Tulle for the kitchen: a photo of a short drapery, how to sew and beautifully hang curtains, design a grid and how to choose a Roman

Tulle for the kitchen complements and emphasizes the decoration of the entire room Tulle kitchen complements and emphasizes the decoration of the entire room usually in the kitchen the whole family. However, most of all the time is spent by the landlady of the apartment or at home, which prepares delicious meals for its household members. That is why the design of the kitchen plays an important role. From the decoration of the room, often depends on the situation in the house and the mood of the people present in it.

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Beautiful tulle curtains: types of materials for the manufacture of

Most often, curtains hang on windows in the kitchen. This fabric is a thin mesh material, smooth or patterned. It looks great and practical in application. For kitchen curtains you can use not all tulle. So, as curtains in the kitchen need to be washed often, tulle should be very durable.

Tulle curtains in the kitchen are not desirable to choose from cotton fiber. This material during washing decreases( sits) and the product immediately loses its shape and size.

If you, still really want to choose curtains for the kitchen, it is from cotton, you should keep in mind that their length and width should be more than necessary by 15 centimeters. This will make it possible to use the curtains further after shrinkage. Experts also believe that the ideal for the kitchen is tulle from 100% polyester.

Tulle curtains in the kitchen are not desirable to choose from cotton fiber Tulle curtains in the kitchen is not desirable to choose from cotton fibers

Advantages synthetic fibers:

  • Virtually non-yellowing;
  • Does not decompose under sunlight;
  • Almost does not crumple;
  • Excellent washing and bleaching;
  • Has excellent wear resistance.

If you need good and quality curtains for the kitchen, then choose a practical, reliable and durable polyester tulle.

tulle-net: photo

design patterns There are many variants of tulle, but the most popular is the fabric, with the appropriate name - mesh or tulle in a cage.

Tulle netting, the photo of which is in the article, is a lightweight fabric, the threads in which are intertwined so that between them remain visible to the naked eye intervals.

This material allows free movement of air flows between the room and the street. Tulle in the mesh in the kitchen looks airy and weightless, and freely misses the daylight coming from the window into the room. The grid can be complemented with lace or embroidery. Its only drawback is that all dust from the street is densely deposited on such a fabric. Therefore, it must be often washed.

Tulle mesh for the kitchen looks very impressive Tulle Net kitchen looks very impressive

The structure tulle netting fabric is:

  1. fishnet .The advantages of this type of material are undeniable. We have examined them above.
  2. Organza .Dense elastic fabric, very often covered with some drawing. She looks very nice in the kitchen. The dust on it does not settle. But at the same time, the flow of air can not easily enter the room through the window. However, if you use an air conditioner or a hood to ventilate a room, this lack of organza can be ignored. Instead, the fabric perfectly passes the daylight into the room.
  3. Veil .It is a soft translucent fabric made of 100% polyester. It is smooth and beautiful, but does not scatter light, as it does not let in air. In summer, in a hot, hot season in such a kitchen without air conditioning will not be easy. And rooms on the lower floors will have to be lighted additionally, which is very uneconomical.

Choosing a tulle for your kitchen, try to consult the consultant correctly describe all the nuances of your room, and he will certainly advise you the right option.

In which cases is applied tulle for the kitchen short

All the housewives differently see the design of their kitchen. Some want this space to shine with luxury and sophistication, others prefer a modest, minimalistic style. Circumstances also all have different, and sometimes wanting to hang beautiful long curtains to the floor, we have to be satisfied not with large modest curtains.

The tulle for the kitchen is short, this is the case when you do not have much free space in this room, and you can not afford to take extra centimeters under the blind.

Hanging a short curtain on the window, you can put the table close to the wall, or in general, as it is now fashionable, to make a solid tabletop from the window sill. Correctly selected short tulle will look beautiful and exquisite. Important in the design of the room is the way by which you hang your tulle.

Tulle in the kitchen can be hung in several ways You can hang the tulle in the kitchen in several ways

You can hang up the tulle in the kitchen in the following ways:

  • With the help of rings with clamps;
  • On the braid;
  • When using eyelets;
  • On the patch, that is, large loops on the cornice.

The choice of fastening depends on the layout of the room and your preferences.

How to sew a tulle correctly: expert's advice

Many new products from tulle are now sold in stores. There were even such proposals as photo-tulle, for example, New Year's. If desired, you can choose the best products for windows of different sizes, shapes and styles. But they are much more expensive than simple cuts of the same material. Therefore, if you are a skilled hostess, you can save on sewing curtains. To do this, it is necessary to approach the task correctly.

