Curtains for two windows: in the living room and hall, photo, design room with 2 windows with a partition, on different walls, studio

Thanks to modern curtains, you can close two windows simultaneously Thanks to modern curtains, you can close two windows simultaneously It often happens that there are two windows in the living room, and the dimensions of the room are completely unimportant. Some owners have difficulty in making a decision regarding the design of several windows. Curtains for two windows can be selected easily and simply, following the advice and recommendations of professional designers. The first step is to determine the functionality of the room. This will help to choose the right curtain models and materials from which they will be sewn.

    • How to choose curtains in the living room for two windows
    • Design of the living room with two windows: photo
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How to choose curtains in the living room for two windows

To decide in which style to draw several window openings at once, you need to consider the purposeRoom and style, a catOry was chosen for the general interior. Usually two or more windows are located in the central room of the apartment or house - in the living room. Windows can also be located in a corner room: usually a bedroom.

When choosing curtains in the living room, you should pay attention to the style in which it is framed When choosing curtains in the living room, you should pay attention to the manner in which it is framed.

Selecting curtains for the hall, it is important to consider the size and shape of the room, the location of the windows relative to each other, the overall style in the interior.

The hall in the classic style is recommended to decorate the designers with a delicate thin tulle and thick curtains with a lambrequin. The use of lambrequins should be correct. For example, lambrequins in a room with a small area and low ceilings will look inappropriate and ugly. For the classic interior, the main rule is the design of the windows in a single style.

If two windows are located side by side:

  • The windows should be formatted identically.
  • Ornaments in the main design of curtains must match. In the living room, it will be logical to look like curtains decorated with the same geometric patterns or patterns that occur in decorating upholstered furniture or decorating walls.
  • There are many ways to decorate two windows located side by side. It is important to choose the correct way to fasten the curtains. These can be hooks or eyelets. Naturally, on two windows use the same types of fastenings.
  • When draping curtains, it is important to pay attention to the distance between the windows, as well as their dimensions. First, you should carefully study the type of room and determine what types of folds are right for him. If the design of the window takes place without a professional designer, then the ways and types of draperies can be found on specialized sites.

In spacious rooms you can give vent to fantasy, choose a variety of types, texture and color of the fabric. Still, the living room designers are advised to decorate in a classic curtain style - with the use of light tulle and heavy curtains. If the windows are too small, the heavy curtains break the harmony and overload the interior.

Living room design with two windows: photo

The living room has many functions, which is why every owner wants to design it in the most harmonious and attractive way. An important design method is the design of the window opening. The more windows in the living room, the more interesting and exciting it is to make out, the more interesting ideas can be realized.

The living room with two windows has a lot of advantages, knowing which, you can most conveniently arrange the furniture and decorate the window openings.

Beige curtains for 2 windows are great for a living room, made in a classic style Beige curtains for 2 windows are great for a living room designed in classical style.

The presence of two windows will allow you to play around with space, visually expanding it by making the ceilings above. Also, the presence of two windows can contribute to a uniform distribution of light throughout the room. Before designing windows, it is important to take care of walls, their color and texture.

Rules for decorating window openings:

  1. Before you start creating windows in real time, you can create sketches that will help you visualize how the windows will look after decorating. Designers advise double windows to draw strictly the same. This applies to color solutions, fabric texture, decorative elements.
  2. Even if you design a studio in which windows are located in different parts of the room, it is important that you use the same textiles that will combine two different ones about the functionality of the space.
  3. When decorating two windows in a room with a small area, it is important to pay attention to the texture and weight of the fabric. Heavy curtains can make the space very small and sullen.

In a modern interior with two windows, roller blinds that combine practicality and decorativeness will look great. Particular attention should be paid to the shape of the window opening. Small and closely spaced curtains can decorate a single lambrequin. Large windows provide greater freedom of choice in decorating windows.

Kitchen: design of a room with two windows

Designing a window opening of a kitchen is an important task, since this room should be both practical, functional, comfortable, cozy and stylish. A kitchen with two windows usually has large dimensions, a high level of illumination. All this gives designers great opportunities to design the original interior.

Minus the location of two windows in the kitchen can be called heat loss and the need for making unusual solutions for decorating space.

The kitchen with two windows gets enough sunlight In the kitchen with two windows there is enough sunlight

Sometimes it's difficult to decorate a kitchen with two windows. Some modern designers resort to new solutions, refusing to use textiles, and preferring the painting of window frames. For those who do not like the "bare" windows, the solution can be rolled curtains, light curtains, different versions of blinds, Roman curtains, curtains or drapes.

What's important to consider:

  • Material;
  • Color;
  • Texture;
  • Design.

It is important that the curtains do not come in contact with the work surfaces and are not located close to the plate and other heating appliances. Bright curtains on two windows can give the interior of the kitchen a unique comfort and comfort. When choosing a fabric for curtains, it is important to pay attention to the quality of artificial lighting in the kitchen.

Types of curtains on two windows with a partition

If the curtains are located on the same wall, you can decorate them in any style. The main thing is to decide on it at the initial stage of repair work. If there is a partition between the windows, then decorating them is necessary in one style. This remark should be attributed not only to the choice of one type of fabric and the sewing of a single curtain model, but also the way to fix the curtains and their width.

If the opening is more than one meter, do not decorate the windows with one common cloth for the two windows.

To make the room look harmonious, it is recommended to choose the same curtains To make the room look harmonious, it is recommended to choose the same curtains

Curtains on the two windows should not look theatrical. Do not resort to too fluffy and frequent drapery of canvases. You need to try to make the windows light and airy.

Types of curtains for decoration:

  • Japanese;
  • Curtains and Lambrequins;
  • Tulle and lambrequin;
  • Heavy curtains and light tulle.

Additional accessories will add curtains of originality. Divide the space between the curtains can be pictures or panels, and in the swarm put the TV.Lambrequin can be combined at once two windows, creating a harmonious composition.

How to choose curtains for two windows( video)

The style of the design of two windows depends on many factors. First of all, the overall interior is the choice of style. From the way they are going to decorate it, the choice of models of curtains and materials for them depends. The design of the windows themselves is largely influenced by their size: length and width. Also it is necessary to consider at what distance the curtains are located from each other.

Design of curtains in a hall for two windows( interior photo)