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Curtain Design for the kitchen (36 photos): light curtains, roller, Roman, Austrian, classic and bamboo


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After the repair, the kitchen in front of many owners of houses and apartments there is a question of choice of decorative elements, especially the curtains. They should not only decorate the room, but also be combined with the rest of the interior. In this article we will look at what the curtains are now popular and how to choose the right design for the kitchen curtains.

Design Example of kitchen curtains

Design Example of kitchen curtains


I should say at the outset that the blinds for the kitchen is a more practical solution. However, many people still prefer the tissues, as properly selected design and curtains tyuley able to make the room more comfortable and attractive.

The only thing it should be noted that the choice should pay attention not only on the design of kitchen curtains, but their performance such as:

  • functionality - should be easy to move apart and be drawn, as well as to protect the room from the sun. At the same time it is desirable that they passed light and air. Due to this, the kitchen will be comfortable and do the cooking;
  • practicality - should have a good wash, absorb odors, does not collect dust and dirt. First of all, to meet these requirements, synthetic fabrics, as well as natural, impregnated with special dust-dirt-repellent compositions.

If the curtains are located next to the stove, you need to take care of fire safety.
To do this, they need to fix, for example, by means of grabs or weigh down the braids.
Furthermore, it is desirable that the material from which they are made, was flame retardant.

EXAMPLE locking curtains in order to fire

EXAMPLE locking curtains in order to fire

All these requirements are related to the specific conditions of the premises. The fact is that if you use the kitchen curtains from some delicate material with lush folds, they quickly lose their appeal.

Options contemporary curtains design

Currently, experts recommend to choose curtains for the kitchen design of the following types of them:

  • light curtains;
  • roller blinds;
  • Roman;
  • Austrian;
  • classic.

Next, get acquainted with the nuances of each of their species, which will help determine the choice.

An example of the use of tulle in the interior of the kitchen

An example of the use of tulle in the interior of the kitchen

light curtains

Choosing the design of curtains for a small kitchen is best to give preference to a light lace curtains that do not clutter up the screen and provide access to the window sill. At last you can put pots of flowers or use it as an extra work surface. At the same time, these drapes help to create in the kitchen a cozy and homely atmosphere.

I must say that tulle especially looks good together with a wooden kitchen set. If the kitchen is decorated in rustic style, for example, or the country of Provence, a great option would be curtains cafe curtains or to pick up.

The only thing in the selection should take into account that the design of curtains and curtains should be combined with the rest of the decor of the room. This applies, above all, patterns and colors.

Blinds in the interior of the kitchen

Blinds in the interior of the kitchen


Choosing curtains for kitchen design, a lot of people lately prefer roll models (blinds), since they have many advantages:

  • compact;
  • durable;
  • easy-care and maintenance;
  • For sale is a wide range of colors and textures, allowing you to choose the optimal design of curtains for the kitchen;
  • easy to install;
  • You can be set entirely in the window opening a separate leaflet.

Feature blinds is that they are unfolded form smooth fabric. If the window you want to open the web neatly rolled up, which is located at the top.

When choosing blinds must consider their light transmission.
They can be made from both absolutely opaque fabric and fabric with a minimum dimming that allows only protect the area from prying eyes.

Roman curtains

Roman curtains


Roman shades are a simple and sleek design. At the same time they are quite elegant and practical. Another advantage is their versatility - these curtains are well fit into any style of interior, from classic to contemporary avant-garde, or hi-tech.

In the unfolded form they resemble blinds described above, and when lifting graceful form creases. Such curtains look good both in small and large kitchens.

Roman curtains can be a variety of patterns, so you can ask the seller a catalog, which shows a design of curtains in the pictures to select the optimal model.

Austrian blinds

Austrian blinds


For those who like a more luxurious design curtains for the kitchen, we can recommend the Austrian curtains that are a combination of French and Roman blinds. Due to the absence of horizontal detents upon folding form the semicircular folds.

Thus, these curtains combined Roman austerity and scalloped folds, which are characteristic of French Romanticism. Appearance, they are not inferior to classical drapes and curtains, but more compact.

Design classic curtain

Design classic curtain


Classic curtains are a combination of direct and curtains tulle curtains. Immediately it should be said that they are quite cumbersome, so look good only in the spacious kitchen.

In small kitchens "classic" uncomfortable and even unsafe, besides consuming space visually. But in the studio kitchen, combined with living room, she looks great. Especially relevant in these curtains when one window takes several functional areas.

Also well suited for such a design curtains bay window. However, in this case it is necessary to pay special attention to the choice of curtains.

An example of using classic curtains for bay window

An example of using classic curtains for bay window

To give the room an even greater feeling of luxury and refinement, classic curtain can be used with lambrequins. The latter can visually change the proportions of the window.

To the curtains kept uniform and neat folds, you can use eyelets - metal cylinders that frame mounting holes.

Classic design of curtains on the eyelets

Classic design of curtains on the eyelets


Lovers of exotic certainly will appreciate bamboo curtains. These paintings are made of bamboo cane, and other natural materials.

These advantages include:

  • compactness;
  • moisture resistance;
  • ease;
  • environmental friendliness.

Such decoration is able to do "warm", even the most cutting-edge design style such as high-tech. And thanks to its rich selection of colors can be harmoniously fit into any kitchen interior.

bamboo curtains

bamboo curtains

If you have not yet decided on the type of curtains, blinds will help you choose the design project executed on the computer in special programs, such as Sweet Home 3D.
Thus, it is possible to see how it will look like this or that model of curtains.

Here, perhaps, and all of the most popular to date types of curtains that can be used to decorate the kitchen interior.


Choosing curtains for the kitchen design, first of all to consider the style of the interior rooms and features such as size, location of windows and so forth. For the rest, you can rely on your own taste. As the curtains replaced much easier than, for example, the walls, you can even experiment with different options to stay in the most optimal.

If after reading the material you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments and we will be happy to answer them.

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