Cornice for Roman curtains: mount and mechanism, how to hang curtains, what's the difference, double curtains and photo

Cornice for Roman blinds is the most convenient structure to Cornice for Roman curtains may differ in design and material from which it is made Cornice for Roman blinds can differ in design and material of which it is made convenient to place roller curtains, living quarters can beautify any style. One of the important moments in the selection is a properly selected fastening and control mechanism. Convenience and modernity of the device will help you to use curtains for a long time.

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How to choose a cornice Roman

When buying accessories for curtains need to know the features of this device.

As a rule, fixing the structure is done in a walled manner, but it happens that you can hang the structure on the ceiling.

Choose a Roman curtain follows, based on the design of curtains and rooms choose Roman cornice should be based on the design of curtains and flat

In some cases, the ledge is fixed on the window frame. In this case, the curtain is attached to the device with a special tape. The adhesive tape is used not only for Roman, but for other types of curtains.

choosing a design, you should follow some rules:

  • must be borne in mind that the curtains can be used no more than 4.5 meters in height;
  • The product should be selected in lengths of 2, 5 meters, because a longer model can not withstand the weight of the curtain, and because of this, the details of the lifting devices will suffer;
  • Fixing is carried out with the help of 2, in rare cases, 3 brackets;
  • Roman blinds, usually used for window openings with a complex shape - it is found on bay windows and attics;
  • Cornice is used not only for window curtains - sometimes it is necessary to divide the room space or install a barrier from the curtain with a decorative purpose;
  • Choose a solid and reliable device that can work smoothly for many years.

You should know that for such adaptations are suitable, as heavy fabrics - velvet and tapestry, and light, air - silk, tulle, muslin.

Varieties of mechanisms for Roman curtains

The peculiarity of Roman curtains are beautiful folds that are formed in the unfolded and folded state.

It is important to choose a lifting gear that can work without problems.

Before you start the operation of the eaves for Roman curtains, it is worth exploring its design and understanding the principle of operation Before attempting to operate the cornice for Roman blinds worth exploring its structure and understand the principle of

There are several types of devices.

The main ones are:

  1. The rotary-chain type of the mechanism is used for heavy curtains. Through the chain, the block comes into motion and carries along the tapes attached to the curtains. The structure can be fixed both to the frame and to the wall above the window. Mandatory condition - the width of the window should be about 3.5 meters.
  2. The simplest type of device is a cords system based on a cord mechanism. The model implies light curtains of thin materials not exceeding 3.8 kilograms in weight. The essence of the device is that the cord, which resembles the fasteners and the tissues themselves, fixes the curtains in the required position.
  3. A mechanism with an integrated motor can also be used, which allows you to expand and collapse the curtains automatically. Adjustment can be made using the control panel. In relation to this model there are no restrictions on the weight of the fabric, however, this design, as a rule, is more expensive than the rest.

When choosing, the type and weight of curtain fabric should be used.

Basic fasteners for Roman curtains

Installation of the construction is done in different ways - it depends on how the structure works.

There are three types of cornice:

  1. The classic look, in most cases, is used for lifting curtains of usual sizes. It is fixed inside the opening of the window, directly on the frame. Sometimes the fixation is carried out on the wall above the window. Such a device is necessary for small offices, boudoir and bedrooms.
  2. The beveled type is applicable to non-standard windows with complex geometric shapes. The convenience of this device is that it can be fixed to the wall and the window, and, at different angles. This does not affect the condition of the curtains.
  3. Mini-cornice is attached to a small window frame, and is relevant for direct structures. Usually such devices are suitable for use in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

If you want to replace some detail of Roman curtains, it can be purchased at a specialized or construction store If you need to replace some detail of Roman curtains, then you can buy it in a specialized or construction shop

The main difference between the devices is in certain fixation points and positions when fastening.

The kit includes the following elements:

  • Upper and lower cornice;
  • 2 brackets;
  • Ring and wheel;
  • Rope fastening;
  • Number of eyelets required;
  • Device control.

Usually curtains, cornice and accessories are sold together, and they are accompanied by an installation manual.

Tips of the masters: how to hang the Roman curtain

Curtains can be hung on the window frame, on the wall and ceiling, and also on top of the window aperture.

To properly hang a Roman curtain, it is worthwhile to preview the training video with a master class To correctly hang the Roman curtain, it is worthwhile to preview the training video with the master class

For installation inside the window aperture you need:

  1. Choose the place for installation and make sure that the inside of the opening is flat. For this, a level is used. If the surface is not flat enough, you should install a wooden wedge to level it.
  2. The space for mounting the curtains is then marked. They put them to the opening and mark the height. Mounting brackets must be installed at a distance of 25 mm from the edge of the curtains. If the cornice is long, use 3-4 brackets.
  3. Then, with the use of screws, the brackets are fixed. This is done on one line with the edge of the opening.
  4. At the end hang curtains. Thus it is necessary to insert both brackets, to move the top of the curtain forward. After snapping the fasteners, you can try to adjust the folding or unfolding of the curtains with a lace.

If something does not work, you can always use the instruction and repeat the proposed actions.

Hanging Roman curtains, including double ones, will not be difficult. If you carefully study the device and its installation, you can save a lot of money on the call of professional masters.

As the curtain rod for Roman curtains( video)

In summary, we can say that choosing a curtain rod for Roman curtains is not a problem, and its installation will not cause much trouble. And some mistresses have achieved brilliant success in the independent sewing of such curtains, so it makes sense to try yourself in this matter.

Examples cornice for Roman blinds( photo ideas)