London curtains: in English style, photo, London with own hands, master class, windows in the kitchen and living room

London curtains are distinguished by excellent aesthetic and operational qualities The London curtains are distinguished by excellent aesthetic and operational qualities Beautiful interior is the dream of every owner of an apartment or house. The living room should be cozy, comfortable and at the same time practical. An important design tool is the design of window openings. The choice of curtains largely depends on the overall style in the interior, so determine their appearance is still at the initial stage of repair work. London curtains - one of the options that combine decorativeness and practicality.

    • Features of curtains in the English style
    • Beautiful curtains "London" for the living room, bedroom and kitchen
    • English curtains with their own hands: master class
    • Original London curtains with their own hands
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Features of curtains in the English style

The ancestors of curtains in the English style are considered Roman curtains. English curtains consist of a single cloth fabric, which can be collected and raised up using a special mechanism. Adjusting the lifting of the fabric allows you to create luxurious, elegant and original folds.

Curtains in English style can differ in length, design and size Curtains in English style may differ in length, design and size.

London curtains are made from a single fabric, in which the bands with the mechanism are sewn evenly apart. It is this mechanism that beautifully collects tissue.

One blind can contain different number of tapes. When sewing curtains, you should pay attention to the fact that the tapes are not too close to each other. The tight arrangement of the tapes can create an ugly effect on the wrinkling of the fabric.

Features of London curtains:

  • The original cut allows the curtains to look impressive both in the open and in the closed state. When the curtains are open, the large counter folds on the curtains laid at the eaves create a beautiful appearance not only to the window, but to the interior in general.
  • In the raised state the curtains are folded into beautiful and lush bows or buffers, which together constitute an unusual garland.
  • London curtains look great with some models of curtains, decorated with lambrequin. But it is worth noting that the selection and combination of curtains must be very carefully.

When choosing the color for curtains, you need to pay attention to the finish of the room. Today, it is popular to combine this type of curtains with the tone of the walls. When sewing London curtains, you can use contrasting colors. It will be beautiful to look a monophonic fabric in combination with cells or a strip of flowers.

Beautiful curtains "London" for living room, bedroom and kitchen

Luxurious, refined and aristocratic interior can be created with the help of London curtains. This kind of curtains slightly resembles Austrian and French curtains. The main difference is that after lifting the canvas, a deep luxurious fold is formed, which on the sides turns into spectacular bows.

In the lowered form, the curtain looks like a straight sheet - it should not fall below the level of the window sill.

Using curtains "London" you can give the room the originality and comfort

Often the curtains are decorated with vertical ribbons that can be combined with the main color of curtains or have a contrasting hue. For the fastening of curtains use profile cornice, which is based on a chain mechanism. It has a function of self-braking, which allows you to easily adjust the level of lifting the curtains.

Application features in different rooms:

  1. Living room. In the raised form the curtains look like a beautiful garland, decorated with spectacular bows on the sides. Thanks to the curtains, the overall interior of the living room looks romantic, elegant and slightly light, but it also gives them a kind of charm. The mechanism for adjusting the curtains allows you to let the daylight in the room, and, if necessary, shade the room.
  2. Bedroom. For the design of the bedroom, it is better to use curtains made of lightweight fabric with a dense texture. It can be cotton, flax, chenille, veil. For decorating a bedroom it is better to choose curtains, made in pastel shades.
  3. Kitchen. English curtains in the kitchen can not be omitted. In this form they look very gentle and original. In the raised state, the curtains will be less prone to contamination.

The shape of the curtains can vary depending on the placement from the edge of the vertical ribbons that lift the curtains. A large indentation contributes to the formation of large and luxurious side bows. A short distance between the ribbons makes the lateral ends of the curtain virtually invisible, and the central fold is large.

English curtains with their own hands: master class

When cutting English curtains in width relative to the eaves, more fabric is needed, because the curtain will need to be divided into sections. In these sections will need to lay deep counter folds, which will be located on the front of the curtains. In a loose state, curtains have a strict appearance, which makes them look like Roman blinds.

Making the depth of the counter fold using a contrasting color fabric, will create an unusual visual effect.

To independently produce English curtains, you need to purchase the necessary materials and study the recommendations of specialists To make English curtains yourself, you need to purchase the necessary materials and study the recommendations of specialists

Fabric for sewing curtains is tedious to choose, based on the overall design of the interior. London's curtains look strikingly in stripes. The finished curtain can be attached to a homemade or round cornice. They can be placed on a velcro strap or kuliske.

Workshop on sewing( beginning):

  • Contrasting piece of fabric is stitched between two strips of fabric main. The width for the fold is chosen arbitrarily. From the depth of the fold depends the effectiveness of curtains.
  • The fabric is folded with the front side inward, it is stretched through the sections.
  • Without sweeping the seams, you can unscrew the fabric on the front side.
  • Face seams must be ironed.
  • Process the bottom and side edges.
  • Measure the sides of the curtains, given the tab to create the crease.
  • On the sides, the lining is pressed. With the bottom edge do the same.

It's over, for a quality tailoring of curtains, before starting work, you need to familiarize yourself with different versions of their tailoring. Well, if the skilled worker has experience in sewing curtains. If not, then video and master classes that can be found on the Internet will be a good help for successful tailoring.

Original London curtains with their own hands

Sewing London curtains is possible for a living room or bedroom. When choosing materials, it is important to consider that each room will be decorated in its own style. To decorate the window you need to use a fabric of this color, which will be in harmony with the color of the decoration of the room.

The bedroom will look nice and gentle, if lightweight and airy fabrics are used for sewing curtains.

London curtains can fold and let sunlight in the room London curtains can be folded and let sunlight enter the room

To successfully sew the curtains to the kitchen, it should be noted that this room requires frequent cooking, which can lead to contamination of the fabric. For sewing curtains it is better to use light tulle, which will be easy to clean and dry quickly. The technology of sewing curtains in different rooms is not much different.

Tailoring master class( continued):

  • The main fabric is folded from the wrong side: one and a half centimeter remained between the edge of the main piece of tissue.
  • Lining is sewn with curtains using a hidden seam.
  • The curtain is turned from the wrong side to itself. The center of the blind is the curtain tape: it should be narrow and be located throughout the curtain length.
  • The cords should be connected at the top.
  • The fabric is turned to its face, not forgetting to lay and press the fold.

At the end of the sewing, a belt is produced, with which the curtains will be fastened to the cornice. Soft fabrics, which are used for sewing curtains, make it easy to carry out any drapery. The texture of the curtains can emphasize the bright decor, containing large patterns. But small patterns make curtains less interesting.

Stylish London curtains( video)

London curtains, beautifully going up, using a special mechanism, will make the interior romantic and refined. For sewing curtains designers are advised to use lightweight fabrics with a sweaty texture. The choice of fabric largely depends on the overall style of the interior and the color of the walls.

Design British curtains( photo in the interior)