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Beautiful roller blinds perfectly complement almost any interior Beautiful blinds perfectly complement almost any decor Blinds in appearance very similar to the blinds. In addition, they are convenient and easy to operate, do not require complex maintenance, can completely block the access of light through the window opening at the right time. To date, the range of roller blinds is quite diverse and great, so everyone can choose their own models to taste and needs.

    • How to choose blinds: photo products
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How to choose blinds: photo products

blinds or abbreviated blinds, shutters - is a special web of fabric, which when climbing stairs svorachivayutsroll and fixed at any level.

advantages of using blinds:

  • protection room from the scorching sun rays, eliminating the risk of burn-out of furniture and wallpaper;
  • The ability at any time to completely block the access of light into the room and hide all that is happening in the room from prying eyes;
  • Combination with conventional curtains;
  • Excellent barrier to cold and drafts;
  • Uncomplicated care;
  • Easy to operate;
  • Possibility of fixing, both on wooden and plastic windows;
  • The availability of a variety of fasteners, which can be selected for the color of curtains.

When choosing roll curtains, you must take into account their quality, practicality and appearance When choosing blinds must take into account their quality, practicality and appearance

Today, the stores can meet a variety of models of roller blinds, distinguished by their design, size and colors. Which roller blinds are better to choose?

If we talk about the types of blinds, they are open or closed( cluster).The first ones close the window opening as usual curtains or curtains, and in the assembled state they are in a tight roll at the top of the window. The second in a folded form are hidden in special cassettes, which makes them completely invisible.

If the walls in the room are covered with self-colored, neyarkimi wallpaper, then in the window can hang colorful colors curtains. Ideally, if the chosen tone is combined with upholstery upholstery or the overall decoration of the room.

You do not need to buy blinds having the same pattern as wallpaper, pasted in this room.

To visually enlarge room with low ceilings, it is better to choose products with a translucent light cloth. The horizontal stripes will expand the walls, and the vertical ones will make the room higher.

rooms facing the north, "ask for" warm colors - orange, gold, yellow, can "warm up" the room. Similarly, shades of blue, purple and green can "donate" the coolness in the rooms on the sunny side.

Standard blinds: dimensions and advice on

care Once it became clear with shades of blinds, is to understand with their size.

Rolling shutters are available:

  1. Classic - they can be hung on both the wall and fixed directly in the window opening. Standard dimensions of Curtain: width - 50-300sm, length - 100-300 cm
  2. Cassette UNI system that fold in the plastic box..When buying this kind of blinds you need to choose the color of not only the canvas itself, but also the box where they hide. The most expensive kind of rolls.
  3. Mini - such roller blinds are fixed specifically on the sash of the window opening, and the frame does not need to be drilled. Their length varies between - 140-180 cm, width - 30-160 cm
  4. curtains "day-night» -. Such blinds consist of two webs of different densities - one almost transparent, the second - dense. Strips of fabrics alternate, and when moving, the mechanism can shift these strips between each other. If necessary - the curtains can be raised to the desired height and locked there. Thanks to this you can adjust the degree of illumination of the room.

For a conventional window, it For the average size of the window is better to choose the standard blinds

Roller blinds are very practical and easy to use. But in order that they serve as long as possible, it is necessary to take care of them properly.

Here are a few tips on how to do it:

  • If the belt is dirty, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean it, using a special attachment;
  • Some fresh specks from the surface of the fabric can easily be removed with a plain paper band;
  • You do not need to bend the fabric purposefully and pull strongly behind the chain to drive the mechanism;
  • When raising or lowering the curtains, the chain must be held vertically;
  • If general cleaning is carried out in the room, roll the curtains better so as not to get dirty.

Attention!Some models of roller blinds contain a special impregnation capable of repelling dust, so it is impossible to wash or wash such products. To clean the cloth, it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth. Read the instructions carefully.

stylish blinds for the kitchen

Roller blinds look great in any room, including the kitchen. Thanks to special impregnations that repel dust and dirt from oneself, it is much easier to take care of such products than for others, which is especially important in a kitchen environment.

The most popular fabrics are:

  • Polyester;
  • Cotton;
  • Chintz;
  • Bamboo;
  • Flax;
  • Nylon.

Many people prefer to choose stylish curtains in the kitchen, because they are easy to care for Many prefer to choose stylish blinds for the kitchen, because they are easy to care for

When choosing blinds for the kitchen, you should consider the overall stylistic design of the room and its size. If the room is small, dark and narrow, then at least visually it can be brightened and expanded with roller blinds of white color. However, this coloring is quite universal and will suit almost any style and design.

Choosing linen, calico or cotton shutters for the kitchen, you can be sure that these are the best options. Since products made from such fabrics are practically not dirty, do not shrink after washing and retain their original appearance for a long time.

A good option is still the use of natural fabrics with the addition of polyester, which makes the product more durable, and facilitates the care of it.

The kitchen, made in light, pastel colors with any bright spot, will look original. This can be a napkin, some pictures or other decoration items. In this case, roller blinds can be picked up in tone to these bright things, so that a stylish roll becomes, giving the room a special chic.

If the kitchen itself is large, a wide window sill, furniture from solid wood - you can experiment and choose, for example, matt curtains of Bordeaux color with an interesting texture. In general, the kitchen will look good products with floral patterns and light, unobtrusive patterns.

Modern Velcro Curtains

Roller blinds are great for any room in the house. As a rule, they are made of fabric, and can be fastened with Velcro. Such variants are particularly useful for the loggias or kitchens, as it is convenient to remove and clean.

Blinds Velcro perfectly follow the contours of the window, instead of opening. Adhesive tape securely holds the shade in place, and if necessary, easily detaches and is also easy to put in place.

Practical and convenient are velcro blinds practical and comfortable are blinds on Velcro

How can I connect the curtains with Velcro:

  • Bond;
  • Sew.

It should try to ensure that there were no folds of fabric at the top of the canvas. The Velcro itself does not violate the integrity of the curtains or windows.

features roller blinds( video)

Blinds are a great alternative design of the window opening. They are reliable, easy to use, undemanding in care. Picking roller blinds for your apartment, you need to try to take into account the overall style of the room, the shape of the window and its dimensions. Thanks to a wide range of such products, everyone can choose their own curtains to their liking.

Design blinds( photo in the interior)