White curtains: photo in the interior, light in the living room, color of melted milk, drapes and curtains for the bedroom

The predominance of white in the interior of the bedroom makes it light, delicate and airy The predominance of white in the interior of the bedroom makes it light, soft and airy. Curtains are an important interior element of any room. Thanks to properly selected curtains, you can visually correct the geometry of the room, make the room lighter and cozy, create a unique atmosphere. Today, designers are increasingly choosing white curtains for window decor. This is due to the advantages of white color, which allows you to solve most of the problems with the architecture and layout of the room. How to skilfully use white curtains in the design of rooms for various purposes - read below.

    • White curtains: photo and benefits
    • Light curtains in the interior: photos and selection recommendations
    • Stylish white curtains in the interior of the bedroom
    • Choose curtains in the white living room
    • Use of white curtains in the design(Video)
    • White curtains design( photo in interior)

White curtains: photo and benefits

White color in the interior has a lot of advantages: it remains relevant regardless of the fashion trends, it always looksFestive and expensive, suitable for finishing any room, both residential and non-residential. Therefore, even more often mistresses think about buying white curtains.

White curtains visually increase the space of a small room White curtains visually enlarge the space of a small room

The use of white curtains in design has many advantages:

  • Thanks to white curtains, even a dark room that faces the north side can become lighter and more comfortable.
  • White visually expands the space. Therefore, white curtains in the entire wall - an ideal option for small living rooms and bedrooms.
  • White curtains almost do not attract sunlight. Therefore, in hot days, in rooms that go to the south side, thanks to the white curtains will be fresh.
  • White combines with any colors, suitable for any style.

The disadvantages of white curtains can be attributed except that their march. Such curtains are undesirable to use in apartments with small children or animals. But, if you are clearly determined that you want to decorate the window with white, pay attention to short or roll curtains.

Light curtains in the interior: photos and recommendations for choosing

In order to create a cozy atmosphere, instead of an active white color in the decor of the windows, you can choose less saturated, pastel shades. In this case, it is better if colors, like materials, are natural.

The interior of the room is well combined with white and light brown colors In the interior of the room, the white and light brown colors of the

combine well. Thus, designers recommend that you choose gray, sand, coffee, cream shades, melted milk in the living room and bedroom.

Such curtains will have all the advantages of white, while softening the interior. The choice of light curtains has its own nuances, because the shades of the paintings should be combined with the color palette of the room.

So, in order to make the room look harmonious, it is necessary to adhere to such recommendations:

  • Light curtains should be chosen for rooms with walls painted in active colors;
  • It's best if the walls have the same shade as the curtains, but a couple of tones are lighter or darker;
  • For coffee curtains the best companions will be the walls of peach, sandy hues, light brown, creamy furniture;
  • Gray curtains will look stylish on a lavender and gray-blue background;
  • For curtains of milk color, a combination with coffee-colored furniture with milk, light brown and sand walls will be successful. Unusual and stylish look like such curtains on the olive walls.
  • You can emphasize the shade of curtains by choosing decorative textiles( for example, pillows, blankets) of the same color and with the same texture.

You can dilute a fairly discreet interior with collages of photographs, paintings, candles without candlesticks.

Stylish white curtains in the interior of the bedroom

The bedroom is a place intended for rest and sleep, so its interior should be cozy and comfortable. White curtains in the bedroom can be used alone or in combination with colored curtains or Roman curtains.

The white bedroom calms, and in the morning gives ease of awakening White bedroom soothes, and in the morning gives ease of waking.

Designers recommend choosing for the bedroom curtains made of natural materials( linen, cotton).

The shape of the white curtains depends on what style is chosen for the bedroom design. For modern rooms in the style of minimalism, it is better to choose straight curtains on the eyelets, with simple hooks. Especially attractive and stylish look curtains from bleached flax. In this case, it is better if the curtains are sufficiently tight.

White curtains are perfect for classic interiors and will make a stylish couple more saturated models.

Classic combinations are white with red and white with black. In this case, it is better that the accent curtains were tight. You can also combine white curtains with coffee shades, gray canvases. White curtains in a cage or strip are suitable for bedrooms in country styles( Provence, Country).And curtains with a blue pattern of herringbone - for rooms in Scandinavian style.

You can use white curtains in the design of children's bedrooms.

So, white curtains with fringe or French buffers will become an excellent decoration for the girl's room. And linen white curtains can play the role of sails in the "sea" bedroom of the boy.

Choose curtains in the white living room

In the white living room, designers are advised to select curtains of bright colors: they will focus on the window opening and dilute the monophonic interior. If you prefer discreet interiors, you can dilute the white curtains with colored companions.

More practical for the living room is the white color of curtains with a cream tint More practical for the living room white color curtains with a creamy shade

To avoid "sterility" of the room, it is better to choose in the white living room curtains of ivory shades, coffee with milk.

The curtains of wine shades will look more like white rooms: they will emphasize the atmosphere of wealth and solemnity. For living rooms in a minimalist style, you can choose white curtains and black or gray curtains. Stylish and unusual will look in the white interior gradient curtains. To emphasize the romance of country and provencal can be curtains of light, natural shades. So, the lavender, olive, light blue linens will look good in the living room of white color.

Using white curtains in design( video)

Curtains - this is one of the most important design elements that affects the perception of style and size of the room. Blind curtains are considered universal. Correctly selected white curtains can create a cozy atmosphere, a harmonious interior that will be relevant for many years. And the photos presented in the article and the recommendations of the designers will help you decide on the choice!

Design white curtains( photo in the interior)