Wooden curtain rods: curtains made of wood for curtains, photos carved by themselves in the house

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Today, the popularity is attracted by beautiful wooden cornices Today, beautiful wooden eaves are gaining popularity. With the help of cornices, we attach curtains to walls or ceiling. This is the main method of attachment and the most convenient. This method was used in ancient times in Egypt, because similar to the ancient Egyptian cornices now dearly appreciated. Convenient because with the help of rings, put into the bar, you can easily move the tulle or curtains. It is absolutely not necessary, as in the good old days, to pull them with all their might, so that they come off. It is important that it fits more in style, not in color to your interior. First, let's look at their types: profile, baguette, round, forged and string.

      • Wooden curtain rods: selection criteria
      • Ceiling cornices made of wood: what to look for
      • Tips for choosing carved wooden cornices
      • Types of wooden cornices( video)
      • Design of woodenCurtain rails( photo in interior)

Wooden wooden curtain rods: selection criteria

The most popular type are wall cornices. As a rule, the rods of this kind are made of coniferous and deciduous trees, but the most expensive are considered exotic breeds, for example, such as red or pink tree and others. It can not be said that some kind of tree is the most durable. All have different density, color, sensitivity to weather conditions.

When choosing wall cornices, one should take into account their quality, material and some characteristics When selecting wall cornices, their quality, material and some characteristics should be taken into account.

Choose the best according to the criteria that are most scrupulous in your home. Such cornices have a practical and decorative function. Practical refers to the clamp on a wooden sword. In this case, you will have to focus on curtains.

The decorative factor includes decorations on the tips of swords. By the way, the tip can be chosen by the customer himself. Most often they are universal, for example, plants, animal figures, sculptures or something according to your sketch.

All this thanks to wood carving, as the tree is the most convenient material for such work. This is a very powerful mount, because it can withstand even the heaviest tissues.

Ceiling cornices made of wood: what to look for

Such cornices have a more decorative function than practical ones, since they are much more noticeable than the wall ones. This element of decor can not be hidden, and indeed it is not necessary. With the right choice of wood and color, it will perfectly complement the curtains. Universal thread, for this type are considered corrugated lines. They are often confused with profiles. In contrast to the wall, in the ceiling cornices completely hidden functional mechanisms.

When choosing ceiling cornices, special attention should be paid to the type of their fasteners When selecting ceiling cornices, special attention must be paid to the type of their fasteners

There are also advantages over wall ones, for example: fasteners can be three-row, the choice of design of such fasteners is huge. However, they can hardly be called budgetary.

High cost is due to exquisite carving, massive material. This design is most likely suitable for draped curtains, as well as heavy dark fabrics. If you want to emphasize your high prosperity, then it's better to choose mahogany ceiling cornices. More restrained consider the products from oak. If, on the contrary, you need to save, it is better to choose products from pine or alder. In some cases, they even produce a pleasant forest odor.

Tips for choosing carved wooden eaves

When choosing carved wooden cornices, you should pay attention not only to the design and design of the accessory itself, but also not to forget about the overall design of the room: it is not easy to pick up a wooden cornice for each style of interior.

Here are some tips for selecting carved cornices:

  1. Cornices must necessarily fit into the overall design of the room. Do not need to buy expensive, chic cornice in a modest room. It will look stupid. Or the choice will be considered unsuccessful when there is a modern style in the room, and cornices with exquisite carving from dark wood, which are suitable only for the Baroque style.
  2. The weight of the fabric is of great importance. When buying, it is better to check the strength of the pin beforehand, since it is now more fashionable to choose heavy, opaque fabrics. If you miss this nuance, the cornice can simply collapse and break, sometimes even without a chance to repair.
  3. It is best to choose double rows. On the first row you hang a tulle, and on the second - a curtain. Do not need to hang both fabrics on one row, because of this, often torn textiles, and also breaks off the elements of its fastening. In addition, it will be inconvenient to open and close the curtains.
  4. If you do not like that you have a small window, then you can choose long bars that will close part of the piers. This visually enlarges the windows. You can also hang ceiling cornices, they also increase the window. With these methods, your guests probably will not notice this secret.
  5. If there are many elements on the cornice, it is better to be safe and buy many fasteners. A small amount of fastenings can cause your accidental injury.

Picking up the carved cornice, it is necessary to take into account its design and interior of the room Selecting the carved cornice should take into account its design and interior of the room

Guided by simple criteria and advice on choice, you can choose a decent accessory for the interior of your room.

Wood cornice with our own hands: we do step by step

For a whimsical owner, it's best when he makes the cornice with his own hands. Especially if you have not only an idea, but also good materials, and most importantly a little patience. On the Internet you can see the photos from which you will start. To create a practical eaves, you will need less material and physical costs. For a practical frame, only the barbell, rings, fasteners and tips are needed.

Below are the approximate stages of creating a decorative wooden eave, but for each they are individual:

  • Make sidewalls of any shape you like;
  • Drill holes in the sidewalls;
  • Attach suspensions( best to take metal);
  • Use a jigsaw to cut the bottom mold to your liking;
  • Sand the remaining parts of the eaves;
  • Coat the color you like( if the wood is uneven or can be covered with a wood preservative);
  • It is best to leave everything well to dry in the sun for 24 hours;
  • First fix the decorative details;
  • Then attach them to the ceiling or wall with the help of self-tapping screws.

If you want to hide the fasteners, then paint them in, or attach a decorative part.

Types of wooden cornices( video)

Now there is a huge selection of cornices for every taste. Carved cornices win our hearts. If you started a cosmetic repair in the house, then necessarily change your old iron curtains to new ones. This will add new colors to your home and it is unlikely that you will get bored, since this is a small, but very important detail in our house.

Design wooden cornices( photo in the interior)

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