How to sew curtains: eyelets with your own hands, correct step-by-step instructions how to install on curtains, master class

With the purpose of decorating a modern interior, you can use a curtain with eyelets, which not only is able to give warmth for a comfortable room, but also will change the interior In order to design a modern interior, you can use curtains with eyelets, which is not only able to give warmth to the friendly premises, but will change the interior light and airy glide along the eaves, elegant ruffles, stylish look - what I mean?Of course, the curtains on the eyelets. Such curtains are more difficult to sew than classic models, but this is definitely worth it. Metal or plastic rings will look simple, but at the same time stylish and modern in the room, but at the same time can cost a pretty penny. What can I do to save money?Sew the curtains on the eyelets with your own hands.

    • Modern eyelets own hands: how to choose
    • How to sew curtains and calculate the amount of desired tissue
    • stylish curtains in the grommet own hands: step by step instructions
    • Tips: How to own hands to set eyelets oncurtains
    • sew curtains on loops with your own hands: a master class
    • Eyelets with their hands( video)
    • Examples curtains on the eyelets( photo in the interior)

Modern eyelets his handand how to choose the right

Eyelets called special ring made of plastic or metal, which are mounted on the edges of the tissue and help to push the curtains. In the industrial sphere, they can be called "blocks", but they have a much smaller size.

One of the progressive types are curtains on the eyelets - metal or plastic rings, stand out for their simplicity and elegant appearance Some of the species are considered progressive curtains on eyelets - metal or plastic rings, stands out for its simple and elegant look

There are such kinds of eyelets:

  • Round and oval;
  • Wooden, metal or plastic;
  • Differ by color - from almost transparent shades to imitations under the skin or wood.

Knowing the types of these parts, you can think about which is better to buy for curtains.

On what to look, choosing eyelets:

  1. For size - here you need to consider the cross-section of the cornice( it should be smaller than the ring itself for a couple of centimeters).In this case, the curtain must slide freely, without tension. If strings are used instead of the cornice, then fabric for curtains is chosen easy( for example, tulle), otherwise curtains will hang.
  2. On a material - if a fabric monophonic, it is desirable to choose eyelets from white or yellow steel. If you want brightness, you can put plastic blocks that differ in the variety of colors and a noiseless walk along the cornice. Black or gray eyelets - suitable for any coloring and texture of the fabric.
  3. The combination of style - eyelets may not fit into country style or curtains, where the emphasis is on different draperies. Under high-tech or other modern styles it is better to choose metallic shiny mounts, and for minimalism - thin, almost invisible options.
  4. On the shape of the opening - the greater the height and width of the window, the larger the rings should be.
  5. On the number of frills - how many frills, there should be as many eyelets as they are located at the same distances from each other. The number of these parts must be even.

When choosing eyelets, you should take into account both the texture of the fabric and the design of the cornice itself. In this case, everything will look harmonious.

How to sew curtains and calculate the amount of the desired fabric

To sew homemade curtains with eyelets, you need to correctly calculate the amount of necessary fabric. To get a beautifully flowing curtain, you need to take the material for sewing, given the width of the workpiece, which should exceed the width of the cornice by two or even three times.

The expenditure of a fabric is considered for each element separately, then it is summarized and the fabric footage for a certain model is obtained Flow tissues considered at each element separately and then summed up and it turns out the yardage of fabric for a particular model

curtains length depends on the functional purpose of the room in which it will hang. As a rule, in the kitchen or children's room, the curtains are sewn to the window sill, and in the bedroom to the floor.

When making the calculation, it is necessary to remember the allowances:

  • For sidewalls - approximately 15 cm;
  • For the upper part - here it is necessary to take into account the lavers ribbon, or rather its width, to which it is necessary to add 2-3 cm;
  • to bottom -. 5.10 cm

Oversizes top curtains are considered based on the size of eyelets, which multiplied by two and added another 5 to 10 cm on the hem. The length of the tape with the rings should be equal to the length of the web, minus 5 cm on both sides.

As for the eyelets, their number must be an even number, and the distance between them is the same. The larger the gap, the larger the wrinkle. From the edge of the curtain to the first hole, you should retreat about 5-7 cm. It depends on the fasteners and the fenders.

Stylish curtains on the eyelets with their own hands: step by step instruction

To sew blind curtains with eyelets, you need to pre-prepare the material. Namely, soak the fabric, and then iron it.

