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Using the blinds, you can significantly improve the functionality of the balcony Using shutters you can significantly improve the functionality of the balcony Blinds have entered our life in the last century, and for several decades are considered a worthy alternative to conventional curtains. Today they are successfully used in homes, offices, apartments, cottages and public institutions. Sometimes there are circumstances when only these products can be hung on the window. Thus, the blinds are an important and necessary element of the decor.

  • What are the best shutters on the balcony: get acquainted with the version of the product
  • Shutters on the balcony with sliding windows: photo of the
  • variants Vertical blinds for the loggia: what better designs to choose
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  • What better shutters to the balcony: get acquainted with the version of the product

    Modern designs of curtains on windows can quite cope with their functions, without creating any complications in operation. But the best, comfortable and most practical option for the design of balcony windows still remain blinds.

    What are the better shutters to the balcony?Let's try to understand this in this article. After all, from all the variety of available on sale blinds, still, you have to choose one single, your own version.

    Choose blinds, depending on personal preferences and design of the balcony You need to choose the blinds depending on your personal preferences and balcony design.

    Initially, the blinds were made of plastic, and they were used mainly in office or public premises. However, the increased convenience of this element of the decor forced the masters to change its design and the way of installation, due to which the blinds appeared many varieties and decorative moments. To date, there are several types of blinds:

    Types of shutters:

    • Horizontal .These products are most often installed on the windows of balconies due to the fact that they are practical, convenient, and easy to operate.
    • Vertical .It is also quite a convenient design in order to be able to regulate the entry of light on the loggia or balcony.
    • Facade .Their main difference is that they are attached outside the window, which greatly affects the quality of the curtains. These products are very durable and reliable.
    • Plisse .The construction of pleated fabric in a fold of 2 cm
    • Rolled .These designs are great for both the balcony and the loggia. They are not very expensive, they have an infinite number of variations.

    But the Roman curtains look spectacular and modern. Loggia or balcony, decorated with the help of these designs, will be able to fascinate anyone who throws their eyes on them.

    Shutters to the balcony with sliding windows: photo of the design options

    Having decided to purchase the product data for the glass balconies, the owners of the balconies and loggias are faced with a choice, without knowing which blinds are best after all. The modern market has a large number of blinds, which differ in form and material, from which they are made.

    Blinds to the balcony with sliding windows, photos of which are available in this article, not all fit. For example, they can not hang cassette, roll and horizontal curtains. When choosing a model for your windows, be sure to check with consultants.

    The color of the blinds must be combined with the interior decoration of the balcony The color of the blinds must be combined with the internal trim of the balcony

    One of the most suitable for this type of window structure is the blind-pleated. They can perfectly please you with the color and type of construction.

    Advantages of blinds-pleated:

    • Not high cost;
    • Excellent aesthetic appearance;
    • Huge assortment of colors;
    • Well perform their function;
    • Easily erased.

    If you can not decide what type of curtains to purchase for sliding windows, pay attention to the blinds-pleated.

    Vertical blinds for the loggia: what better designs to choose

    Fabric curtains are a very common option for windows. But they are not always practical, sometimes they just do not fit the design of windows, and often they just do not fit into the interior. Often they look cheap both from the outside and inside.

    What better blinds for a loggia, you decide, but according to experts, one of the most convenient and effective solutions to the problem of shelter from sunlight and prying eyes is vertical blinds. They have long since become fashionable and look very good.

    Thanks to vertical blinds, you can visually extend the balcony Thanks to the vertical blinds, you can visually extend the balcony

    Convenient vertical blinds for balconies and loggias are now the most suitable and economical option. They are easy to clean and look very nice.

    Vertical blinds come in the following types:

    1. Fabric .Constructions that are made of synthetic material, and come in a variety of colors. The cost of such products for windows depends, first of all, on their size and quality of fabric.
    2. Plastic .This type of blinds are good for a room in which a lot of dust is often collected. They are less often contaminated and much more convenient to care for.
    3. Aluminum .This type of blinds on the construction are similar to the fabric and plastic models, but are made of a different material. These curtains are not very popular. They are more often used for increased fire safety where there is a risk of fire, or for medical reasons as an anti-allergen.
    4. Multifacture .These are the most popular blinds. They perfectly replace classical curtains. They have a huge selection of drawings. The cost of this product depends on its complexity and the quality of the fabric.

    Blinds are considered to be the most expensive and less functional. Their main function is to decorate the interior. In apartments they are rarely used. It is often found in offices, restaurants and cafes.

    Horizontal blinds on the loggia: choose your version

    The cassette horizontal blinds for the loggia today are probably the most popular of all. They are very practical and convenient to operate. At the same time they do not have a high cost.

    Blinds on the loggia should perfectly perform their protective functions and provide a pleasant aesthetic appearance. The horizontal blinds most meet these requirements.

    These models are attached directly to the double-glazed window. This allows them to be fixed while ventilating or opening the window structure. These products are much easier to care for, but, unfortunately, are not suitable for aluminum frames.

    Before buying blinds, special attention should be paid to the quality of the

    horizontal blinds are usually:

    1. Cassette type Isolait and Isorta. This is one of the most popular plastic blinds for windows, which have a huge number of advantages in comparison with vertical models. These structures are quite practical and effective. Between each other, they differ in the construction of systems.
    2. Aluminum Hollis. The usual classic version with rope-rope management. Their main advantage is a low price, but they are not very convenient to use.
    3. Wooden. A variant suitable for eco-style. But these designs are quite heavy. Their main advantage is ecological cleanliness and excellent appearance. High cost.
    4. Bamboo. Lighter in comparison with wooden constructions, have more color shades, however and at cost the most expensive.
    5. Plastic. Economy option, In addition, easy to care for and varied in color.

    Recently, more and more popular blinds have the type of "wave."They have an excellent aesthetic appearance. The essence of the design is a wavy form of the edge of the lamellae.

    How to hang the blinds on a balcony( video)

    More and more you can see glazed balconies, equipped with blinds. And not in vain. These structures are convenient and easy to operate, and low cost makes them affordable for almost everyone.

    Design blinds on the balcony( photo in the interior)