Baguettes for curtains: cornices for wall, photo, decorative strip for ceiling cornices, baguette in the interior

Hide the mechanism of fastening the curtains will help the baguette cornice Hide the mechanism of fastening the curtains will help the framed cornice Framing cornices are not a mandatory component of the interior. However, such designs allow you to create a more accurate and stylish design of the room. Decorative slats hide the cornice and its place of connection with the curtains, due to what the decoration of the window looks more harmoniously and neatly.

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Kinds of curtain rails for curtains

Framing cornices add to the window opening of elegance and elegance, hiding the structure on which the curtain is hung. Such an addition will fit into absolutely any interior. However, in order to choose the most suitable option for yourself, you need to decide on the type of such decorative bar.

Framing cornices are made for different styles of interior Framing cornices are made for different interior styles

Kinds of moldings for their function:

  1. The mounting cornices are used to install curtains on a false ceiling. Such products are not only aesthetic, but also functional purpose.
  2. Decorative moldings are needed only to hide the unaesthetic cornice. Such strips add an interior to the neatness and elegance, but do not carry any practical function, they have only a decorative role.

With this type of fasteners, everything is simple. If you prefer suspended ceilings, then the first option will suit you, for the standard apartments choose the second one.

Also the baguettes are divided according to the type of fastening:

  1. The wall baguettes are mounted above the window frame. They need an extra bracket, which will pull the blind to the desired distance. Similar constructions can not be used for small windows, since they make them visually even smaller.
  2. Ceiling moldings are mounted on the ceiling. They do not need to be supplied with a bracket, their design allows you to hang the curtain to the desired level. Such designs can be used not only to decorate window openings, they will be an excellent option for zoning space.

Moldings for cornices can be made from a wide variety of materials. However, the most popular are gypsum, metal, plastic and wooden models. Such designs can be painted in any color, which simplifies the combination of the baguette with the interior of the room.

Nuances of a choice of a kind of a molding cornices

Before it will be puzzled by a choice of framed cornices, it is necessary to decide what color and a kind curtains. It is from this factor that the function of the baguette will depend.

A molding cornice is fixed to the ceiling and has a different number of rails The molding cornice is fixed to the ceiling and has a different number of guides

Depending on the structure of the curtains, the baguettes can be string, tubular or planed. The first option is always metallic, the third one is often plastic, and the second one can be made from a wide variety of materials.

Also, the baguettes are divided according to the number of rails present in the construction. In this form, your choice will depend on the type of curtains that you use.

How to use baguette cornices with different number of strings:

  • The single-rail system is suitable for one or two curtains located on one row;
  • Two-rail framed cornices are appropriate when decorating a window opening with two curtains, for example, a dense curtain and tulle;
  • Three-rail designs are used to create multi-layer compositions, with their help you can create a very unusual decor for the window.

This type of baguette is selected depending on how many curtains you use. Also you need to know that string baguettes are suitable only for curtains made of lightweight fabric, and tubular ones are the most durable option.

The cornice must be hung correctly, so it is important to correctly calculate its dimensions. If the cornice is too short, you will reduce the size of the window, if too long, then reduce the size of the room.

The decorative strip for wall cornices should extend at least 15 cm from each side of the window frame. In some cases, you can navigate according to the location of the edge of the frame to the wall.

Using a closed cornice, make sure that the bracket pulls the curtain from the wall for 10-15 cm. This distance is considered optimal for creating a harmonious interior.

Advantages of baguette-cornices

Ceiling cornices look great in the interior of the living room and bedroom. They have a mass of virtues for which the whole world has loved them.

Baguette cornice is a universal fastening, suitable for almost all rooms Baguette cornice is a universal fastening suitable for almost all rooms.

Advantages of window baguettes:

  1. Framing cornices can increase the height of ceilings. To do this, mount the ceiling decorative beams to the ceiling.
  2. If your windows have a non-standard size, and end under the ceiling, then the ceiling baguette is the only option for securely decorating windows with curtains. Curtains can be of various lengths. They are suitable for the design of window openings, and for zoning the space of the room.
  3. With the help of a molded cornice, you can fence the bed on all sides with curtains. In this case, this design will look stylish and neat.
  4. This kind of curtains, like Japanese curtains, looks the most aesthetically pleasing only in combination with ceiling baguettes. With the correct installation of such paintings, their connection to the ceiling will be invisible.
  5. Another advantage of curtains baguettes is that they increase the insulation of the room. This is due to the fact that the curtains are located at some distance from the window.

As you can see, there are many advantages to the molding cornices. Use them to design your apartment, and it will be stylish and practical.

Design of decorative laths for ceiling cornices

The design of the cornices can be very different. The appearance of these decorative strips should be chosen depending on the style of the interior.

Baguettes have not only different sizes, but also the type of pattern and coloring Baguettes have not only different sizes, but also the type of drawing and coloring

A huge selection of baguette cornices with a variety of designs is provided by Roskarniz. Also, this domestic firm has models at a very low price.

Classical interiors are characterized by ornate forms and luxurious patterns. In such rooms perfectly fit metal cornices decorated with artificial stones or decorated for gold. Also, you can use moldings with stucco moldings for luxurious designs.

Wooden cornice can fit perfectly into the modern style. Such products should have the simplest design and simple threads. Wooden baguettes are also suitable for Provence and country style. Such rustic designs like natural materials.

Modern high-tech is the embodiment of laconism and modernity. In such an interior, simple metal baguettes, plastic or glass structures will perfectly fit. It is better, if the color of the laths for a similar design of the room, is not too bright. A great option is a white, black or gray baguette.

Interior design is so different that for each individual case you need to choose your own molding cornice. Therefore, it is necessary to think in advance of the combination of the color and texture of the curtains with the shade and shape of the decorative bar. If you make a mistake in choosing, then you can completely repaint the baguette in a more suitable shade.

Modern moldings for curtains( video)

Framing cornices add interior to the room of elegance and accuracy. Use this element to decorate your house, and you will see how dramatically its design changes!

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