Make curtains on eyelets easy enough, a little time to work and you are the owner of an exclusive curtain for the window Make curtains on the eyelets just enough little time to work and you are the owner of exclusive curtains for windows

fabric desirably selected such that does not crumble when cutting, otherwise the sewing operation and can be a problem.

To cut the material, you need to understand the height of the fabric, consisting of the distance from the floor to the ledge, to which centimeters are added for the "scallop," the rings and the hem. At the bottom 10 centimeters are added and it is taken away about 2 cm so that the curtain does not lie on the floor.

Step by step instructions on how to sew curtains with eyelets:

  1. At the upper edge of the curtain fabric need to glue non-woven tape, which is necessary to attach the ring and prevent the shedding of tissue. To do this, tape should be glued from the wrong side, and the front side of the curtains ironed, then staple the tape.
  2. Cutting the fabric - after determining the height of the curtains, the material is cut and cut off all unnecessary. You can just remove the thread and remove excess from this line.
  3. Next curtains ironed bottom with an allowance on the wrong side, then cut turned in to the fold, so to get a "pocket" of 5 cm. It must stab pins.
  4. ironing curtains on the inside top of the first 2 cm, then the distance is measured from the fold equal to the size of the grommet plus the height of the "comb" and a couple of centimeters. This gap must be bent and also ironed so that the two-centimeter ironed oversize is inside, between the layers of material.
  5. The pressed top is opened so that the underside looks at us. Next, the ribbon is attached to the fold, leaving a 3-4 cm margin on the side. The opposite end should be exactly the same.
  6. Then the ribbon of the eyelet is closed by the allowance and ironed, after which the bottom is pinched.
  7. It remains to iron the sides - 3-4 cm on the wrong side. They must be bent inside so that the pocket turns out, and pinned with pins.
  8. The bottom of the canvas is being weeded out, the machine can help to process the sides, allowing 1-2 mm from the fold inside.
  9. It remains to stitch the top of the canvas, together with the eye ribbon, making the same indentation.

After performing such actions, you can put eyelets.

Tips: how to install eyelets on the

curtains with your own hands. After the curtain sewing is complete, you can install the eyelets. It's not difficult to do it even yourself.

At home, they often sew curtains on the kulisk. With a proper desire, you can sew the curtains yourself on the grommets At home, often sew curtains on the kulisk. With the proper desire, you can sew the curtains yourself on the eyelets on the

  • The finished product is laid out on the surface and the extreme eyelets are marked on it, retreating 4-5 cm from the edge of the curtain;
  • Next, the hardware is fastened and inspected from the inside;
  • Other openings are planned and cut out with scissors, while they should be slightly larger than the indicated diameter;
  • Insert the fastener parts from both sides of the fabric and press on them until a click appears, indicating that the grommet is closed.

If the grommet does not want to close, this may indicate that the hole is too small. In this case it is necessary to expand it.

During installation of the eyelets, care must be taken to ensure that the fabric on the rings does not fray and does not crumple. If this happens - it is better to remove the fasteners and fix it again.

We sew hinges on hinges with our own hands: master class

If the cornices are equipped with small, freely moving hooks, they can be sewn with eyelets to hang the canvas. Such curtains on hinges can be made using a thread with a needle or a hook.

Curtains with fabric loops become very popular. Such products can be bought in the store, ordered in the atelier or sewed by their own hands Curtains with fabric loops are very popular with curtains. Such products can be bought in the store, ordered in the atelier or sewed by the hands

Such loops are used for hanging light, air curtains.

Master class for the manufacture of loops:

  1. You can tie a chain of stitches of the desired length, which you then need to bend and sew to the curtain on its underside. To keep the eyelet out of sight, it should be sewn one and a half centimeters below the top of the canvas.
  2. The hinge can be sewn. For this, a double thread is inserted into the needle and fastened where the eyelet will be. Next, you need to drag the needle through the material, leaving a small loop and thread it again so that another loop is produced. The initial loop is tightened. After that, you need to thread the thread again and continue to do this until you have the correct length. Then the rope is folded and fixed onto the fabric.

When using the second method with loops, care should be taken to ensure that the thread is long enough, otherwise it will not be enough.

Eyelets with their own hands( video)

With a tendency to sewing, any landlady can sew curtains with eyelets independently, without exerting unnecessary efforts. To do this, you need only patience, the desire to create your own original thing and the necessary materials. Curtains with eyelets - this is always fashionable, stylish and elegant.

curtains Examples of eyelets( photo interior)