Roman curtains: photos in the interior, Chinese in the bedroom, Romanesque in the room, views in the loft style, cloth in the living room

Roman blinds - a great way to decorate windows Roman shades - the perfect way to decorate windows If you open a fashion catalog for almost any year, you can always see the Roman, or very similar to them, Japanese curtains. The design, invented many centuries ago, is still popular. And to choose Roman curtains prefer in connection with their very advantageous characteristics. This is a laconic elegant appearance, and good protection from the rays and heat, and the reliability of the product. In the classical interior, such samples will be very successful.

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CContributes to the selection and high functionality of curtains. They are installed both in the window opening and on the wall, directly under the ceiling. This can be an independent window decor, and a combination with the same conventional curtains, for example, tulle.

Different types of Roman curtains

The most popular type of Roman curtains are classic. When you raise them, wrinkles form along the bottom edge. These are the most popular models. In frameless types of curtains, there are no horizontal rods, so the sagging of the folds is assumed. And cascading variants in the flattened form form horizontal soft folds.

Roman blinds can differ in the material of manufacture Roman shades vary manufacturing

materials varies curtains and material of manufacture:

  • coarse cotton;
  • Heavy wool;
  • Taft;
  • Muslin;
  • Organza, etc.

Also Roman curtains are transparent, translucent, respectively, opaque, as well as impenetrable( such as blackout).What just does not happen the design of such curtains. Some like the more decorated windows, in this case the curtains are decorated with appliqués, bandos, curbs, festoons, fringes.

How to choose Roman curtains in the living room

First of all, the location of the windows in the house is taken into account. It is also important that the curtains are often lowered / raised, whether the hall needs to be shaded, that is, what effect you expect from these curtains. It depends on personal preferences, whether you choose curtains in the classical version, or like something more new, such as photo-blinds. It can be curtains with a picture, and strict curtains, similar to blinds.

Roman curtains are perfect for a living room Roman shades are perfect for living room

Tips for Choosing a Roman blinds in the room:

  • Designers are advised to use contrast piping on the sides, but you can around the perimeter of a curtain, so that it will find a concise, Finished view;
  • If combine with anything Roman blinds, you can combine them with an elegant lambrequins, light tulle or even fairly thick cloth curtains;
  • If it is necessary to shield the sunlight, a light-proof lining is used;
  • For an organic combination, the appropriate color, and the pattern, and the texture of the material are selected, because it must be combined with other textiles in the room.

You can not compare the Roman curtains purchased in the office, or curtains for the house. One description will be different. Roman curtains in the house can be both an accent element of the interior, and a calm, even background. Or to serve as a kind of a clamp with a disjointed interior element. If you want to focus on the windows, the curtains can be quite bright. Both cascading and classical models can look equally impressive on the window.

Practical romance curtains on balcony

Very often, these curtains are selected on the balcony. Just like rolled, Viennese, blinds. But remember that the curtains should not prevent the windows from opening on the balcony. That is, in advance choose the most successful method of attachment. Fastening can be installed both on the ceiling and on the frame. This happens using self-tapping screws, adhesive tape or brackets.

You can install the design on both the glass unit and even the string, which is stretched between the opposite walls. Since the balconies are small( in most cases), stop on compact Roman curtains without some elaborate decor. Any three-dimensional decor will visually reduce the space, and moreover it will be an excellent dust collector.

Roman blinds are great for a balcony - they are practical and compact Roman blinds are great for a balcony - they are practical and compact

Why Roman curtains are suitable for a balcony:

  • They are compact;
  • What kind of fabric you choose, it will look great;
  • To mount curtains, to care for them is not at all difficult;
  • Curtains can be installed on sloping windows, arched, or bay windows.

There are, of course, some nuances, conditional drawbacks of Roman curtains. For example, the fact that a ceiling installation is possible only with the condition of the gap of the blind window is not less than 30 cm between the open window and the ceiling. And if it's windows with an inclined mode of operation, you can not do without holding elements.

Chic Roman curtains in the bedroom

There is an opinion that only the kitchen is really good for "curtains from Rome".This stereotyped, and not at all fair opinion. For example, this design can be very successful in the bedroom. An excellent solution for such a place of rest, solitude, tranquility will be Roman curtains made of natural fabrics.

