Curtains in the children's room: for girls, photos of the most beautiful curtains, pictures for 7 and 12 years, decoration

Curtains in the children Curtains in the children's room to choose is not easy Curtains for the interior of the children's room - this is the finishing touch, amazingly bright and juicy, rich and charming, which makes every hostess making out space for her child. Choosing the appropriate materials, we strive to guess with the colors and patterns, realizing that we are creating the fabulous world in which our children will live.

    • Window design in the nursery: general recommendations
    • Curtains in the nursery: choose the color range
    • Curtains in the children's room for the girl: decorating the apartments for the young princess
    • We design the space for the boy: curtains in theChildren's room
    • Children's room for a girl of 7 years: photo of the best interiors
    • Fabulous curtains for a children's room( video)
    • Curtain design for a children's room( photo in interior)

Window decoration in the nursery: general recommendations

Specialists believe that too heavy and dark textile linens are not allowed in the children's room. If you want to dim the daylight during the midday sleep, then it is better to use blinds or Roman curtains. Velvet or jacquard fabrics are too heavy, formal and pompous for the nursery. In addition, they accumulate so much dust that if you do not wash them during washing, the child will be hard to breathe, and too frequent washing will lead to deformation of the product.

. Making a window in the nursery requires a competent, cautious approach. The best materials for children's curtains are translucent and lightweight fabrics that are able to skip a lot of light and create a great mood. Curtains in the nursery must necessarily be practical.

You will often have to take them off and hang them back. Take care of these procedures in advance. Also, the fabric should dry quickly.

To decorate a window in a nursery is necessary very correctly and competently It is necessary to decorate the window in the nursery very correctly and correctly

Some recommendations for choosing curtains in the nursery:

  • Choose materials that are durable and of high quality;
  • Take care of the ecological cleanliness of the products. Prefer natural linens to everything else;
  • Do not buy items from expensive textiles - children, children, they may accidentally stain or damage the product;
  • The material should be pleasant to the touch and soft;

Choose linen and cotton fabrics that can be easily washed and cleaned.

Curtains in the nursery: choose the color range

When choosing a color palette, consider not only your wishes, but also the preferences of the child. A special factor affecting the coloring of curtains in the nursery is the arrangement of the room with respect to the sides of the world. Of great importance is the design. It's good when it matches the color and pattern of other textiles.

Curtains in the children's room you can buy ready-made or sew on your own. In the second case, you have more options for registration, because you are not at the mercy of the offer in the market. If you are going to make products yourself, it is better to prepare several suitable sets, and periodically change them depending on the circumstances, the season, or just to refresh the window.

For the children's room, you can choose either short or long curtains. Be guided based on the dimensions of the window and the free space in the room. The color scale is not the least among the factors affecting the style of decoration of rooms, but there are also their own rules and recommendations of specialists.

When choosing a color palette for curtains in the nursery, consider the opinion of the child When choosing a color palette for curtains in a nursery, consider the opinion of the child

A few tips on choosing a color scheme for curtains:

  1. If the space for the baby is made out, the textiles for the curtains are chosen with calm, pleasant colors. Sometimes prints of domestic animals, flora or not large geometric figures can be printed. Combinations of colors of bright sun, gold or honey are ideal.
  2. Cozy light blue shades will be appropriate in the room where the young prince lives.
  3. When decorating rooms for babies it is better to resort to one-color options, then as the children grow up, the monochrome curtain can be successfully decorated according to the age and interests of the child.
  4. At the age of three years in the atmosphere of the room you can include pure juicy colors of orange, red, blue and green. This will give an opportunity to decorate the space and make the interior of the room interesting for the baby, ensuring the presence of energy dynamics and mobility.

If the room is designed for older children, then it's worth choosing in the hands of adolescents.

Curtains in the children's room for the girl: make out the apartments for the young princess

When choosing the material for textile fabrics in the nursery for the girl, one should take into account the age of the little lady, the general style of decorating the space, the color preferences of the young woman and her hobbies. The task of choice is the problem of parents, but nevertheless it is necessary to coordinate the options with the child, if he is at the age of 4 years. At this time, the children are already very sensitive, and have their own vision of the surrounding space.

Curtains in a children's room for a girl can be both calm and reserved, and cheerful and iridescent. But they should still be softer and more gentle in comparison with the curtains in the boys' room.

