Pick-ups for curtains with your own hands: stitching and master class, clips and photos, how to make ties and pendants

Pick-ups for curtains allow you to accurately fix the canvas in the open position tiebacks can accurately fix the blade in the open position Curtains are an important part of any interior. They complement the design of the room, giving it consistency and completeness. To make the fabric curtains not only aesthetic, but also practical, you need to pick up accessories such as curtain holders. Today we will tell you how to make hard and soft holders for curtains with your own hands.

    • What can be done with their own hands the strings for curtains
    • Learning to do with his hands hard sticking to curtains: a master class
    • Simple grab with their hands
    • How to make your own hands tiebacks of
    • tapes
    • stylish tiebacks with their hands( video)
    • Examples clips for curtains with his hands( photo ideas)

What can be done with their own hands the strings for curtains

ties for curtains can be quite noticeables in the interiors, and may on the other hand - to give the originality of the room. It all depends on what materials you use to create similar accessories.

Usually, in a couple of hooks, there is a hook that is mounted on the wall and keeps the knotted fabric in one position, but there are options that do not need such elements.

Depending on the material from which they are made, hooks for curtains are divided into several subspecies. If you decide to choose the strings that need these add-ons, then we recommend you familiarize yourself with the list of the most popular materials for hooks.

To create catchments for curtains, you can use everything that gets in your hands to create tiebacks can use everything that falls into the hands of

Types Curtain hooks:

  1. Plastic hooks for curtains - this is one of the most inexpensive and therefore popular, options. Such products can have a variety of designs, so they fit perfectly into any interior.
  2. Metal hooks perfectly fit into modern interiors. They are very durable and durable.
  3. Wooden hooks are eco-friendly and beautiful. There are carved variants that have simply incredible beauty of performance.

Hooks for curtains are usually located at the level of the window sill, but can be attached and somewhat higher. Such products are not always noticeable, very often they hide behind fabric fabrics.

The clamps can be made from a wide variety of materials. You will like fabric, ribbons, strings of pearls, and even metal. You can make clips using only your imagination, or you can use one of our master classes.

Learning to do with his hands hard sticking to curtains: a master class

Hard clamps for curtains more suited to modern interior styles. They look rather laconic and minimalistic.

You can use the most unusual materials to create rigid stitches. For example, the original look will look like a coffee cup without a bottom.

For our sticking option, you will need two tablespoons, a glue gun, a screwdriver, a drill, and self-tapping screws. Also, if you wish, you can complement the product with flat beads, rhinestones and any other decorative elements.

Hard stitch for curtains looks very original Hard sticking curtain looks very original

Master-class on making the pick-up of spoons:

  1. Take a tablespoon, and gently flex her hand. The curved handle should be parallel to its round part. The distance from the round part to the handle should be 1-1.5 cm.
  2. In the round part of the spoon, drill two holes with a drill.
  3. Stick decorative elements on the handle with a glue gun. These can be rhinestones, beads or simply fabric bows.
  4. Screw the spoon, according to the pre-made holes, to the wall at the level of the window sill with a screwdriver. In this case, the convex part of the spoon should be pressed against the wall, and the end of the handle should look in the opposite direction from the window.

This design is convenient because it does not need additional hooks. To use it for the intended purpose, simply turn the curtain into the space between the round part of the spoon and its handle.

Simple grab with their hands

In order to make convenient and beautiful pick-up does not necessarily have the skills to work with a drill and a screwdriver, or the ability to sew. For the decoration of such designs, pendants made of beads will suit. Pieces of fur or rhinestones.

To make a grab for our master class, you'll need a piece of felt or leather, Chinese sticks, paint in the color of the base material, acrylic paint, pencil, paper and scissors. Also, if you wish, you can use rhinestones, beautiful buttons or pendants made of beads.

Pick up for curtains can be made from any improvised means, it is necessary only to show imagination tiebacks can be made of any means at hand, we need only to show imagination

How to make a simple tiebacks own hands:

  1. Print out or draw a delicate ornament. Your drawing should be shaped so that it looks neatly on the curtain. It is also very important that you can insert a Chinese stick in the openwork holes, which will hold the curtain.
  2. Cut out the ornament and transfer it to felt or to a piece of leather.
  3. On the lines outlined, cut out the base of your pick-up. You can sew on the workpiece of rhinestones, buttons or other decorative elements.
  4. Paint the Chinese wand with paint, allow it to dry and apply several layers of acrylic lacquer.

No hooks are required for these pick-ups. To use this design, you need to attach the openwork element to the front part of the assembled curtain, insert the stick opening of the stick, hold it behind the curtains, and pull the stick out through the other hole.

How to make your own handles for curtains from the ribbons

Very nice look picks from the tapes. However, such elements are difficult to do. Here you need to apply patience and skill to form beautiful flowers from the ribbon.

If you do not want to bother with the ribbon for a long time, creating beautiful products, you can buy artificial flowers. Cutting off the leg and planting on the tape, you can quickly and easily create a magnificent holder.

to create a similar product a wide ribbon or satin fabric for the petals, satin ribbon midway flower satin ribbon or cloth to the leaves. You will also come in handy holder base itself, it can be folded together two elements in the shape of the boat of the tapes and their sheathing along the edges of tape from the tape on both sides of this design is necessary to make the strings of thin ribbons.

From the satin ribbons we get very unusual hooks for curtains of satin ribbons obtained very unusual tiebacks

To make a flower you need to cut out five circles of the same diameter, fold them in half and then half again. The rounded part of the resulting triangle needs to be swept and pulled together so that your workpiece takes the form of a petal with warehouses. So you need to do with all the circles. Next, the circles are stitched together in a circle, and a circle or a ball of fabric of a different color is inserted into the center. Just for one holder you need to make two such flowers.

To make the petals you need to cut out the green mug fabric with a larger diameter. Then they need to be folded, swept and pulled together on the same principle as the petals.

To assemble the string, you need to glue or sew the leaves on the base, and attach flowers to them. In this case, flowers should cover the sloppy edges of the leaves. For this tack, you will need a hook.

Stylish handles for curtains with your own hands( video)

Snaps are needed in order to beautifully lock the curtains in the open position. You can buy them in a specialized store or make them yourself with handy materials. Use your imagination, use the craziest ideas, and you get a bright and unique product!

Examples clips for curtains with his hands( photo ideas)