Curtains-partitions: Japanese in the room, photo, fabric shutters for separation, sliding with their own hands from the fabric

Quick and stylish zoning room can be using beautiful curtains-partitions You can quickly and stylishly zonate the room with the help of beautiful curtains Interior doors divide the apartment into separate rooms. However, if you need to split a large room into two zones in a short time, it can be difficult to erect such complicated structures in the installation. Fortunately, there is an option that is no less practical than classic doors, but its implementation takes much less time. They are curtains, partitions. Today you will learn about the most unusual ways of dividing the room into zones with the help of curtains.

    • Types of curtains in the room
    • Japanese curtains as partitions
    • Tips for assembling Japanese partitions
    • Yarn and fabric partitions in the room
    • Stylish curtains-partitions( video)
    • DesignCurtains for partitions of the room( photos in the interior)

Types of curtains in the room

Beautiful curtains can perfectly perform the function of dividing the room into separate spaces. Such structures are simply installed instead of doors, and if necessary they can be removed in a matter of minutes.

There are many types of fabric partitions for the home. They are divided according to different criteria, one of which is the method of installation.

Methods for installing curtain walls:

  • Suspended curtains are attached to the cornice. In appearance, it resembles window curtains, but there are designs that look very unusual.
  • Frame versions are mounted on a rigid base. Such fabric curtains are sliding, roll, adjustable or folding.

Sufficiently popular today are hanging curtains, partitions, which are attached to the cornice Sufficiently popular today are hanging curtains, which are attached to the cornice

In addition to the installation method, the curtains are divided according to their type. They can be very different, but we will give you the most popular ones.

Types of curtains for dividing the room into zones:

  1. Conventional curtains are hung on a screen located along the sections to be demarcated. Such designs can be made of a dense or lightweight fabric. They do not look very modern, but with proper use they can complement the classic interiors.
  2. Japanese curtains-partitions can move apart. They are great for oriental interiors and very easy to install.
  3. Roller blinds and roller blinds with a winding mechanism are convenient in that, if necessary, you can combine the room into one. This option perfectly fits into any interior.
  4. The screen looks unusual and stylish. Such partitions will appeal to creative people who prefer unusual options to simple designs.

There are other options for curtains. However, we described the options that are most often used in the form of partitions.

Japanese curtains as partitions

Japanese curtains-partitions perfectly fit into modern interiors. Despite the fact that such structures look like a rigid fence, in fact they consist of cloth.

Despite its name, Japanese curtains are not always painted with oriental patterns and hieroglyphics. Due to the variety of design, such designs can fit into any style of the interior.

Japanese curtains consist of a fabric cloth and rigid inserts, due to which the construction is not taken by folds. Such curtains, depending on the type of ceiling, are mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. They are able to move around the cornice.

Add a modern interior with ease can be the original Japanese curtains, partitions The modern interior can easily be supplemented with the original Japanese curtains

The size of such partitions can be very different. In a large room will look great wide canvases, and in a small apartment will not spoil the appearance of narrow panels.

Japanese curtain can have a variety of designs. It can be bright canvases with hieroglyphs and cherry blossoms, which harmoniously complement the eastern interior. Also common are single-color white, gray or black items that fit into modern interiors, such as high-tech.

Such curtains are excellent at separating the room. If you install a multi-layer cornice, then it is quite possible to delineate the room along the entire length.

When choosing a curtain design, pay attention to the colors, and the destination of the room in which they will be installed. So for the closet will fit tight designs of monophonic fabric, and the zones of the kitchen and the living room perfectly delineate the curtains of translucent fabric.

Tips for installing Japanese partitions

Japanese curtains are easy to install, so you can easily install them yourself. To do this, you only need a standard set of tools, a set of components of Japanese curtains and basic skills in carrying out repairs.

Tips for installing Japanese curtains for enclosure space:

  1. With self-tapping screws, the cornice with sliding elements is attached to the ceiling. You can install several cornices at different levels.
  2. Two-sided adhesive tape must be glued on the movable elements of the cornice. On the double-sided scotch and fastened blind.
  3. If you have suspended ceilings in your apartment, then you will have to install the guides to which the cornice will be fastened.
  4. If you use tight Japanese curtains in a room where there is not enough sunlight, then you need to take care of installing additional lighting equipment.

You can install the Japanese curtains yourself, if you properly read the instructions Japanese curtains can be installed on their own, if you properly read the instruction

Japanese curtains are an excellent alternative to the doors. They are easily removed and can be washed periodically.

To ensure that these designs have served you as long as possible after them, you need to look after them properly. There are several rules for looking after Japanese curtains.

Care curtains for Japanese curtains:

  1. If the fabric from which Japanese curtains are made is impregnated with dust repellent and moisture-repellent compounds, then it can not be washed. Care for such partitions involves wiping the cloth with a cloth soaked in soapy water.
  2. It is impossible to pull sharply for Japanese curtains. Otherwise, the fabric can stretch around the edges. The most durable are structures equipped with an automatic opening device.
  3. If you decide to remove such curtains for a while, then they need to be stored in a coiled form to keep a neat appearance.

Japanese curtains can replace gypsum plasterboard partitions. They have all the functions that the built-in designs, but if necessary they can easily be removed, avoiding a lot of dirty dismantling work.

Yarn and fabric partitions in room

If you need to hang a doorway or a cabinet, then Japanese curtains will not work for you. In this case, you better use products such as fabric or roll curtains.

Excellent option for the curtain of the open cabinet will be roll or Roman blinds. They do not take up much space and are very easy to manage. In addition, such structures can be attached even with a construction stapler or double-sided adhesive tape.

Curtains for room zoning or closet closures can be completely done by hand. Also you can look at inexpensive options in the shops of the Ikea line.

Excellent in almost any interior will look like threaded partitions in the room Excellent in almost any interior will look like filament partitions in the room

If you want to zonate the room in an original and unusual way, you can use thread curtains. Such cloths consist of a set of thin threads that visually divide the space, do not cover the inspection of both its parts.

Threaded curtains are like trickles of water dripping from the ceiling. Such designs are suitable for modern interiors. Threaded curtains are an excellent solution for protecting a child's bed from the area of ​​the parent bedroom. Such a design will break the room into parts, allowing parents to watch the baby at any time.

Stylish Curtains-Partitions( video)

Curtains made of curtains are an excellent alternative to real partitions and doors. Due to the variety of species, such structures look modern and interesting. Some of them you can do with your own hands, others you will find at an affordable price in stores. Change your interior with small details, experiment, and you will get a stylish and comfortable apartment, amazing with its originality!

Curtain Design for the room partitions( photo in the interior)