Ruffles, laces, flounces and ruches will be very appropriate here. Well-decorated canvases and simple lambrequins with a light drapery.

Curtains in the children Curtains in the children's room for the girl can be restrained, or vice versa, cheerful and iridescent.

When decorating curtains in a room, the girl should follow these tips:

  • Canvas can be decorated with images of cute animals orBeautiful flowers, fairies, princesses, fairy-tale heroes favorite by the child, or plots of popular cartoons;
  • The theme of the drawings, depending on the age of the girl, but flowers and berry-fruit themes are to the liking of all young people of the fair sex, without exception;
  • Great for young princesses neutral girlish drawings: peas, cell, small hearts, clouds, drops or good insects.
  • The size of the print on the products must match the dimensions of the room. Too large drawings will take away all attention, and will irritate the psyche with its abundance;

If there are two children in the room, with different sex, it is better to resort to the choice of neutral colors and prints.

We make space for the boy: the curtains in the children's room

The arrangement of the children's room is always a big responsibility for the parents. The atmosphere in which the child will grow and develop depends on how the atmosphere will be present in it, what colors and shades it will be filled with.

Curtains in the children's room for the boy to start thinking out is necessary, from an early age. At once it is not always clear how the baby room of the baby should be designed, but in time, the nature and preferences of the child will prompt you the ways and directions of the design style.

Try to decorate the room in neutral subjects, such that in the future you can easily reformat the space, because the young guys are very fickle, and often change their interests and passions.

Curtains in the nursery for the boy can be decorated in neutral tones Curtains in the nursery for the boy can be decorated in neutral colors

Original ideas for designing curtains for boys:

  • You can decorate a room in any style, for example pirate, and depict curtains in the form of a sea surface or azure shore;
  • If your child is interested in cars, curtains can represent an entrance gate, or a highway;
  • It is not necessary in the boy's room to hang curvy long curtains or curtains, Roman curtains or blinds perfectly suited for decorating the space at the window and window sill;
  • Beautiful small pictures on the curtains will be appropriate in the baby's room, but keep in mind that in the future the child can resent such a picture;
  • Decor in the form of a spring meadow and morning dew will be at a time for both boys and girls;
  • Children are older, like when they look at them drawing or photos of their favorite idols.

If the window has a door to the balcony, then the curtains should be chosen transparent and lighter, as this design deprives the space of a part of daylight. Tight drapes do not fit here, but the photoshorts will be quite appropriate. They provide coziness, and give the room a certain mood.

Children's room for girls 7 years old: photos of the best interiors

Designers believe that it is more difficult for girls to make out the rooms for girls than for boys. This is happening, most likely because the little princesses since childhood are very demanding and picky about the environment. Future and real schoolgirls already have their own formed worldview, which also leaves a mark on the interior of the room.

Children's room for a girl of 7 years - the territory is not simple. To properly decorate it, you need to be very attentive to your child.

Choose curtains or curtains for babies much easier than for the capricious little lady. Often, by this time, girls form a clear preference for a flower, and many do not like the pink or yellow curtains around the windows, but want, for example, a curtain in stripes or just pure white. And maybe only a multicolored smooth surface will suit your little capricious.

Very nice in the children Very nice in the children's room for a girl looking curtains with lambrequins and drapes

Ideas for the design of curtains in the girls' room 7 years:

  • An alternative to pink, in the girl's room can be an orange or salad curtain;
  • White tulle with butterflies or multi-colored flowers is also perfect in this case;
  • Lilac or lavender products harmoniously fit in the interior of the pampered person;
  • Bows and hearts are considered classics of the genre;
  • Exquisite gentle curtains in English style, just like a young schoolgirl.

When decorating curtains in the girls' room, it is customary to use techniques such as drapery, lambrequins, sticks and tails. Openwork curtains, fixed with a narrow ribbon on the sides, look more beautiful and elegant.

Fabulous curtains in the children's room( video)

Designing space for your children, you can not be afraid of redundancy, because the children's room is a wonderful, magical world where everything glows bright colors, fun and positive mood. You do not need to limit your fantasies and when designing a window opening, but the main recommendations are desirable to know and take into account.

Curtains design for a child's room( photo in the interior)