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Roller blinds not only protect the house from the sun, but also fit into any interior Roller blinds not only protect the house from the sun, but also fit into any interior What to choose, classic curtains or convenient and practical blinds, if the first option is not very convenient to use, and the second looks formally?You no longer have to suffer from this issue, because today we will tell you about such universal curtains as roll-type day-night curtains.

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What is roller blinds day and night

Roller blinds of the zebra appeared relatively recently. They look great in any interior and add room practicality and charm.

Roller blinds with a zebra pattern consist of fabric and look very interesting, but they have the function of adjusting the lighting in the house. This is achieved due to the special structure of the structure. The cloth itself consists of alternating strips of translucent and dense tissue. The material is wound on the roller in two layers, so you can adjust the location of the strips, then combining them, then exposing them to a solid line.

To adjust the degree of lighting you just need to pull the chain. By exposing the dark bars in one row, you completely block access to sunlight, and alternating with transparent and opaque elements, you let the rays of the sun penetrate through the windows.

Roller shutters day and night - these are two parallel paintings, which alternate thick opaque and light transparent horizontal stripes Roller shutters day and night are two parallel webs alternating with dense opaque and light transparent horizontal strips

Advantages of the roller blind "zebra":

  • Possibility of adjusting the degree of illumination;
  • Informal and original appearance;
  • Easily adjust the position of the strips;
  • Ability to install such structures without assistance, with their own hands;
  • Can be installed both on the windows and on the balcony door glass;
  • Ease of maintenance during operation;
  • Variety of colors;
  • Excellent compatibility with fabric curtains.

Rolettes "zebra" - a cloth of two types of materials and roller mechanism. Transparent strips are made of a thin transparent material, for example, from organza or a strong mesh. Opaque bands are more dense, they can be fabric or even plastic.

Fabric strips for such curtains are fixed together on a special mechanism, so that the finished canvas is completely invisible seams. Such curtains can be hung in the kitchen. Since thanks to Teflon impregnation they have a dust repellent and dirt repellent effect.

Day-night zebra varieties

The roller blinds consist of a striped sheet and a pipe on which it is wound. These structures are divided into types, by type of system.

Types of day-night roller blinds:

  1. Roller blinds with closed winding system are the most convenient and aesthetic option. In this design, the shaft is hidden in a special box, located on the window frame. Also on the sides of the window frame are installed guides, into which the sides of the canvas are refueled. Thanks to this product, you can completely protect the room from sunlight.
  2. Double roller blinds, the winding system of which is open, stand a little cheaper than the closed role of curtains. Such curtains are wound on an open shaft. They are not fixed either from the bottom or from the sides, and therefore the canvas of such curtains can be raised as high as possible.
  3. Mini-cassette rolls day-night look the most advantageous. They have a very small cassette mechanism, imitating the material from which the window is made. Thanks to such a device, it may seem that the curtain is built right into the window. On the edges of such a cloth guides are built in which the fabric edges of the curtains are inserted.

Roller curtains reminiscent of Roman blinds and blinds, so they are a universal sunlight regulator Roller blinds remind Roman blinds and blinds at the same time, that is why they are a universal sunlight controller

Roller blinds for day and night successfully combine the quality of fabric curtains and blinds. They are ideal for the kitchen, because they are very easy to take care of.

Do not use bleach and amber powders for cleaning curtains. In order to remove spots you have enough soap solution and a soft rag.

Such curtains look good in any interior.

How to install day-night roller blinds with your own hands

To install roller blinds on the window, you can use the services of specialists or do it yourself. In the first case, the master will do everything for you quickly and without problems, but if you decide to do this yourself, you will have to learn the technology in detail.

The first thing you need to pay attention to the type of fastening the curtains. He is chosen individually.

Types of fastening of curtains "zebra":

  • Mounting to the ceiling or to the wall;
  • Installation on the window frame;
  • Mounting on the sash of the window;
  • Fastening the curtain without opening holes.

As we already said: "The way of fastening is chosen individually."Today we will consider the installation of a roller shuttle day-night in the standard way.

When installing roller blinds day and night, the main thing is to do everything carefully and neatly, otherwise you risk breaking the lifting mechanism When installing roller blinds day and night, the main thing is to do everything carefully and neatly, otherwise you risk to break the lifting mechanism.

Roller fastening day-night:

  1. Measure the distance from the edges of the window. Choose the place where the first mount will be installed and mark it with a construction pencil.
  2. Drill a hole in place of the mark. Insert a dowel into the hole.
  3. Firmly fasten the mounting.
  4. At the same level, mark the opposite side of the window. To make the markup as flat as possible, use the building level.
  5. Install the second bracket in exactly the same way that you installed the first one.
  6. Install the additional fastening in the same way, at a level of 12 cm from the chain of regulation of winding the curtains.
  7. From the main control side, fasten the blind to the bracket. The click will be evidence of the correct fastening of the curtain.
  8. Now you can set the regulators of the winding mechanism and check your work. If everything is done correctly, then you need to install the cover on the brackets.

These installation works will not take you much time.

Roller shutters day and night in the interior

Day-night roller blinds have a very interesting design. They perfectly fit in most interiors and can have different colors.

If you want to make the kitchen or living room more cheerful, then use yellow or orange zebra curtains for their decoration. Also help to give the interior brightness of curtains of lime or light green. If you get tired of their brightness, then you can simply roll them into a roll.

If you feel that depression creeps up to you, then choose roller blinds day-night crimson or scarlet If you feel that depression is creeping up on you, then choose roller blinds for day-night raspberry or scarlet color.

Increases the positive mood of the fuchsia shade.

Do not use curtains that are too bright for the bedroom. Very soon they will bother you, and expensive purchase will be in vain.

For peace and relaxation choose curtains of blue and green shades. Such colors will help you relax, and make the interior more gentle.

To make the house luxurious and well-being, use curtains made in golden and chocolate shades. This combination will attract wealth to your home.

Day and night curtains( video)

Day and night roller blinds can decorate absolutely any interior. If you buy such a textile accessory in your home, then the interior of the apartment will play with new colors.

Design of blinds day-night on plastic windows( photo ideas)