallpaper. In every third apartment, probably, such combinations.
  • Brown + beige .And such pictures are not uncommon, such combinations can be found in hotel rooms, and any room can be represented in such colors. Chocolate shades are especially relevant today.
  • Lilac + green ( + yellow, + red).Simple options do not fit, this color combination makes the room mysterious and magical.
  • Blue + white .A good combination for a small, hot living room. This can be double-sided curtains, any length is appropriate.

course, experimental side is maintained, because you can choose a tulle and black-out curtains, satin or chiffon curtains. That is, go the beaten path. If you do not want to make the living room heavier, you can choose short curtains to the window sill. It can be Roman curtains, angular, curtains-asymmetry.

Exclusive single-side curtains for the

hall Some types of curtains reside in a new wave of popularity. For example, one-sided. This curtains on one side, that is, a pronounced asymmetry. If there are two windows in the room, then such curtains can create a completely symmetrical pair. Sketches for tailoring can draw by yourself. Curtains can be sewn, for example, from satin.

Benefits unilateral curtains:

  • Sew Curtains are lighter because less tissue is required;
  • Single-sided curtains are easier to use - it's easier to close the window, it's easier to drape;
  • You can calmly ventilate the room;
  • If the furniture is near the window, then two room drapes simply have nowhere to place.

One-side curtains are very comfortable to use sided curtains are very easy to use

curtains such style quickest way to change the interior. There is an example, when only because of the window design the room was not recognized. New curtains change not only the window opening, but also the wall, and the floor, and furniture. Everything looks different.

Olive model curtains

and bedrooms and living rooms you want to do gentle, comfortable, warm. And do not deprive them of their sophistication. This is very favors the Provencal style. The style is based on natural simplicity and modesty, but this does not mean that it is enough to hang ordinary nylon curtains. Single-color curtains are used less often than color curtains.

Curtains in the style of Provence look very stylish Curtains Provence style look very stylish

The most popular is floral, floral print. Blinds can be on the braid, on the eyelets, on the cords. A very large floral print should not be taken. You can use striped curtains, curtains with stripes should be soft, warm tones. In general, the Provencal interiors are summer or late spring, because the colors are chosen appropriate. The room should be sunny, and the twilight is not for this style.

Fabrics should be natural. It's flax, cotton, satin. Try not to use synthetics for purity of style. Provence is generally attentive to textiles, so the roll-call of such elements must be observed. But without busting.

How are night curtains in the living room

For many countries in general seems to be this division: day and night curtains. Sometimes this is a tandem of curtain-companions, when, depending on the need, the desired option is chosen. But in general it is usually called a light type of curtains and heavy curtains, which are hung for the night. Some curtains, the so-called shadow, others are permanent.

In a living room needed night curtains:

  • If you live on the first floor high-rise building or in a private home;
  • If the windows of the living room look out on the southern, sunny side, or on the windows of the house opposite;
  • If this is an association of living room and bedroom, and the recreation area is near the window.

Night curtains for the living room can be used if the windows look out on the sunny side Night curtains for the living room can be used, if the windows overlooking the sunny side

If sunny side, the cloth of curtains to choose certain that it does not fade under the action of ultraviolet light. The practical component is also important. The fabric should be easy to clean, well washable. Synthetic fabrics are best removed. This, for example, taffeta, micro-velours, polyester. It is better to clean natural fabrics by a dry method.

The curtain style is also important. The room should not go to the assembly hall or to a small part of the restaurant. You can decorate them with a lambrequin, picks, braid, cords. This is done so that they do not seem boring. The same lambrequin can be of any kind, from swags to jabots.

Dark drapes are usually taken: gray, brown, blue. But you can find light fabrics, only very dense. This can be interesting blind curtains, curtains with unusual pick-ups and decorative elements. Sometimes everything is made easier: a light light tulle and blinds are combined. And this combination can also be interesting and cozy.

How to choose curtains in the living room( video)

curtains in the living room - it's a little experiment.also do not have to wait, you can go through a proven, do not try unusual color combinations previously, forms, fabrics, but then significant changes in the environment. But the decor of the window is very important, it is a special accent in the room. Therefore, bold decisions can be quite viable, it is worth considering and options for Roman, roll, Japanese curtains, blinds, etc.

Excellent transforming living room!

Design and curtains model for the living room( photo in the interior)