Clothes in patchwork style: photo of jackets, knitted socks, cardigan and dress, patchwork vests and backpacks, sweater and skirt

Create a stylish and modern image you can with the help of clothing in the style of patchwork Create stylish and modern way possible with the help of clothes in the style of patchwork Clothing patchwork - a relatively new trend that is firmly in the life of modern man. Clothes in the patchwork style have already come off the covers of fashion magazines and gradually adapted to life. Such products can easily be bought in a thematic store or, alternatively, made independently. The second option is more preferable, because the clothes will turn out to be truly unique!

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    • Sweatshirts patchwork: do yourself
    • Knitted socks patchwork: Is it worth venturing work
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How to make patchwork dress with their own hands

about the ideal dress certainly the dream of every girl, but the option you want is not always possible to find in the store. It remains only one thing: to make an ideal model with your own hands. This, of course, is quite difficult, but it is not impossible at all.

This will require:

  • Cut fabric or ready-made dress - cover;
  • A set of multi-colored shreds;
  • Threads;
  • Scissors;
  • Sewing machine.

In order to sew a dress in patchwork style yourself, you need to prepare the base and stock yourself with multi-colored cloth scraps In order to sew a dress patchwork yourself, you need to prepare the ground and to stock up on colorful fabric scraps Mastering patchwork technique for the first time, it is advisable to start with the simplest combinations. Therefore, the best option is to have a ready-made monophonic dress, which will later be simply decorated with multi-colored scraps. Picking them, the craftsman should also be guided by aesthetic considerations, taking care that colors blend with each other. Patchwork is a bold technique, but it has nothing to do with bad taste.

If the scraps are planned to be sewn onto a ready-made dress, then it is better to do it step by step, working with each piece of fabric separately.

If the product really turned out, you can later decide on experiments, drawing ideas from other talented needlewomen. So, changing experience, you can create a whole collection of author's things, equal equivalents that can not be found in the whole world.

Sweatshirts patchwork: do yourself

Sweatshirts patchwork carried out by a principle similar to work with dresses, with the only difference that the product is slightly shorter, and may have different silhouettes. With the jacket you can do the same trick: to take the finished product and already on it to try the technique of patchwork. The jacket is somewhat shorter, so it will take less time to work with it. But, what time frame, if it comes to needlework?

However, there is another, no less interesting option: to tie such a "patchwork" blouse on its own, alternating alternating colored threads with each other. However, it is important not to overdo it so that the cardigan does not turn out to be childish. It is interesting to look at products whose patchwork parts are made from threads of different textures.

The original patchwork-style jacket will decorate the image and make it unique and unique original jacket patchwork decorate the image and make it unique and unrepeatable

extremely bold option would be a combination of fabric and knitted pieces. Such a cardigan in manufacturing is laborious enough, but the end result is worth it.

The following materials are considered to be excellent for the combination:

  • Knitwear and mohair;
  • Cashmere and woolen thread;
  • Lurex and Cotton.

Of course, this range of combinations is not finite and must be modified. The main thing for the master is to find her own version, which will not only be easy to perform, but, in the end, it will look really good.

Knitted socks in patchwork style: whether it's worth starting the work of

Knitted socks - the most popular gift from all grandmothers, however today to take up knitting needles and quite young people. The reason for this is the popularization of the patchwork technique, the number of those who want to master it is increasing every day. Of course, before you start on such a difficult question, it is advisable to learn how to knit ordinary socks well, and then afterwards to untie the patterns and scraps.

Before knitting socks, you should carefully work out the scheme of the future product Before you knit socks, you should carefully work out the scheme of the future product

In order to get a knitted set of socks, you will need:

  • 5 spokes;
  • N- the number of coils of thread( optional);
  • Decorative tape.

Initially, it's better to work out the scheme on paper, and then to implement it. This process will take many times, but the final result is worth it. Such socks will perfectly warm on a cold winter day, and will also be a worthy gift to all those close to you. Especially if they are made by themselves!

Other apparel options patchwork

It will be interesting enough to look in the technique of patchwork skirt and scarf, especially if you perform them in the same color scheme. To top it off, a waistcoat can be chosen that makes the image even more stylish. Such a set is quite uncommon and will suit women of all ages. It will be much more difficult to produce a jacket or a coat, however this is real. Required appropriate patterns and time, which will have to spend a lot.

Make your image vivid and creative will help a beautiful backpack, made using patchwork technique The beautiful backpack made with the patchwork technique

will make your image bright and creative. ASK

The patchwork technique is quite diverse, therefore it can be manufactured:
  • Vests;
  • Backpacks;
  • Jackets;
  • Sweater.

Dressmaking in patchwork style( video)

Patchwork technique involves working with shreds that have to be sewn together. This procedure is not easy, so skilled workers will have to work hard. In the end, sewing will present a completely unique thing, analogues of which simply do not exist. Examples

clothing patchwork( photo)