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The curtains of Art Nouveau are perfect for an interior made in the style of high-tech Nouveau Curtains are perfect for interiors, made in the style of hi-tech the Paris World's Fair, which was held in 1900, the Art Nouveau style made popular around the world. Today this style has not lost its relevance. He is considered one of the most free and universal styles. Before choosing this style for decorating a dwelling, you need to familiarize yourself with its distinctive features. The curtains of Art Nouveau are distinguished by the thoughtfulness of details, asymmetry and elegance. Many designers turn to the modernist style to make the room original and unique.

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curtains Characteristics Nouveau

find out what style belong to this or that curtains can by their form, type of fabric, folds and lines thatThey createt. A distinctive feature of the Art Nouveau style is the asymmetry of the lines, which creates a somewhat careless look for curtains. Waves that flow freely to the floor are usually collected with a decorative cord.

One of the main features of curtains are curved lines that repeat the pattern with which the curtains are decorated, or the curtain itself.

Curtains in Art Nouveau style are well combined with both large and small windows Curtains Art Nouveau combine well with both large and small windows

When choosing curtains should be drawn to their characteristics, especially if the purchase ready-made curtains. It is important to note that the curtain can be disposed asymmetrically in the curtains. You can tie them at different levels, which will add to the overall atmosphere of originality.

Curtain characteristics:

  • Asymmetry. Drapery curtains can be formed arbitrarily. The fabric should fall free waves.
  • Multilayer. Curtains usually consist of two types of materials: double and combined curtains.
  • Harmonious color. The materials from which the curtains are made should not be too contrasting.

When choosing a fabric, you should pay attention to its texture. The fabric should be either monophonic or decorated with a bright pattern. Lines and bends on the fabric should smoothly cross into each other. Curtains in this style are usually hung on the eaves, the tips and pins of which differ sharp form.

How to choose the modern style for curtains: photo

For sewing curtains in a modern style it is extremely important to successfully select materials. Choosing the size of the cloth, you should pay attention to the fact that the style is rich in folds. Therefore, the size of the canvas should be large enough - it is better to take the fabric with a margin.

The choice of color largely depends on the style in the interior and on the personal preferences of the owners of the room.

If the room is large, then for him you can choose the curtains of a modern dark color If the room is large, then it is possible to choose the Nouveau curtains dark

usually sew curtains Nouveau designers are advised to choose the fabric in pastel shades. For those who like bright solutions, one tip is to choose bright colors, but they should look harmonious. Curtains in the modern style is distinguished by refined, artificial negligence.

Curtains for different interiors:

  • Modern. If the decoration of the walls is made in white, it is best to choose a fabric in pink for sewing curtains. It's good if it's pastel.
  • Classical. If the walls are decorated in light color, for example, beige, and the color of the furniture is not too bright, the fabric of green, salad and white is perfect for sewing curtains.

The color of curtains and curtains can be the same as the color of the interior in general, but then the fabric should be half tone or tone brighter. Curtains can be decorated with brushes, metal fittings or fabric hooks made from a rope or a tight rope. To make the interior original, you can experiment with the colors of curtains and curtains.

How to decorate curtains in the Art Nouveau style for the living room

The Art Nouveau style originated in the last century. He did not manage to score a great deal, but he could be reborn in our time. It is distinguished by its lightness and grace, luxury and refinement. Curtains in a modern style make the interior complete and complete.

From other types of curtains, the Art Nouveau style is distinguished by its feeding and special design. The Art Nouveau style has clear features that will not allow you to confuse it with any other style of curtains.

Curtains in the modern style are characterized by smoothness, complexity of lines, asymmetry. Light negligence is formed as a result of painstaking work of designers. Thoughtful composition, fantasy and aestheticism are all characteristic features of modern curtains. A single picture, complementing the general interior, looms, if in the design of curtains there is no strict geometry, and folds convey the natural outlines.

Make the living room more comfortable by hanging the curtains of a beige shade Make the living room more comfortable by hanging beige shades of

How to design the living room:

  • When working with a fabric, you can give vent to fantasies. The fabric can be decorated with an abundance of draperies, lambrequins, jabos, decorative pickings.
  • It is important that the decor is different dynamics. The Art Nouveau style is manifested in pseudo-chaos.
  • Excellent in the living room will look curtains, put on a wrought-iron cornice, decorated with animalistic or plant elements.
  • The color design should be chosen depending on how the living room is decorated in general.
  • Designers are advised to use deep, rich, dark colors. Especially beautiful they will look on the large windows, in the living room with a large space.

The main thing when decorating a living room - do not be afraid to experiment. It is important to be able to create that light negligence that distinguishes style from all others. You need to pay attention to the size of the living room, the style in which it is framed, the geometry of the space, the color of the finishes and furniture.

Distinctive features of curtains for the kitchen in the modern style

Those who decide to decorate the kitchen with modern curtains should pay attention that the style of curtains for the kitchen will differ from the style in which they make out the living room or bedroom. A distinctive feature of modern curtains for the kitchen is the absence of multilayered fabrics in the fabric and the rejection of complex draperies. Long and heavy curtains in the kitchen will simply be inappropriate.

For the design of the kitchen is better to use light, translucent curtains, with neatly formed folds.

For the kitchen fit both short and long curtains in the Art Nouveau style For the kitchen, both short and long curtains in the modern style are suitable.

You can choose tulle or organza for sewing curtains. For the kitchen you can choose a fabric with an original pattern. To diversify the interior, you can play in contrast. To decorate the window in the kitchen, you can not give up asymmetry.

Features curtains in the Art Nouveau style for the kitchen:

  • Practicality. Materials for curtains need to buy easily cleanable, resistant to dirt.
  • Functionality. The fabric should protect the room from sunlight and protect it from extraneous views if the kitchen is on the first floor.
  • Decorability. In the kitchen we are often, so the curtains should not only be functional, but also beautiful.

When choosing curtains, you need to pay attention to their features. Not for every kitchen is this style. Do not hang curtains in the Art Nouveau style in the kitchen, the interior of which is radically different.

Modern curtains modern( video)

Curtains in the Art Nouveau style can be hung in the hall, bedroom or kitchen. The choice of curtain fabric depends on the room and the general style of its decoration. For curtains in the style of Art Nouveau are characterized by lightness, elegance, elegance and slight negligence. Curtains differ in the asymmetry and richness of the drapery. The popularity of the Art Nouveau style suggests that in the interior it looks simply gorgeous. To make the curtains look spectacularly important to acquire a sufficient amount of fabric, since modern loves a lot of flowing creases. Curved lines and decorativeness are some of the main features of modern curtains.

Design of the hall in the Art Nouveau style( photo)