Blackout curtains: what kind of fabric is this blackout, photo, light-blocking material, light-permeable roll

Curtains blackout is a very practical textile, since it does not require special care and is easily washed Curtains blackout is a very practical textile, as it does not require special care and is easily washed If you look a little into history, it will be interesting and fascinating to trace the origin of this or that interior element. In the case of blackout curtains, the Finns should be thanked for them, it was in Finland that curtains appeared that gave a lot of people the opportunity to get a good night's sleep. And everything is understandable: in Finland, white curtains are not uncommon. Which, of course, could prevent many people from having a healthy sleep, when it's night, but it's light outside. So there were curtains that "made the night" at any time of the day.

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Curtains blackout is

This curtain has a three-layer structure. The first layer on the surface, it's white, and make this layer white specifically, since it is considered the best light reflector. The second layer is the most dense, but here the sunlight will linger and does not go any further. And the third layer has a purely decorative function. It can be a monophonic layer or layer with an interesting pattern.

The dense blackout fabric not only obscures the room, but also does not allow it to heat up The dense blackout fabric not only obscures the room, but also does not allow it to heat up.

The density of such curtains can be different. Two-layered will get more rays, since there is no first outer layer. And three-layer curtains guarantee maximum protection from the sun. If there is a substrate in the curtains, it only says that there is additional protection by metallized spraying or PVC,

. The chemical structure of the fiber is blackout: what kind of fabric is

? The material is a type of textile fabric that can limit the sunlight, andThis room is obscured as much as possible. A fabric of such a structure has been developed that completely retains light, and this is already important for a full sleep. It is a lightproof fabric, completely opaque.

All the fibers of blackout are very tightly connected and strong, so that the cloth does not let sunlight All blackout fibers are connected very tightly and firmly, so that the fabric does not let sunlight pass

The basis of the fabric is a polyester fire retardant fiber doubled additionally with a satin weave. The fabric is made of polyester only.

What are the advantages of this design:

  • This protects both furniture and textiles from fading under the influence of ultraviolet radiation;
  • Under the influence of sunlight does not burn and the cloth itself;
  • Even with long use on the fabric, cracks do not form;
  • Acrylic layers are not destroyed;
  • There will be no greenhouse effect in the room;
  • The fabric is well drapeable, so you can play with the design;
  • The fabric holds the mold;
  • In use, this fabric is universal;
  • Soundproof function is also inherent in it( noise insulation);
  • The room temperature is maintained.

Actual such curtain design in the situation of hot summer, it will not allow the heat to spoil the microclimate of the room. At high temperatures, the fabric does not enter into chemical reactions, which means it does not burn. After washing, this fabric is not deformed. This description may seem ideal, but the feedback, and the producer's assurances are true, it's really a very thoughtful design.

What it is: BLACKOUT fabric

For such curtains, several types of fabric are used, which are simply called this common word. It can be flax, and straight, and incombustible fabric, and shine, and already directly original fabric. But flax is in this situation simply the name of the invoice. In the upper layer of artificial black-cloth polyester fibers are introduced. And thanks to a special method of weaving it is possible to imitate linen old canvases.

The structure of the blackout fabric for curtains has three levels that are responsible for the density and protection from the sun Fabric structure blackout for curtains has three levels that are responsible for density and sun protection

Original fabric is a standard material, almost all dense blackouters are made of it. Quality polyester material, almost light-tight fabric. If we talk about gloss - then this is the same fabric, only with the addition of satin threads.

Street - means a special kind of blackout. By the way, it can be applied not only in a room, not only indoors. The material is completely resistant to external influences, atmospheric precipitation. Often it is used for advertising signs.

Non-combustible fabric is used very often in theaters, it is used to make curtains. Practically all types of fabrics have additional soundproof functions, and this is also an investment in the quality of sleep. You can combine ordinary curtains that let light through, with a blackout curtain.

Features of the fabric blackout for curtains

. As if the catalog with beautiful curtains was not attractive, as though they were not better represented, no matter how they visualized them in their interior, sometimes the best program of shopping planning is situations. That is, playing certain situations after which it becomes clear whether you need this purchase.

The finished woven fabric is reliable and dense, it is soft, flowing, pleasant to the touch The finished woven fabric is reliable and dense, it is soft, flowing, pleasant to the touch.

Examples of using blackout curtains:

  • Watching a movie in a home theater is ordinary beige, for example, curtainsContribute;
  • Heat and persistent sun in the office - sometimes without blackout it's simply impossible to work;
  • A good dream on the weekends - if used to wake up at a certain time, then the sun behind the window and the chirping of birds will not give you enough sleep and in the day off, then such curtains are irreplaceable;
  • You basically like the darkened rooms, and in this situation, you better work and relax.

Finally, remember the noise-absorbing qualities of curtains. If the noise on the street has bothered, does not allow to concentrate, prevents, soundproofing properties of these curtains will be very useful also. In addition, you can buy soft curtains, with the maximum dimming.

Roller blinds blackout

Especially popular is the roll construction. In general, roller blinds can be different in the degree of transmission of rays. There are almost transparent curtains, but there is a completely darkening room.

Roller blinds blackout, will be appropriate everywhere Roller blinds are blackout, will be appropriate everywhere

Roller blinds:

  • Transparent sheet perfectly diffuse light, good as a decorative element;
  • Dimauut transmits light partially, while retaining heat;
  • Blackout - maximum light protection, the meaning of the word and says that you can immerse yourself in the dark due to this design;
  • Day / Night - act like a blind, the strip is a part of the design, and adjustment by bands is possible.

There are open roller blinds, there are curtains of closed type. In the open version, the shaft does not have a protection box. This is probably the most common option. A closed design involves folding a roll into a box, and it can be an element of decor.

How to fasten blackout roller blinds( video)

Such curtains can be used in any room, sometimes they are purchased even in the nursery, especially design allows. Satin, linen, gabardine - in the basis of any theoretically noise-proof fabric, in which the light-insulating and sound-proof functions work perfectly well.

Good shopping!

blackout curtains design( photo in the interior)