Ceiling cornices for curtains: curtains under a stretched ceiling, modern photos, which are hidden now in fashion

Ceiling cornices for curtains - an excellent option for attaching canvases to windows Ceiling cornices for curtains - an excellent option for attaching canvasses to windows Today it is difficult to imagine any office or residential premises without curtains. Gone are the days when they performed just a protective function of bright light. Now it is an interior subject, without which it is almost impossible to see a modern room. But in order to hang the curtains on the window, cornices are required. Without them, curtain the window openings will not work.

  • Which curtain rods are now in vogue: trend 2017
  • Modern curtains and curtain rods: photo and selection rules
  • Ceiling curtain rods: photos and varieties of models
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Which cornicesFor the curtains are now in vogue: the trend of 2017

Curtain rails - it's not just an interior piece that performs a certain role. In addition, holders of curtains are also some indicators of style, individuality, allowing you to fashionably "dress" a room. In 2017 - this is, first of all, a low-key shape and elegance.

So, what models are now in vogue:

  1. Cornices that imitate natural textures and colors - usually they are picked up by simple curtains in a calm, monochrome coloring. Such holders can also be equipped with various decorative inserts, original rings, and have a rounded end. This design is perfect for rooms decorated in the style of hi-tech, minimalism or techno.
  2. Metal tubes made of stainless steel, imitating gold, brass or bronze - in this case the cornice does not contain any decorations, because in itself it is sufficiently bright and has a rich appearance. Such models can be both wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted. Suitable for almost any stylistic design of the room, where the symmetry of forms, functionality and minimalism is actual.
  3. Hidden in the ceiling cornices - as a rule, the model is selected under the coloring of the curtains. The most popular now are wooden tubes of natural natural shades.
  4. Cornices from metal for curtains with eyelets - another fashionable feature of the season. These are products that are distinguished by their reliability, functionality, under which are selected bright, but not alyapistye curtains. The main thing in such models is smooth and uniform waves - frills.
  5. Wooden baguettes with thread or forged models - this is the classic that will never go out of fashion. Such cornices are more suitable for large rooms, in which it is necessary to emphasize elegance, luxury and nobility. Perfectly suitable for retro styles, provance, romanticism. ..

Cornices, imitating natural textures and colors, very popular today Curtains simulating natural textures and colors, very popular today

Choosing the trendy cornices for this season, do not forget about the combination of models, curtainsAnd the overall stylistics of the room, trying to weave everything into one harmonious ensemble.

Modern curtains and cornices for curtains: photos and selection rules

Correctly choose a cornice to hang curtains in a hall, living room or bedroom - it's a simple matter if you know what you first need to pay attention to.

In order for the modern models to be integrated into the general interior, it is necessary to consider:

  • Colors and design of curtains;
  • General design of the room;
  • The purpose of the room;Parameters and the shape of the window.
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At low ceilings in the room, the best option will be curtains with a smooth texture, without any flounces, ruches and intricate patterns.

Visually expand the narrow, irregularly shaped room will help wide curtains, the width of which is about one and a half times the width of the window, and the drawing is made in the form of horizontal strips.

Choosing curtain rods, you should consider the overall design of the room When choosing cornices for curtains, you should consider the general design of the room

Depending on the location and method of attachment, you can see such types of cornices:

  • Ceiling - mounted on the ceiling, somewhere 5 cm from the level of the window sill;
  • Wall mounted - they are mounted a few centimeters above the window frame on the wall.

By the way, if the window opening in the room on the entire wall, then the ceiling cornice should be slightly shorter, just a few centimeters. At the same time, as a wall - on the contrary, it is longer.

A small room becomes bigger if you hang a light shade on the window.

In the case of a strongly projecting sill or heating batteries, you should choose short curtains, or Roman curtains, so that the fabric does not crumple, and thus does not spoil the view of the window.

It is also worth bearing in mind the design of the fabric itself and the number of its layers. For multi-layered curtains, it is better to choose two-row or three-row variants. This will complement the curtains with elegant tiers, decorate them with a lambrequin, create a magnificent drapery. Light, for example, tulle curtains, you can hang on a single-cornice.

