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Italian curtains are distinguished by a wide variety and excellent aesthetic properties Italian curtains are distinguished by a wide variety and excellent aesthetic properties Among the large assortment of curtains Italian curtains stand out well. They are sometimes confused with Viennese, Roman or French curtains, but in reality Italian curtains are a separate, very refined direction in decorating windows. Such products attract not only their noble appearance, but also practicality and simple operation.

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Exquisite curtains: Italy is our guest

Italy has always been famous for the quality of manufactured goods, and if we turn inIman on the curtains, then every line products can be seen noble lines, sophisticated style and conciseness. Italian curtains refer to the classic version of the decor and can complement the decoration of any bedroom, living room or bring a note of nobility to the kitchen.

Italian curtains perfectly fit in the classic interior, because they look expensive and luxuriously

What is the peculiarity of the Italian curtains:

  • They can not be moved apart - in the design of these curtains there are picks, They allow you to assemble such curtains diagonally;
  • Such a blind can easily reach the floor or not reach it by 1 cm;
  • Smart frills can pass over the top of the product, thanks to the curtain tape, which emphasizes the beauty of folds;
  • The nobility of lines and aristocracy are considered to be the defining feature of Italian textiles.

These curtains can be lifted thanks to ribbons and cords, which are located on the underside of the fabric. Separate these products are also diagonal or connected in the middle of the cornice of the canvas, in fact, which do not allow to fully reveal the structure.

Due to the presence of highly located pick-ups, such curtains perfectly fit to high window openings or arches. In this case, the garters themselves can be located both on the wall and on the cornice. The lower the pick-ups, the darker the room.

Curtains from Italy are also suitable for windows, for which for some reason you can not hang the side curtains.

The luxury of such products is emphasized by additional accessories: ribbons of brocade or satin, heavy cords, brushes. ..

In a room with low ceilings, it's better not to hang Italian curtains!

Italian style elegant curtains and their advantages

In addition to elegance and nobility, curtains in the Italian style also differ with a very small amount of fabric, which is necessary for sewing curtains.

When buying Italian curtains, ask the seller for a certificate confirming their quality When buying Italian curtains, ask the seller for a certificate confirming their quality.

Advantages of curtains from Italy:

  • Practical and easy to use - these curtains are easy to care for and use;
  • Durability - the material is not deformed and does not break when used;
  • Decorative function - these drapes perfectly hide any defects on the walls or untidy cornice;
  • Availability - the prices for such goods are very different and everyone will be able to choose the curtain exactly according to the taste and size of the wallet;
  • Appearance - these curtains are very elegant, elegant, carefully thought out to every detail;
  • Variety of models - textiles from Italy can be monophonic or bright, light or dense, have textured pictures and fit into almost any room in a living room.

Tip!To increase the period of use of Italian curtains, one should choose a material that does not burn out and "does not suffice" dust.

The main advantage of curtains from Italy - the ability to visually expand the area of ​​the room and even even non-standard window openings.

Elegant Italian tulle: a variety of

models When Italian curtains only appeared, only heavy heavy fabric was used for their tailoring, but over time, everything changed. Now designers sew curtains from light or medium-heavy materials.

To smooth the curtains made of lightweight fabrics, they turned out beautiful, often use special weighting weights or pads, which also add weight and at the same time provide protection from too bright sun rays.

White Italian tulle is well combined with both dark and light curtains White Italian tulle works well with both dark and light curtains

Today, the most popular are such fabrics for Italian curtains:

  • Silk;
  • Organza;
  • Viscose;
  • brocade;
  • Velvet;
  • Jacquard.

Italian tulle differs from the others in three-dimensional, beautiful folds, which are evenly distributed over the canvas. Such ruffles can be in the form of a cylinder or a semicircle, but an indispensable condition is symmetry.

Selecting tulle and curtains from Italy you can choose the models that combine different color shades or textures. Also very interesting are products with printed pictures and various decorative elements.

As for the color scheme, Italian curtains are dominated by deep red, blue and green tones, perfectly emphasizing the status and decoration of the room.

Excellent looking small floral ornaments, weave lines, easily lost in magnificent ruffles.

Stylish Italian curtains for the living room: photo curtain

Thanks to its excellent appearance and a wide variety of models, Italian curtains find their application in any room of a dwelling, whether it is a living room, bedroom or kitchen. But best of all, these products look in spacious rooms with large windows.

Choosing Italian curtains for the living room, it is worth considering the size and style of the room When choosing Italian curtains for a living room, it is worth considering the dimensions and style of the room.

Selecting curtains for the living room, you need to take into account such details as:

  • The combination of curtains with the style of the room;
  • Degree of darkness of a premise - if it is necessary, that there was a lot of light, it is better to choose products from easy fabrics.

If the curtains from Italy are made in bright colors, it is better to take as a base a transparent tulle of unobtrusive shade. Particularly advantageous will be a bow in the interlacing of curtains.

If the living room itself is small - you need to choose light colors that do not create additional stress on the space. In a laconically decorated room, you can choose a curtain model with bright patterns or pictures.

The best curtains from Italy will look combined with a classic or minimalistic style, and possibly a combination with a high-tech style.

How to choose Italian curtains( video)

Italian curtains are a holiday of taste, nobility and luxury. They are able to decorate any room and bring a note of aristocratic beauty. These curtains will perfectly suit those who love or are accustomed to a solemn atmosphere, and also appreciate quality things. The curtains from Italy are always style, sophistication and laconic elegance.

Design Italian curtains( photo in the interior)