Roll-blinds: roller shutters in the interior, photo, tulle on one window in the Russian Federation, beautiful sun-reflecting on the kitchen

Roll-blinds are very comfortable to use Roller blinds are very convenient to use Roller blinds are an excellent option for decorating the window space of a room with a modern style of interior. Such curtains were invented relatively recently, taking as a basis the idea of ​​raising Roman curtains. However, from Roman canvases, the roll mechanism is different in that it does not fold up, lifting the shade upward, but winding on the roller installed in this way. About all the advantages and disadvantages of this design - read on.

    • What are roller blinds in the interior: photo and description
    • Roller blinds and tulle in the interior: photos and benefits
    • The most suitable option for the kitchen: roll curtains
    • Roller shutters:Mounting
    • How to hang the roller blinds( video)
    • Roller shutter design( photo in the interior)

What are roller blinds in the interior: photo and description

Rollers are a design in which there isLinen and winding mechanism. Such curtains are wound on a special roller with the help of a lever or console and fixed in the desired position. This device is attached directly to the window frame.

Roller blinds differ in their small size and ability to roll into the tube, completely opening the window space. Such curtains are incredibly modern looking in the interior.

Rolling curtains are of two types: open and cassette. In the first case, the curtain fabric has in the lower part a bar that pulls the structure. In the open form, the roll on which the curtains are wound remains well visible.

Cassette roller blinds have a hidden winding mechanism. In this case, the web is pressed against the window and equipped with guides.

Roller blinds in the interior look very impressive Roller blinds in the interior look very impressive

Similar curtains are also divided according to the type of fabric that was used for their manufacture. Choosing one of the options, consider your financial capabilities, the color palette of the interior and your needs.

Types of Roll Curtains:

  • Standard semi-transparent curtains partially dissipate sunlight, still missing it;
  • Curtains, partially transmitting light, are called "Demout," they darken the room a little;
  • Wide sun-reflecting curtains( Blackout) are suitable for decorating rooms, with large home theaters;
  • In the day version of the night, transparent and translucent strips alternate on one window, creating a very interesting effect.

The shutters perfectly fit in most modern interiors. They have an interesting design and excellent technological characteristics.

Roller blinds and tulle in the interior: photos and benefits

Roller blinds are ideal for decorating rooms with absolutely any requirements. They can be used in the kitchen, and even in the nursery. So what is the reason for such popularity?

Advantages of roller blinds:

  1. Roller blinds limit the arrival of light without completely drowning it. There are options made of fabric with different light transmission levels.
  2. Curtains of this type are very compact. They do not take up space on the windowsill, so this functional part of the room can be used.
  3. The roller blinds look less formal than the blinds. They have different colors and shades and they can be applied to drawings.
  4. This type of curtain is durable. To clean the roll-curtains from dirt, it's enough to just walk on it with a vacuum cleaner.

Despite quite serious advantages, shutters still have a disadvantage. The downside is that they do not have lamellas, because of which it is not possible to control the intensity of light entering by turning the mechanism.

Roller blinds have a lot of advantages Roller blinds have a lot of advantages

Roll blinds can be completed with white transparent tulle. However, in this case, it is desirable that the roller blinds are also white.

In order not to purchase a substandard accessory, you need to follow several rules. Most of them are known to everyone, but it's better to say them one more time.

What requirements must the roller blinds meet:

  • Curtains must be environmentally friendly;
  • Have antiseptic and dust repellent impregnation;
  • Was treated with an antiseptic;
  • Provided sufficient protection from ultraviolet rays.

The roller blinds are suitable for almost all interiors. They have a lot of advantages and only one drawback. There are many interesting roller blinds, and an excellent addition for them will be a beautiful tulle.

The most suitable option for the kitchen: roll curtains

Kitchen - a room for the design of which is not suitable for all the curtains. Here the curtains must have a mass of different features. These include fire safety, ease of cleaning and odor tightness. Such qualities are enjoyed by most roller blinds.

Roller blinds are fireproof and easy to clean Roller blinds are fireproof and easy to clean

Why roller blinds are so suitable for the kitchen:

  1. Thanks to the compact dimensions, the roller blinds are less dirty. Often they cover only the area of ​​the window frame. There are also roller blinds for the balcony.
  2. Impregnated with a mass of various antiseptic curtains is very easy to clean. They do not absorb the smell and are not afraid of moisture.
  3. In the kitchen, usually small windows, so these curtains of a small size will do their job very well.
  4. Roller blinds do not develop in the wind, which is why they are considered the most suitable for decorating the kitchen.

Roller blinds in the kitchen are hung up quite often. They exceed the practicality of large curtains, besides, such curtains are pretty beautiful.

Roller shutters: mounting

Roll shutters are an excellent alternative to standard blinds and plain curtains. Such curtains look unusual in the interior and have the advantages of both options.

Especially good is this addition for decorating the kitchen. Usually such constructions are assembled from plastic or textile elements, and therefore they are easy to wash.

Such constructions are quite simple to install, and therefore you can manage this work independently, without the help of masters. Usually, the roller blind set includes all the necessary fasteners and screws. Also, there is an instruction for the use of these components.

The easiest way to install a roller blind is to attach the entire mechanism to the hooks. In turn, the L-shaped holders are attached to a double-sided adhesive tape.

Roll shutters are fairly easy to install on their own Roller shutters are easy to install independently

This type of installation is quite simple, but it does not guarantee that the structure will not fall apart during several days of operation, therefore we advise you to mount roller blinds on self-tapping screws.

In the open design only the brackets are attached to the window frame. And in the cassette mechanism, the entire cassette is attached to the window. Guides are also mounted on the window.

These mounting methods for roller blinds are simple and straightforward. Following the instructions included in the kit rolls, you can easily install the curtains on the window in a matter of minutes.

How to hang roll-blinds( video)

Roll-blinds appeared on domestic markets relatively recently. However, despite this fact, they have already managed to win universal love and popularity. And not in vain!Such designs look very stylish, and are easy to care for. If you are the owner of a house decorated in a modern style interior, roller blinds are the most suitable option for you.

Design roller blinds( interior photos)