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Window decoration with curtains is a very important part of creating an apartment interior curtains Window decoration - a very important part of creating an interior apartment interior design apartment - it's exciting, but pretty serious business. Every element plays its important role here. A special place in the design of the room is occupied by windows. After all, it is the curtains that unite all the details into one and complete the room. With the help of curtains you can soothe or, conversely, revitalize the interior.

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General window blinds design position

Proper design of windows with curtains can significantly change the interior for the better. However, to make the right choice of this element of the room, you need to have an excellent taste and some knowledge in the field of design.

Also, if you are not an adherent of classical interiors, then you need to follow the fashion of various interior elements. For example, in 2017 at the peak of popularity were the most simple and concise aspects.

When choosing curtains, you need to take into account some of the nuances. And if the kitchen - a room where the curtains are presented to the special technological requirements, the choice of curtains for the bedroom and the living room is limited, only the interior room.

The color of curtains should be combined with other shades of the interior color curtains should be combined with other shades of the interior

Nuances decoration window curtains opening:

  1. color curtains should be combined with other interior colors. In this case, they can act as in the role of a low-notice decor, and as a bright element.
  2. Also do not forget about the texture of the curtains. If the classic interiors perfectly fit the massive curtains of dense tissue, then the laconic modern interior is better to choose blinds or tulle.
  3. Pay attention to how the color chosen by you affects the psychological state of a person. So for the bedroom the curtains of bright yellow color will not do, and purple cloths will add to the hall.
  4. The type of curtains can also be different. So roll and Roman versions will decorate modern interiors, and French and Austrian curtains will be suitable for classical interiors.

Most of the rules for choosing curtains are aimed at coordinating their design. Practical requirements for curtains are presented only one room - kitchen. Today we will talk about how to decorate the living room and bedroom with curtains.

window decoration in the living room in the style of modern romance

One of the most romantic modern styles is considered to Provence. It combines the elegance of French meadows, and the prostate of summer cottages.

Decorating in this style involves the use of exclusively bed colors and shades. Here you will find white retro cabinets on curved legs and the same dressing tables.

Choose curtains for this interior is not difficult. Despite the fact that with a light tint of the walls combine any colors, provence accept only subtle shades, and therefore preference should be given to them.

The living rooms, decorated in the style of Provence, have a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. In such rooms it is pleasant to have tea and chat in a small company.

To choose curtains for a drawing room in style of modern romanticism is simple enough Choose curtains for the living room in the style of modern romance is quite simple

curtains Features Provencal style:

  1. Curtains for the interior of the interior are chosen exclusively in bed colors. It can be light cream or muted green.
  2. Style Provence is characterized by the presence of a floral print on textiles. If you see curtains with a small flower that resembles a chintz, then this is what you need.
  3. Catch for curtains in the style of a provence is usually chosen in the form of bows or a piece of cloth.
  4. Also in combination with similar curtains, you can use tulle. She will give the composition airiness and innocence.

addition to dense curtains in floral print, for interior decoration in the style of Provence, you can use almost weightless curtains. Such an element of the interior can be used for a small window.

curtains in the living room modern style: photo hi-tech design, modern and minimalist

Modern interior styles appreciate the large amount of free space and prostate. Such rooms will not tolerate the decor of lambrequins and pompous warehouses.

For modern interiors suitable straight and comfortable minimalistic blinds without warehouses. Such designs should be direct and convenient, as the motto of modernity is convenience and simplicity.

Before thinking about the design of the living room with curtains, you need to understand which types are best suited for this purpose.

Curtains for the living room in the style of high-tech should be simple and without a lot of folds curtains for the living room in the style of high-tech should be simple and without a lot of wrinkling

Types of curtains, which are suitable to modern laconic interior:

  1. blinds fit perfectly into the interior in the style of hi-tech. Such modern variants can be of different colors and shades. Roller blinds can be made from natural fabric.
  2. At the same time, they do not exceed the length of the window opening by their length. They are a canvas with a roller lifting the curtains.
  3. Roman blinds are very similar in structure to the rolling curtains, but not the opening roll to roll, and going horizontal folds.
  4. Japanese curtains are pieces of fabric, at the bottom of which are weighting agents. Such cloths have a length from the eaves, to the very floor.
  5. The curtains can also be added to the living room in a modern style. Such translucent curtains do not clutter up space, and give it airiness.

These kinds of curtains can successfully decorate the windows in the modern living room. Such laconic curtains look stylish, and do not need frequent washing, so they are so popular.

If the window openings of the first floor are simply huge, there is no point in covering them with curtains. The presence of panoramic windows makes the room lighter, and the interior - interesting.

Window design in the classic living room

To decorate the living room window in the classical style, too, there is a large number of suitable types of curtains. They must be combined with furniture and do not change the layout of the space for the worse.

Curtains in a classic living room should be combined with furniture Curtains in a classic living room furniture should be combined with

curtains Forms for classical interiors:

  1. French curtains are a number of vertical strips. At the expense of all their entire surface is covered with lovely horizontal ruffles.
  2. Italian curtains have two diagonal strings, on top of pulling for them, you get two paintings with interesting assemblies.
  3. Classic curtains are two conventional paintings that form beautiful warehouses due to curtain tape.
  4. Austrian curtains are of short length. They are decorated with even folds and gentle ruches.

This list is most suitable for decoration in the classic style of the window opening. In an apartment with similar interiors, it is not superfluous to use lambrequin. This decoration will give the living room pomposity and gloss.

Stylish design of bedroom windows

Curtains in the bedroom perform not only a decorative, but also a practical function. They are able to hide your silhouette at the right time from prying eyes.

To design this room you can use fashionable simple and laconic curtains, or pompous decorative elements on the curtains. The choice of types of bedroom linens is identical to the choice of types of curtains for the living room.

In decorating bedroom and living room curtains, there is one important difference: if the living room - a room that should have to communicate, the bedroom should promote restful sleep. Therefore, if the living room is quite suitable curtains bright yellow or orange, then for the bedroom is preferable more calm tone.

Curtains in the bedroom should perform not only a decorative, but also a practical function curtains in the bedroom should perform not only decorative but also practical function

so perfect shades blinds for the bedroom are considered to be blue, dark blue and turquoise shades. Also green and gray canvases fit here perfectly.

Black and white curtains can also be used to decorate the bedroom. Such pure colors are best suited for modern interiors. With a competent combination of colors, black, white and gray curtains will not make the interior boring. On the contrary, such paintings are able to give the apartment an individuality.

Modern window decoration( video)

of an apartment curtains - creative, but rather complicated process. Choosing the appropriate option for decoration of windows, it is necessary to take into account both the stylistics and the color combination of the interior. Of course, you can decide on a professional designer, it's much more interesting to finish the finishing of the apartment yourself. Use your imagination, follow our advice and you will be rewarded with a beautiful and fashionable interior.

Design window decorations in the living room: modern ideas( interior)