The canvas of Roman curtains in the bedroom can be raised to any height The canvas of Roman curtains in the bedroom can be raised to any height

They perfectly regulate the flow of light into the room, you can lift the canvas to any height. Indeed, many of the benefits of such curtains are for the bedroom. They create the most comfortable and secure environment in the room, and the interior with their help is transformed beautifully - the situation as from the picture.

All the variety of Roman curtains: photos in the interior

This is the same option when a person can not decide whether to buy long curtains, or all the same short. A compromise solution is just Roman blinds. Soft cascading curtains fixed to the ceiling, for example, soften the impression of a very narrow window. You can hide behind the curtains and what should not be in sight, pipes, communications, wall defects.

When choosing Roman blinds, consider:

  • Do not use curtains with a width of more than two and a half meters, as the mechanism of such a length of frequent loads simply can not stand, And will soon break;
  • If the canvas is very long, even with lightweight fabrics it will have a lot of weight;
  • Very dense, straight heavy fabrics are rarely used, only in case of special reliability and strength of the cornice( some double cornices, etc.)

About fabrics worth mentioning separately. Someone wants to see on the window something like a tapestry, and someone give summer bamboo variations. However, the degree of light transmission of tissues is important.

The choice of fabric for Roman curtains

There are fabrics that do not let light - satin, vinyl, canvas, curtain fabric, jacquard. Either they do not pass light at all, or they let in only 10% of the light. If this option is not suitable, you can choose a translucent fabric. This crepe-satin, cotton, linen, muslin, acetate. They pass up to 40% of the light.

And there are transparent fabrics - lace, organza, veil, skip up to 90% of the light.

Most often for Roman blinds use cotton Most often for Roman blinds use cotton

One of the most popular materials is cotton:

  • It is natural;
  • Costs inexpensively;
  • Colors are manifold;
  • Soft and pleasant touch.

But there are flaws in cotton. Yet this is a strongly creased fabric, after washing it shrinks. Yes, and in the sun the cotton burns pretty quickly. But linen cloth will not shrink, it will not burn out in the sun, but it's not necessary to talk about how it crumples.

Synthetic fabrics( we are talking about curtains made of polyester and not only) is much more convenient. They do not crumple, they are rich in color and texture, they repel dust, they do not need frequent withdrawal. But such fabrics easily ignite, when burning produce dangerous substances.

Is there a Roman curtain in the loft style

Style loft, otherwise called "New York" or "attic" is still popular, although many foreshadowed the imminent decline of glory. It pretends to become classical, because its main elements, guessed features are used not for the first decade. Many today actively use the style options in the apartments, especially in the studio apartments.

Can Roman blinds appear on the window in the loft room?Yes, we can not say that this is such a frequent option, but still it occurs, and no style dissonance is observed.

Roman curtains are perfect for interior in loft style Roman blinds are perfect for interior in loft style

But these curtains will have their own requirements:

  • The search and decorations are taboo, there is no industrial coquetry style a priori;
  • Textiles should be of maximum transparency, preferably using natural fabrics;
  • The style is also very simple, simple lines, clear geometry;
  • If the drawing is a large, clear, similar to a photograph or graphic work.

If you really want to work on contrast( broken brick and light chiffon), then you need to have good taste to go over the brink of fashion and frank tastelessness. Consultation of the designer in this case, definitely will not hurt. But the loft is a style that still, in a sense, continues to form, and therefore you can think over bold ideas.

Than Chinese curtains are different from the Roman

These designs are really similar. At the heart of Chinese curtains is a fabric cloth, the size equal to the dimensions of the window( it still converges).The curtain has a special mechanism( and it looks like it), which is gracefully zadekorirovann. Additional finishing such curtains do not require - they are good in their shape, texture, color. True, sometimes they are still decorated with holders of the curtain, fringe, brushes, paillettes.

Chinese and Roman curtains - designs that are very similar to each other Chinese and Roman curtains are very similar in design to each other

But what exactly they differ from Roman curtains is their complete self-sufficiency. Simply put, they can not be combined with other curtains. Hang there still tulle, it will be just plain ugly. They are harmonious in themselves. At the same time, such curtains are also made of different materials, from the lightest to the most dense.

How to sew Roman blinds( video)

The Romans have borrowed so much humanity from the Romans that it is difficult to list everything. Including the design of curtains, which can be "his" and in a simple apartment, and in a spacious chalet. Roman curtains are also interesting because in view of their apparent complexity, they can be constructed by yourself even for a beginner seamstress.

Great choice!

design Roman blinds( photo in the interior)