How to sew a tulle so that it was beautiful and high quality?To do this, you need to start with the preparatory work. Draw a window on the sheet of paper, and then draw a model of the curtain that you would like to see in your kitchen. And do not be afraid to do such a thing, because the curtain sewn by you will be an exclusive model.

It is not difficult to sew the blinds yourself from tulle. Simple models can be produced in 15 - 20 minutes. Complicated will take about an hour.

Exclusive tulle in the kitchen can be made by own hands Exclusive tulle in the kitchen can be made by hand

Stages of manufacturing curtains in the kitchen with their own hands:

  • We start choosing the style. If you are not in the modeling of garments, then do not go for complex models. With simpler options, you will be easier to cope with.
  • If your window has a balcony door, then choose a model with large folds. So it will be easier for you to keep an open entrance to the balcony.
  • In the next step, we select the fabric. The material consumption is calculated according to the calculations in the figure. If there are large creases on the curtain, then you need to take twice as many tissues.
  • The next step is to work with patterns of curtains on finished patterns.
  • Cut out details from tulle is ready for sewing.
  • We turn the material 1-1.5 cm, and sew, making a light seam.
  • Open the seam, pulling the fabric a little.

After this we only need to attach the curtain tape. To ensure the practicality of the product, in this case, lay a triple line. The tape is cut off with a margin, considering, that during ironing the new curtain will necessarily sit down.

Consider how to beautifully hang a tulle in the kitchen: new design of rooms

The main rule in the design of rooms is not to hammer the interior with pretentious curtains ornaments. If the background of quiet tones of the kitchen is yellow, orange, red, green or with a bright floral print, a color curtain, then only it will catch your eye. The same effect is produced by a striped non-luminous tissue.

Beautifully hang tulle in the kitchen, as in any other room, it is very important. It all depends on the appearance of the room, and the practicality of the curtain. The photogallery of this article will help you decide on the choice.

It is very important to analyze on which side you have a window. If your kitchen looks to the north, then it is suitable for light translucent materials, allowing enough daylight. The southern side is lighter and sunny, it's on the contrary, protect its scorching rays, and stop picking on dense natural tissues. Tulle can be hung in the most unusual ways. The most common of these are: crochet, eyelets, hinges, velcro or clothespins.

Tulle in the kitchen can be made in several variations Tulle in the kitchen can be made in several variations

How can a kitchen curtain be made:

  • Semicircle;
  • The principle of "Arch";
  • With lambrequin over the drapes;
  • Double noodles;
  • Of the two halves;
  • Assemble and fasten on the sides with magnets;
  • With the help of an invisible eaves;
  • Austrian smooth surface;
  • Roman on the kulisk;
  • Gird as usual blinds;
  • Thick on eyelets.

Any of these decorations in the interior will look unusual and original. Instead of the old, worn curtains, you now have a perfect combination of different styles, colors and directions.

Drapery curtains: how to choose the design of the kitchen space

Drapery drapes look much more attractive than even straight curtains. They are a true masterpiece, and allow you to transform any interior. If beautiful chiffon or other fashion fabrics are added to the drapery, your curtains will be simply magnificent. But a work of art can be created not only from chiffon. Beautiful curtains can be made of any transparent material that can be draped. Tulle for these curtains does not have to be white. Even better, if the kitchen will be attended by colorful canvases, the combination of which with objects in the kitchen is in harmony.

Drapery curtains process is not complex. A variety of ways of draping allow you to give products, whether in the kitchen, or in the living room, an unmatched effect. Ready-made examples of kitchens designed in this way are sufficient, and you can safely find your own version among them.

There are many options for draping. They can be used both in one product and separately from each other. The fabric can be sewn, or can simply be assembled with magnets. Using this method, you can always update the design of your curtain, lengthen or shorten it.

Drapery curtains - the process is not complicated Drapery curtains - the process is not complicated

Draper options for curtains with magnets:

  • Classical wave;
  • Double wave;
  • Lower drapery.

Drapery curtains has numerous positive reviews on sites such as Ikea and Design curtains. With the help of "magic" devices, a long finished curtain can become short, and a short one can safely be lengthened.

How to choose a tulle for the kitchen( video)

Making your personal space a fascinating and grateful process. Having organized a cozy workplace, we provide a good mood for the whole family. And I want to note that in these issues, we women sometimes show themselves as real professionals, having managed to combine from a seemingly unnecessary remnant of a napkin or pillow, or by using a worn female pantyhose for weaving a cozy rug.

Design tulle to the kitchen( photo in the interior)