Roman blinds with their own hands: step-by-step instruction, roller blind, photo and how to sew, blinds made of cloth

Roman blinds to sew with their own hands is quite simple Roman blinds to sew with their own hands is quite simple Simple, but at the same time, elegant Greek curtains will be able to decorate any interior. There are several types of such curtains. For today, they have become very common, as they can not only be purchased in the store, but also made by yourself. For this we need a detailed step-by-step instruction, with the help of which the curtains turn out to be beautiful and original. Lifting curtains are very convenient and reliable products. They are suitable for both home windows and office.

      • Greek style: how to sew a Roman curtain
      • Charming roman blinds with your own hands: step by step instruction
      • Interesting roller blinds with your own hands: step by step instruction
      • Unusual blinds with your own hands from the fabric step by step: photos of the best works
      • How to sew curtains by one's own hands: Step-by-step instruction
      • Roman blinds with your own hands( video)
      • Example of Roman curtains with your own hands: step by step instruction( photo)

Grcal style: how to sew roman shades

Greek curtains are different from other species of its grandeur and beauty. Curtains in this style will decorate and transform any room: a nursery, a living room, a bedroom, a hallway and even a kitchen. Despite the fact that these curtains are universal and very convenient, they can also be made independently without spending, at the same time, a large amount of money.

How to sew a Roman blind so that it fits perfectly to your interior?To begin with, you need to decide on the size of the Roman curtains. In spite of whether we sew the blind ourselves or on request, it must necessarily coincide perfectly with the window.

To cope with such a simple task, correct calculations and measurements will help us. We need to calculate how much tissue we need, and for this we need to measure the size of the window. You can preview the video lesson in order to do everything right and not to make mistakes. Then we choose the type of attachment of this curtain. There are two types: fastening in the opening of the window or above it, just on the wall.

Before sewing a blind, you need to prepare the necessary materials Before sewing the blind, it is necessary to prepare the required materials

Preparing the materials:

  • Fabric for the product;
  • Velcro tape;
  • 7 - 8 racks( plastic, wooden, metal);
  • Plastic mugs, small in diameter( 10 - 12mm);
  • Three nylon laces;
  • Weighting straps;
  • Wooden beam;
  • Nails, screws and special hooks on the foot.

For beginners, at first, it will be difficult, because the technology of the whole process is complicated: you have to understand with mountings, calculations and sizes.

Charming roman blinds with their own hands: step by step instruction

Sewing, with your own hands, any kind of curtains, you need to start with the choice of fabric and its cutting. Patterns will help us, with the help of improvised materials, to sew the perfect and correct curtain. On them we will designate all the allowances, as well as the pockets of weight pockets, and note where the upper fastener will be.

Roman blinds with their own hands, step by step instructions which will help in the process, to sew best of dense and hard fabrics. They will give the finished product a good shape and charm folds.

Roman curtains can be sewn from a single canvas, or - from several. If you choose the second option, each of them will need to be attached to a separate cornice. Having prepared all materials and patterns, you can start sewing. The master class will help us in this.

Roman curtains can be sewn from a single canvas, or from several Roman blinds can be stitched from a single leaf, or from several

We sew curtains, step by step instruction:

  • From the prepared fabric, cut out the desired rectangle, which will correspond to the size of the window. Make allowances for 2cm.
  • Adjust the allowances and stitch them from all sides.
  • Attach the ribbon.
  • Calculate the number of proposed folds and outline the location of the rings.
  • Turn the lower edge and stitch, making a pocket for the weighting agent.
  • At the fold of the proposed fold, sew the border so that a pocket is formed, where you can place the rail.
  • At all the folds and at the top we firmly sew the rings.
  • Prepare the fasteners themselves.
  • Pass the cord and secure it.
  • Attach the fasteners to the frame using a screw.
  • Hanging the fabric.

Close the curtain on the wall with the lock. With it, we will fasten the cord when the curtain is open. The edges of the cord can be decorated with beautiful brushes, with which the curtain will look extravagant.

Interesting roller blinds with their own hands: step-by-step instruction

Roller blinds differ from the Roman curtains by their mechanism, they when folded, roll into a roll. Its scheme is complicated, it is not so easy to assemble the rollers, so it is easier to buy such a mechanism in the store. But these curtains are sewn very easily.

Roller blinds with their own hands, step-by-step instructions which are much simpler, should be two-sided. Then they will look alike, both inside the house and outside.

A strong tulle is ideal for such curtains, but to protect it more efficiently from the sun, it is necessary to sew such an article on the lining. There are several types of data curtains that are designed for total comfort.

Roller blinds should be made of strong fabric Roller blinds must be made of strong fabric

The main types of roller curtains:

  • Open type;
  • Cassette blinds;
  • Mini curtains;
  • Roll-curtains;
  • Large;Day - Night.

All these curtains are very easy to manage and they do not require special care. You can install them on any windows( wooden or plastic).Under any circumstances, these portieres will look very stylish and effective.

Unusual blinds with their own hands from the fabric step by step: photos of the best works

Blinds are very comfortable and attractive. This is an analog of simple curtains. They will not only decorate your home, but also perfectly protect it from the sun. Models are distinguished on: vertical, horizontal and roll. The last models we examined at the beginning and found out that it would not be difficult to make them.

Blinds with their own hands from the fabric step by step, the photos of which look very impressive, no different from the roller blinds. Both of them can bring a certain charm to your room.

For the manufacture of blinds, only natural materials should be selected. They will be easier to care for, and they are practical.

For the manufacture of blinds with their own hands, it is necessary to choose only natural materials For the manufacture of blinds with your own hands, you must choose only natural materials

Material for manufacturing:

  • Paper;
  • Fabric;
  • Tree;
  • Bamboo.

For the manufacture of blinds, only, you can spend a little money, patience and strength. And also 5-7 hours of your time.

How to sew blinds with your own hands: step by step instruction

It is not difficult to sew the blinds yourself, if you know how to handle a needle and thread at least a little. The most important thing is to correctly measure the parameters and choose the right fabric for the product. For example: from the organza you will get very airy and beautiful curtains, which will bring some charm to your house.

How to sew curtains with your own hands, step by step instruction is necessary in this case?Without an instruction, it will not be possible to sew the curtains, as only she can order the actions and indicate the correct solution.

Having chosen and bought a fabric, now you can start working. First, you need to cut the curtain, taking into account all the stocks. ASD10ASASD

Sewing curtains with your own hands will not be very difficult It is not difficult to sew the blinds with your own hands

The main stages of the tailoring:

  • Process the side edges of the fabric;
  • Then you need to process the bottom;
  • Sew correctly the curtain air.

Then the finished product drapes, the air and weightless waves are obtained. Such a curtain will look very impressive in any room.

Roman blinds with their own hands( video)

The modern market can provide you with a huge variety of different curtain options. There are also such as: Chinese, Vietnamese and Italian. All of them are different in beauty, design and price. But all of them, without exception, will transform, decorate, and also give chic and style to your home.

example Roman blinds with their hands: step by step instructions( photo)