Curtains for a summer residence: the hands, a photo, curtains for a country house, a rural style in a wooden house

Modern dachas today are cozy, comfortable, decent country houses To give a perfect curtains, long to the window sill For curtains, curtains, long to the window sill , are excellent. We come here to spend a weekend or a holiday with the whole family. Summer cottages are now significantly changed, and no longer look like small sheds, which stores household equipment. Their design is carefully thought through and carefully designed, because the place for recreation should be cozy and pleasant. An important role in the design of country cottages I play curtains. They create a style and give a fresh and residential appearance to the premises.

    • Curtains for cottages: photos of modern design styles of country houses
    • Curtains for cottages: material selection parameters
    • Choose curtains for a country house: the nuances of the design of window openings
    • The village style in the country house with their own hands:Photos of the best interiors
    • How to choose curtains for a summer residence( video)
    • Design of curtains for a private residence( photo in an interior)

Curtains for a summer residence: photos of modern styles of design of country houses

Cozy house now, this is a room in which the interior looks elegant, complete and harmonious. Curtains on the windows play an important role in the design of a cozy interior. How nice to see the window, decorated with curtains from, airy light tulle, which develops from the whiff of the wind. The well-chosen cornice is the final link of the entire composition.

Curtains for cottages, photos of which are presented in this article, can be of different styles and directions, invoices, colors and price categories.

To make curtains not tiring your eyes, do not choose too bright colors To avoid eye strain, do not choose too bright colors

The color range of fabrics that can be used in country houses for curtains is manifold, but there is still one distinctive feature that is desirable for the design of this type of windowDesigns - warm, cozy tone of textiles. The color palette is usually applied in accordance with the style of the room.

Styles suitable for curtains in country houses:

  • Country;
  • Provence;
  • Country style;
  • Russian hut;
  • Scandinavian;
  • Italian.

Excellent for a country house and Mediterranean style, which includes a huge number of accessories that are inherent in the vast Mediterranean coast. Combining the original curtains with it, you will get a great composition that promotes rest and relaxation in nature.

Curtains for cottages: material selection parameters

In accordance with the fact that the windows of the house go out on the sunny or northern side, they choose a dense or transparent material for the curtains. If the room gets a lot of daylight bright light, then to ensure coolness on a hot, sultry noon, it is recommended to cover the windows with thick curtains. Windows, which are shaded by trees, are hung with tulle curtains, allowing to let warm air into the house from the street and not obscuring the light.

If the room is small, then the curtains are better to choose light If the room is small, then the curtains are better to choose light

Curtains for the villa need to be selected competently. From them, in many ways, depends on the appearance of the house, and the state inside it. Using this decor element, you can perfectly decorate the room and decorate it with the kind you want.

Villa, a place not suitable for the use of curtains with lambrequins and other decorative elements. It is easy to decorate. Often cottages are equipped with a veranda or gazebo. In such rooms, you can also use curtains, but it is unlikely that they will be able to perform the same functions on the veranda as the curtains inside the house. In each of the individual cases, the choice of the material for curtains, or finished products, must be properly treated.

The main parameters for choosing curtains for the villas:

  • Practicality of curtains;
  • Functionality of the blade;
  • Easy to use and maintain;
  • Density of the material;
  • Ease of attachment.

The usual curtains on the cottage are best made from natural material. It does not accumulate much dust, and it is very easy to clean. In addition to this, the curtains should pass air well, which is very important during the hot months. The best option are cotton, cotton, linen, products or cloths combined with synthetic materials.

Choose curtains for a country house: the nuances of the design of window openings

In a country house in which owners really want to relax from the noise of a huge city, classic curtains with soft lines and quiet colors, made of natural materials, are perfect.

Curtains for a country house should be chosen taking into account that the owners in this room was comfortable and cozy. Do not burden the items with excessive decor elements on the curtains, even if they are simple curtains made of chintz, another cotton fabric or tulle curtains.

Curtains should be chosen in such a way that they are in harmony with other finishing materials Curtains should be chosen in such a way that they are in harmony with other finishing materials

When you choose textiles for windows in a country house, you need to take into account some of the nuances that will help you to better cope with the task.

Nuances of design of window openings:

  • Are there trees and shrubs outside the window that create natural shading;
  • In the yard or on the street there are windows that need to be issued;
  • The way to design curtains: do you want to sew them yourself, or do you buy a finished product, it's better to take the fabric easier for self-tailoring.
  • Will your curtains be decorated with embroidery or other decoration, Today curtains-chameleons from organza are perfectly used for country houses, maybe you will be interested in this direction;
  • In a country house for fastening curtains, it is desirable to use simple cornices with clothespins or rings.

It is not necessary to use eyelets to fasten curtains. These are complex attachments that are not suitable for dachas.

The village style in the country house with their own hands: photos of the best interiors

Creating an interesting interior where you need to relax and rest, the task is not that difficult. Moreover, the style looms itself by virtue of the fact that we usually take everything we need to the dacha, which is not necessary for us in an apartment or other permanent residence.

Village style in the country house with their own hands, the photo options of which are offered to your attention, one of the most successful options. In this case, the curtains on the windows, this is the element of the decor, which connects the functional purpose of the room, and the interior items that we bring to the country house.

To white curtains had an attractive appearance, they must be regularly washed For the white curtains to have an attractive appearance, they must be regularly washed

Thanks to this style, you can experiment, fantasize, combine different items, add or remove design elements. The decoration of the interior space in a rural wooden house in a rustic style allows the combination of objects, both old and modern, which is good for those who are accustomed to living in comfort, and can not do without even a telephone, TV, laptop and other equipment for a long time.

Features of curtains in the rustic style inside the cottage:

  • Cloths from which the curtains are made, should reflect the culture and traditions of the native people;
  • The quality and structure of the fabric should not go against the union with nature and history, the presence of rough trim and short curtains is encouraged;
  • In the interior of the kitchen is appropriate image, or at least the location of a number of antiques, or wood products made by own hands;
  • If you prefer roller blinds, then for this style wooden blinds are suitable;
  • Accommodation in a house of simple but multifunctional furniture.

The country style does not tolerate unnecessary items. Elements of furniture or decor that go against the idea of ​​style bring chaos and discomfort to the interior.

How to choose curtains for a summer residence( video)

Today, city residents are happy to spend time at the cottage. That is why interior decoration plays a very important role. If you think about the view and the interior of the villa, then maybe you want to come here not only in summer on weekends, but all year round. After all, a country house is a resting place, and a good opportunity to come in contact with nature, relax from the city's bustle and feel better. And the fresh air of the countryside will benefit all family members, and especially children who love to frolic in the open air under the warm sunshine, or in huge snowdrifts.

Curtains design to give their own hands( photo in the interior)