You do not need to buy string or plastic cornices for heavy, massive curtains - under the weight of such a fabric, the baguette can bend.

It is also not necessary to fasten the metal cornices and heavy curtains to the tension, especially made of plasterboard, as this can lead to deformation and collapse of the structure.

Ceiling cornices for curtains: photos and varieties of models

Ceiling cornices are installed using various elements that allow you to hide the place of attachment and make the room elegant and attractive.

For fastening to withstand all loads, it is necessary to pay attention to the material from which the cornices are made:

  • plastic is a budget option that only a light canvas can withstand;
  • Wood - this environmentally friendly material can withstand almost any fabric( the main thing is that the wood is treated with special means against decay);
  • Metal - as a rule, it is stainless steel or aluminum, which can withstand even the heaviest drapes;
  • Strings - look very original, can be fixed anywhere, but, alas, differ in their fragility( you can hang on them only light curtains);
  • profiles are made of flexible aluminum sheets that can give the product any desired shape, which makes it possible to hang curtains of complex designs on them;
  • Polyurethane - is mainly used as decor of arches, bay windows and other complex elements.

Ceiling cornices are installed using different elements Ceiling cornices are installed with different elements

As for profile ceiling cornices, they have their own sub-species. They can be on a Velcro, built into the profile or with sliders, to which the hooks are attached, and then the canvas is suspended.

A beautiful ribbon-bar of the most different colors and textures can be present at the frame cornices, which allows you to experiment with the design of the design and choose exactly the "same" version of the window design.

The model of the cornice can also be:

  • Decorative - able to emphasize the stylistic design of the room;
  • Hidden - will help visually increase ceilings;
  • Consisting of one or more rows - in the latter case, it is possible to attach not only curtains to the curtain rail, but also, for example, lambrequin.

Some modern models of ceiling cornices can be equipped with an electric drive, which will allow them to be controlled from a distance and can easily cope with heavy, massive curtains.

Tips: how to choose the ceiling curtains

With taste selected beautiful curtains will help to give the room a cosiness and beauty. To pay attention at the same time it is necessary to the style of the curtain, the degree of their lightness and design.

Conditionally all curtains can be divided into the following types:

  • Classic;
  • Rolling shutters;
  • Japanese;
  • Curtains - panels.

With regard to the material, the curtains made of flax or silk, perfectly suppress sunlight and do not let dust into the room from the street. And dense curtains are an excellent barrier to winter cold and drafts.

Curtains can be classic, roll or curtain panels Curtains can be classic, roll or curtain panels

When choosing canvases, it's worthwhile to focus on the color combination. Do not chase after the riot of colors and choose more than three primary colors. It looks lurid and tasteless.

It is best to choose the color of the curtains for the coloring of walls or ceiling. And it's also difficult to make a mistake by choosing black or white curtains. For example, black curtains will look great with white and black curtains and light walls.

Fashionable hidden curtain on stretch ceiling: photos of models

A hidden curtain on the ceiling is not the easiest way to fasten curtains and, most likely, without the help of specialists it will not work. But the candle is worth it, because the curtains will "fall" almost from the ceiling, giving a unique charm and ease of placement, as well as visually increasing the volume of the room. In this case, the curtain is a flat niche located between the ceiling and the base where the curtain supports are located.

Hidden curtains on the ceiling look very impressive Hidden curtains on the ceiling look very impressive

There are several options for this curtain:

  • Plastic - very simple to operate, allowing you to easily open and close the curtain;
  • Made of aluminum - light and strong at the same time, they are easy to use;
  • Steel - ideal for heavy curtains or curtains.

During installation, the cornice is closed in this niche and it becomes "invisible".By the way, one of the advantages of using such a design is the ability to use flexible or any complicated form of cornice.

Modern ceiling curtain rods( video)

Ceiling cornice is one of the most modern and at the same time convenient options for attaching textiles to windows. Picking baguettes, you should carefully study the material of the construction, to think over the combination with the design of the room, choose the curtains correctly, the fabric of which can withstand the cornice. In this case, the balance will be met, and the room will acquire a unique charm and elegance.

curtains Design of curtains for suspended ceiling( photo in the interior)