The modern design of curtains on the windows: Roman fashion short, beautiful new rope

The modern design of curtains (60 photos). Select. Roman, roll, rope, Japan, the combination of different types of


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  • 2 curtains types
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    • 2.2 Rolling
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In this article we will look at what should be a modern design curtains and any topical solution can be used in the design window.

In ancient times, the curtains were invented to protect homes from the sun, rain and wind. During the Renaissance, they have become a design element window and began to be used to decorate the room. Principal at the time was a luxury fabric.

modern design curtains

With decades to the fore was the go functionality. The curtains have been decorating and protect against noise and drafts. Today, these principles are relevant, they should be taken into account in the design of curtains with his hands.

selection rules

Before you choose is suitable for your house or apartment design window textiles, should be familiar with the basic rules:

  • bedroom requires reliable protection from light, so here are suitable dense curtains, combined with a fluorescent light curtains, in the finishing allowed ruffles, fringe and other massive elements;
  • the curtains in the living room should have a large, saturated pattern to freshen the room and stimulate to action;
  • curtains for the kitchen, in addition to outer beauty, must be practical - easy to wear, do not fade and well resist the action of heat and steam, the preference is to give a light fabric, well-transmissive shine;
  • Window textiles in children's preferences are selected on the basis of a small room of the owner;
  • you must also take into account the design of windows - curtains should repeat its external shape.

Tip! To fix the dense curtains in the bedroom during the day convenient to use grabs. In addition to direct assignment, they safeguard fabric from sunlight, and also will help to give them the shape of an arch.

Classic curtains found in many homes, so those who do home repairs, often trying to find a new design of curtains to give the room flair.

The most popular and modern:

  • Roman;
  • roll;
  • rope;
  • Japanese curtains.

curtains types


 curtains window design

Roman curtains

Roman consist of flat webs of tissue that form folds when lifted. Lifting is performed by means of cords passed through the ring from the inner side.

Depending on the type of hoist Roman blinds can be fold only at the bottom or along the entire height.

Due to the folds obtained pattern is distorted, however mainly used plain fabric or fabric with horizontal stripes, this fact is important to consider when planning the design of curtains for bedrooms.

Tip! Use the roman blinds in rooms where needed constant adjustment of illumination during the day.


new curtain design

Special window decoration

Roller blade also rise evenly, but in the process of recovery, they are wound onto the shaft and fixed at the desired level.

Often, the design is made from a very dense material, allowing in the expanded position to completely isolate premises from sunlight.

However, it is worth considering that the fabric used can be of three types:

  • routine - giving the scattered light;
  • "Dimaut» (dimout) - half the delay light;
  • «Blackout» (blackout) - completely prevent access of light in the room.

Fashionable design curtains roll type will fit well in the strict interior in minimalist style.


fashion design curtains

Strict design with roller blades

Rope curtains or muslin are weightless layer curtain of filaments. Such a decoration has come to us from the East and is designed to shade the room in the heat without impeding air circulation.

muslin design can be quite varied, but the most impressive looks muslin, rainbow, consisting of strips of different colors transitioning smoothly into one another.

But for the "high-tech" style need monotonous light-colored muslin. And it must take into account if you plan to design curtains for the hall in the modern and technological style.


If you are looking for beautiful design curtains that will fit into any decor of minimalist style to the east, while the Japanese bar - this is exactly what you need.

Outwardly, they look like little vertical blinds, but the panel is much wider, so the whole product looks much more aesthetic and more modern.

They are made both from the classic fabrics and exotic jute or bamboo straws. By using fabrics treated with specially impregnated material, protecting it from dust and facilitates maintenance.

see the design of curtains

Japanese panels

You can choose panels with different patterns that form a single composition.

Tip! Japanese panels can be used as a movable room divider, which extends when necessary.

Combining different types of curtains

With all the incredible abundance of color and texture decisions is sometimes difficult to choose a suitable, and may be too difficult to give up the familiar, classic versions.

beautiful curtains design

The combination of panels and roll classic curtains

In this case, you can come up with an interesting design on their own, using a combination of several kinds of curtains and drapes.

The layout is necessary in the case of multi-level facilities. For example, if the kitchen window and the door to the balcony are located close (balcony unit), while the window is placed a table, which prevents the placement of long cloth over the entire width of the cornice.

In this case, the window hung a short shutter, and the balcony door - floor-length. Design short curtains should be combined with the appearance of long, but they may differ in the color of the fabric.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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