The design of window curtains, sewing: blinds, curtains in the cabinet interior, small room

The design of window curtains (48 photos) clearance living room, bedroom, study and kitchen


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After completing the repair it is time to choose the design of window curtains. How to approach this question and what criteria should be discussed in our article.

Well renovated room with his hands over, pasted wallpaper, furniture is, finally, it's time to decorate our room.

design of window curtainsThe final step will be the selection of curtains and curtains. It would seem that so tough, take it and Tell It!

But not all so simple. Curtains - it laborious. If you treat it carelessly, interior room will remain incomplete.

You can entrust this work to professionals, but you can try and himself.

When choosing curtains, guided by:

  • functionality;
  • the size of the window;
  • material;
  • colors;
  • Appropriate Interior.

On important points

Functionality - what we need drapes. For decorative - choose a light and airy materials to darken - more dense tissue.

The window size also plays an important role. Curtains can visually enlarge or expand the window opening. On the small windows look ridiculously bulky design with lambrequins and seashells.

The length of the blades may be different depending on your desires and interior. Agree, the kitchen is not very convenient to have curtains that reach to the floor.

By the choice of the matter should come very responsibly. The material should be pleasant and comfortable, even if you feel it, then this is your type of fabric.

The color scheme should harmonize well with the wallpaper and the whole atmosphere in the room. Typically, light curtains selected tones, and drapes pelmets and darker shades. You can also play on the contrast. It all depends on the interior.

As already mentioned the curtains - this decor that complements the interior. The whole room should be maintained in the same style. If you prefer austerity, means curtains and select appropriate design.

Given the interior - curtains and drapes often performed in three styles:

  1. Classic - clean lines and precise selection of colors.
  2. Baroque - light, imaginative shapes and bright vivid colors.
  3. Romanticism - soft cozy and romantic tone, gives the room charm.

Curtains and purpose of the room

Living room

Design and sewing of curtains

Design of curtains in the living room

Living room - the room in which we are going to the whole family, where we receive guests, we watch TV. Curtains in the room is performed mainly decorative function.

So, do not skimp on their design, they need to look beautiful and rich. There can be used the Baroque style are appropriate pelmets and draping.

Of tissue in the development of design curtains for the hall should pay attention to the material with a bright pattern of massive, it will freshen the interior and add to it fresh. Curtains choose a lighter shade. You can also combine several types of tissue.

Tip! Conceiving the design of curtains, do not forget the baguette. After all, they are difficult subject on which we have something to hang, they are part of the interior. For the living room, plastic baguettes are perfect, which are mounted directly to the ceiling. Kitchen can take massive wooden or plastic slats with rings.

When choosing the length of the most frequently stopped on a variant of the ceiling to the floor, the entire height of the room. Cost borne in mind that the horizontal pattern on tissues visually expands the space and the vertical height increases.


Interior curtains curtains design windows

The curtains in the bedroom

Bedroom - a room for relaxation and windows Textiles is devoted not only decorative, but also a practical purpose. When choosing a design, you should get in the baroque or romantic.

You can also use all sorts of ruffles, fringe and tassels. When choosing curtains should pay attention to the light transparent or translucent fabric: organza, tulle, veil.

For curtains should be chosen more dense materials. It is fashionable to combine several colors, as long as they are in harmony with each other and the interior space.

Bedroom often use calm and warm shades.

If you do not like the classic versions of the following types can be used:

  • Japanese - made in a minimalist style. For them, using light and heavy textured fabrics, so they look good on large windows from floor to ceiling.
  • Chinese - as well as the Japanese made in a simple style. Produced from plain expensive fabrics embroidered with gold or original drawings.
  • Round - made from linen or cotton fibers, which are pre-impregnated. They are easy to operate and well protected from the sun.


curtains and blinds design

Chic textiles in office

Choosing the design of curtains for the office, should take care of creating a business atmosphere in the room. The most suitable option - a classic style.

Preferably selected dense tissue dark colors (brown, dark green, dark blue) plain or with discreet pattern.

Simple one-color curtains complete the design window. If you are a creative person and the official style is not for you, you can use brighter options, such as the Baroque.

For people engaged in intellectual work, fit blinds in high-tech style. This, too, minimalism, but in a more modern style.


When choosing the kitchen textiles, should pay special attention to the tissues. They should be easy to wear off, be strong, do not fade, to be steam and heat resistance.

Curtain design for a small room

Window textiles to kitchen

Fabric should be light and transparent. Curtain design for a small room, which usually consist of a kitchen and must take into account the length of the blades. Kitchen curtains typically selected average length.

Curtains design their own hands in the kitchen provides a curtain made of two triangular piece of fabric, different in texture.

If you like longer versions, gather at the edges of canvas tassels or ribbons. So they will be less dirty and interfere.

An excellent solution for the kitchen - Roman blinds. According to the principle of assembly, they are very similar to the blinds. It is very convenient if you have a sunny side.

Tip! Some experts on the psychology argue that creating a decoration for your home, we also decorate their lives. Agree, it is worth spending your time and effort.

But if you are not sure of their creativity, entrust the design of curtains and curtains for the living room and office professionals, and try it in other areas.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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