Curtains in the children's room for the boy: photos, Roman photo shots, blue curtains and pictures

Choosing curtains in a nursery for a boy, parents should be guided by the interests and needs of the child choosing curtains in the nursery for a boy, the parents should be guided by the interests and needs of the child Children's room - a private space of your child, which promotes the formation of personality in it. Therefore, it is so important that this room is designed as qualitatively as possible. One of the significant stages in finishing this room is the choice of curtains. With girls everything is clear, here will help you pink air curtains and French curtains, but with the interior of the boy will have to work more seriously. Today we will tell you how to choose curtains that your unconscious likes.

    • Small tips for choosing the curtains for the room boy
    • Colors children's curtains for boys: photo and examples
    • Roman blinds in the nursery for a boy: photo and description of options
    • Fotoshtory in the nursery
    • How to choose curtains in the nursery for a boy( video)
    • Design a child's room for a boy( photo of the interior)

Small tips for choosing the curtains for the room boy

Making infant child asks Mr. Astrology for the whole day, so it is necessary that in his room the baby should be cozy and interesting to rest. An important role in the formation of the interior of the room is played by curtains.

The choice of curtains for the children Choosing curtains for children's rooms should be especially careful: do not get saved here as a material

These elements give the room a finished look and hide the baby's room from prying eyes. To ensure that such a textile component does not spoil the whole impression of the overall design, you need to work hard, choosing curtains.

few tips regarding the choice of curtains:

  1. Curtains decorating the baby's room should be safe for health. Therefore, it is desirable to choose products from natural fabrics.
  2. If you are planning to make repairs for many years, then do not be tempted by the child to finish the entire room with cars. The taste of small robbers changes very quickly.
  3. When choosing curtains for windows in the nursery, try to take into account the wishes of the child. Do not need to arrange everything in classic blue tones. Take a closer look at the child, the young traveler will like the curtain with the sea and the ship, and the adventurer will like the appliqué in the form of a lock on the curtains.
  4. You should not choose curtains for curtains with voluminous flounces and drapes. They accumulate dust, which then is very difficult to clean.

All the tips given by us are of great importance. Following them, you can create a beautiful and safe interior of the nursery, which does not dislike the kid for many years.

Curtains for children are chosen depending on the taste of the child and his parents. However, remember that the opinion of your child should be in the first place.

Colors of children's curtains for boys: photos and examples

To your baby was a real man, courageous and determined, his room should have an appropriate interior. For this you need to use bold and courageous tones.

The color of curtains in the nursery for a boy is selected, focusing primarily on the age of the child color curtains in the nursery for a boy pick up, focusing primarily on the age of the child

you have to give up delicate pink hues, as if you do not like. Also do not stop at the purple and violet colors.

Boys are more suitable for blue, green, yellow and brown shades. Also suitable for all colors is the red and orange shade.

Curtains in the interior should be in harmony with the color of the walls. If you used light colors for finishing them, you can choose curtains early. Bright wallpaper will balance the light curtain, made in pastel shades.

Several successful color solutions for the nursery:

  1. Blue curtains are a classic of the genre for the boy's room. Using canvases in such tones and a few themed accessories, you can make a water world out of the window, with fish and ships floating on the curtains. Also, blue curtains are suitable for imitation of the starry sky. In this case, the textile is decorated with appliqués in the form of asterisks.
  2. Green curtains depicting nature will become a real pride of a young naturalist. Also, this design is suitable for a kid who loves football.
  3. Curtains depicting your favorite cartoon characters will no doubt lead your child to rapture. Choose not terrible, but kind characters, so that the child can properly entertain.

Color options for curtains in the boys' room are huge. Choose one of them is simple, the main thing is to understand the taste of your baby.

Do not use for children's bright contrasts shades. After all, it is in this room that a child rests and is engaged. Excessively bright colors can adversely affect the psyche of your child.

Roman curtains in the nursery for the boy: photo and description of the variant

Roman blinds are increasingly used for decorating children's rooms. Thanks to their direct cut, they do not collect less dust than the classic versions, and therefore can not lead to allergies.

Curtains in the room intended for the child should be practical, easy to use and maintain Curtains in the room intended for the child should be practical, easy to use and maintain.

Such curtains have many advantages over other curtains. All of them are very important for children.

Advantages of Roman curtains:

  1. Roman blinds are suitable for almost any interior design. They can have a variety of colors and pictures.
  2. Such curtains are good for all rooms. They can decorate and children's, and kitchen, and a bedroom.
  3. Fastening of Roman curtains takes place either directly on the window or on the frame of the window opening.
  4. Thanks to its lifting mechanism, Roman curtains are very popular. If the child decides to run into the room more light, then it will be enough for him, just turn the lifting mechanism.
  5. This version of the curtain is very easy to remove and put on the window. It can be washed and cleaned with a wet vacuum cleaner.

Roman blinds can have a variety of shades and textures. So, for example, a semi-transparent blue curtain will help to give an interior a lightness, and to close a window structure more massive - a dense fabric.

On the shelves of the store you can find a lot of suitable for yourself options. However, if you did not find suitable curtains, then you can make them yourself.

Photo-shades in the children's room

Photo-shades are perfectly suited for a small child's boy. With the help of modern technology, you can apply the most unusual pictures to the usual curtain canvas.

Curtains play several important roles at once when creating a certain interior of the nursery Curtains play several important roles at the same time when creating a specific child's interior

This can be an image of your favorite characters or machines. The prospect of a forest thicket or sea with a ship sailing over it.

Photo wallpapers allow you to create a real fairy tale in the children's room. Imagine how nice it will be for your child to admire your favorite characters, located on the curtain.

When choosing pictures for your baby, consider its nature and preferences. For fans of cars, curtains with the image of cartoon characters "Cars".Young researchers like the curtain with dinosaurs or wild animals. The traveler will love the curtain with the ship and the sea.

Caring for photoshoots should be remembered that they need to be washed very carefully. Otherwise, the drawing is simply peeling off.

For cleaning the curtains with photo printing, the water vacuum cleaner can be used as well as possible. He will pull out all the dirt and dust, while retaining the pattern.

How to choose curtains in a child's room for a boy( video)

The children's room is a very important room for your child. Here it grows, develops and forms as a person. Therefore, it is very important that the room contributes to it in this and directs it in the right direction. A special place in the interior is occupied by curtains. If you want to choose a curtain that is exactly suitable for a nursery, then be sure to consult your little child.

Design a child's room for a boy( photo of the interior)