Curtains from the veil of two colors photo: tulle on the windows, lambrequins from the micro-wave for the hall, white fabric, flowers by one's own hands

The most popular curtain material for window decoration is the veil The most popular curtain material for window decoration is the veil Curtains from the veil - this is a universal option for window design, which is used by most housewives. The veil is an airy, translucent fabric with a matte, smooth surface. A curtain made of such material will fit well into any interior. Especially unusual and attractive will look compositions of two colors. The main thing is to choose the right combination and type of curtains. How to do it - read below.

    • Choosing a tulle veil for the living room
    • Curtains from the veil of two colors to the bedroom
    • The veil on the windows: a photo in the interior of the kitchen
    • How to make a veil of veils
    • How to choose curtains from the veil of twoColors( video)
    • Design curtains of a veil of two colors( photo in the interior)

Choosing a tulle veil for the living room

Choosing tulle in the living room, you need to consider the color scheme of the interior, the height of the ceilings and the size of the room. Before you go directly to the choice of tulle from the veil of the model range, you need to understand what kinds of light curtains offer us modern manufacturers.

Veil curtains look easy and soften the light coming from the window Veil blinds look easy and soften the light from the window

So, for today, there are:

  • Straight curtains;
  • Straight with upper lambrequin;
  • Combination sets of curtains of different height and color;
  • French buffets;
  • Roller blinds;Curtains with drapery.
  • .

Select the curtains should be based on the style of the living room. So, for modern interiors, straight curtains are suitable without decorative elements. A great option will be curtains of two colors. A universal combination is a white and black curtain. In this case, a black cloth, often placed on the sides of the light. Also popular are coffee shades with creamy ones. The gray veil combined with the darker, graphite will look beautiful.

If the window is large( for example, a panoramic window to the entire wall), then the accent( color) curtains can be hung at the same distance from each other, collecting each tack.

Ideal option for the hall in the classical style will be curtains with lambrequins. In this case, the decorative elements can be as one color with the main cloth, and the other.

If you want to give the room solemnity and festivity, it is better to choose lambrequins of two colors.

A good combination will be red or burgundy with white or beige. For rococo and baroque styles, French buffets can be chosen. Roller blinds, most often, are chosen for thematic interiors( for example, in the Japanese style).It is best if, at the same time, the windows will be at full height.

Curtains from a veil of two colors to the bedroom

Curtains made from a veil are an ideal choice for a bedroom, because a veil is a thin, translucent material that gives a feeling of lightness and tenderness. For a bedroom - this is exactly what you need. And as a shade, you can only use Roman blinds. To make a translucent curtain not lost on the background of the window, designers advise choosing curtains of several colors. In doing so, it is necessary to take into account the rules for combining colors and selecting textures.

The combination of red and white color gives the room a solemn look The combination of red and white color gives the room a solemn look

In order for the bedroom with veil curtains of two colors to look harmonious, it is necessary: ​​

  • Choose light pastel shades, thin micro-;
  • Choose accent colors in accordance with the color of the walls: the calmer the color of the walls, the more intense the color of the curtains;
  • For cold main curtains choose a pair of cool colors, for warm ones - respectively;
  • Refrain from combining colors that are different in style( for example, mustard with neon yellow);
  • Choose curtains with a pattern and other decorative elements in the bedrooms with a small amount of decor. This applies to the walls: wallpaper should not have drawings.

These same tips can be used and choosing light, two-colored curtains in the nursery. In this case, accent curtains can have pictures.

If you can not determine the combination, you can use the color spectrum.

For lovers of contrasts, the combinations of those colors that are located on the circle opposite to each other will be successful. For calmer, romantic natures - next to each other. In this case, colors can be either classical, pink or peach, or more non-standard: beautifully, for example, the turquoise and green veil will look together.

Veil on the windows: photo in the interior of the kitchen

When choosing curtains in the kitchen, you should take into account the color of not only the walls, but also the kitchen set. For the kitchen is best suited short curtains with drapery. In this case, they can be the same color, or two. If you want to choose lambrequins for the kitchen, it's best that their cut is simple.

Various color combinations of curtains add accents to the design of the room Various colors for the combination of curtains add accents to the design of the room

The color of the curtains should be such that it differs by several tones from the kitchen set. It will be beautiful to look a multicolored curtain with a pattern in a strip or cage.

If the kitchen is made in neutral, pastel shades, then the curtains can choose the saturated colors.

You can combine colors by focusing on the color spectrum. In addition, today, in many collections are presented curtains, sisters from the veil. The last squeak of fashion is the combination of orange and the color of the sea wave. To enhance the color effect, you can pick up the accented curtains on the table with the accent curtains, the pillows on the chairs.

How to make a lambrequin from a veil

If you can not find the matching lambrequins by color, you can easily do them without professional help, with your own hands. To do this, you need to calculate how much tissue you need on one window, build a pattern and cut the material.

The veil is often used for purely decorative purposes The veil is often used for purely decorative purposes

It should be noted that:

  • For horizontal draperies, the amount of fabric will be equal to the length of the cornice with margin for processing the edges;
  • For single-piece lambricks with a small number of folds, the length of the cornice and a constant coefficient of 1.5 will suffice;
  • For a soft top decorative element with buffers, use multipliers 2.5 or 3.5.
  • The calculation of a two-section lambrequin should be based on the amount of tissue per section.

Double lambrequins can be sewn from conventional and microvoids. The main thing is to choose a quality fabric.

It is important to remember that the amount of tissue depends on the type of lambrequin: the direct parts of the fabric will go less than the products with flounces.

In order to sew lambrequin, you need to make several parts separately and sew them together. Patterns, while, you can find in the network or magazines on sewing and cutting. You always need to cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

How to choose curtains from a veil of two colors( video)

What is a veil?This is a light, translucent material that looks stylish and attractive on the windows. Curtains from a veil can be used both in inhabited, and not inhabited premises. In order to make the design more interesting and unusual, you can choose beautiful veil curtains of two colors. Find the right combination will help the above recommendations, the color spectrum and our photo collection of double curtains in the interior!

curtains Design of the veil in two colors( photo in the interior)