French curtains: blinds with their own hands, how to sew yourself, a master class, curtains on the kulis, braid

French blind - an aesthetic decoration of the interior, making the room solemn thanks to air drapes French curtains - aesthetic interior decoration, make the room festive air thanks draperies French curtains - is a kind of classic design that never goes out of fashion. Thanks to light air draperies, these products "give" a special charm and aristocracy to the room in which they hang. They will give a special atmosphere to the bedroom, the guest room or the kitchen. You can buy curtains in the store, order custom tailoring in the atelier or make by yourself.

    • How to sew a French curtains: the selection of fabrics and the determination of its amount
    • Masterclass: French curtains with his hands
    • stylish curtains on kuliske own hands
    • Modern French shutters and their scope
    • How to sew a French curtains with his hands( video)
    • Design French curtains( photo in the interior)

How to sew curtains French: the selection of fabrics and the determination of its amount

to sew it andThe product must be properly identified with the fabric. Here the main criterion for selection should be its compliance to drapery and the ability to take the desired form.

Massive windows, luxuriously decorated spacious rooms, expensive furniture - these factors influenced the creation of a new type of curtains, later called French Massive windows, luxuriously decorated spacious rooms, expensive furniture - these factors contributed to the creation of a new type of curtains, named after the French

The choice can be made, based on a relation of the type of fabric and the expected result:

  • Thick soft fabric - waves;
  • Hard, but at the same time lightweight material - curvy folds.

If you are sewing curtains for the kitchen, then the ideal material will be a translucent organza. And if you want to make elegant marquises - then tulle and silk.

Caution should be given to the fabric with a pattern - it should not be lost in frills and too stand out on the curtains. Best of all, it looks like a dull vegetative ornament, which slightly diversifies a monophonic canvas.

Classic French curtains are mainly made of satin, moire, organza, tulle, cambric, chiffon and silk. In this regard, you can use the Turkish fabrics sama, which are famous for their quality and light, supple texture.

As for decoration, the edges of the resulting curtains can be decorated with tassels, ruffles, fringe. .. But at the same time need to make sure that the fabric does not look overloaded. Everything should be combined: color, and drawing, and texture.

Determining how much fabric to sew, you need to understand that to create different draperies and waves requires more material than usual.

To correctly calculate the amount of fabric needed for sewing, you must always take into account the width of the window and the length of the cornice. The length of the ledge is formed from the distance from the cornice to the floor, which is multiplied by 1.5-2 times. In this case, do not forget to add to the length of 3-5 cm at the seams( usually take 3 cm for the top and 5 cm for the bottom).

For the kitchen, usually sew curtains of medium length, but for the bedroom you can sew the curtains to the floor.

Masterclass: French curtains with his hands

to sew curtains French yourself, you need to follow a specific sequence of actions that the product turned out beautiful and quality.

It may seem that it is too difficult to make a French curtain on its own, but in reality it is not so It may seem that it is too difficult to create a French curtain yourself, but in fact it is not at all

You need to start with the pre-treatment of the fabric:

  • The material is soaked for 10-15 minutes in warm water;
  • Then it is wrung out and dried;
  • It is possible to walk an additional iron.

After the fabric is ready for further processing, you can start sewing curtains, following the step by step guide.

Instructions for creating French curtains:

  • First you need to put the material on any convenient smooth surface( can be on the floor or large table) face down;
  • Then, with chalk or soap vertically, lines are made on the fabric, which are pierced with pins so that the bottom of the curtains coincides with the end of the braid;
  • The drape is placed side by side at the side to the side edges;
  • Then the ends of the braid should be turned to 2-2.5 cm, then attach it to the canvas;
  • Then you need to iron the curtain and stitch the bottom part of it;
  • Then the upper section is fitted with a ribbon to fit the width of the product, then covered with this tape and attached;
  • The cords are tightened to make drape, the folds should be evenly distributed and fixed with ribbons.

In order for the curtains to hang clearly upright, weights can be sewn onto the underside of the curtain.

Stylish curtains on the kulisk with your own hands

What is a curtain with curtains?This is a place where the bar or cornice is threaded, on which the canvas hangs.

A universal option for any room - curtains with kuliska Universal variant for any room - curtains with a cusk

Master class for creating curtains on the kulis:

  • Bend the edges of the canvas and stitch it;
  • Sew on the curtain additional tape;
  • If the curtains consist of two layers - you need to fold two canvases and make two lines, thereby creating the right pocket for the eaves.

By the way, if the coloring of the canvas is soft and quiet, in addition the curtain can be decorated with lace and frills that can be used as edging of the bottom part of the product and side seams.

For lovers of the original design, you can smell a little with the very design of the kuliska. For example, the top part of the curtain can simply be thrown over the cornice( from the window into the room) and buttoned up with large, bright buttons.

Modern French blinds and their applications

French blinds can be found in a restaurant, theater, concert hall and other public places. But this does not mean that they can not be hung in living quarters.

If you want to give your room elegance, elegance and refinement, then you should pay attention to the classic style of interior decoration If you want to give your room elegance, elegance and refinement, then you should pay attention to the classic style of interior decoration

You need only take into account that for such a decor is more suitable large room with high ceilings and wide window openings.

For the manufacture of such products are often used:

  • Tulle:
  • Fatine;
  • Silk;
  • Organza.

The French blinds can be either ceiling or wall mounted and controlled using a special mechanism. Recently, even models appeared that allow it to be done remotely.

If there is a desire, you can collect the blinds at the top under the cornice, or at the level of the window sill. Very beautiful look canvas, closing the window to the floor. Very beautiful will be the combination of French blinds and heavy curtains with lambrequins. However, in this case, the blinds should be chosen according to the color of the curtains themselves or slightly lighter than them.

How to sew French curtains with your own hands( video)

Sewing yourself French curtains is a very real task, which even novice needlewomen can do. Moreover, it gives unlimited opportunities to experiment with color, texture, design of the canvas. A little free time, patience and imagination will result in the creation of an original product that will delight the eye and give the room a unique charm.

Design French curtains( photo in the interior)