Cross-stitch triptych: sets and diagrams for free, without registration download flowers, pictures monochrome

Cross-stitching triptych will bring style and modernity to your home Cross-stitching triptych will bring style and modernity to your home Modern interiors do not tolerate a large number of decorative elements. They are the standard of minimalistically and style. However, you can not do without jewelry at all. You can use modern abstract paintings or cross-stitched triptych. About what it is, and how to embroider them - read on.

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      • Triptych: cross stitch patterns and tips
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Cross-stitch embroidery with a triptych set - what is it?

Triptych is a picture of one semantic line, divided into several parts. Such compositions look very stylish and modern. They can be large and small in size.

Triptych is divided into two types: triptych and polyptych. Embroidery triptych with a cross consists of three episodes in which one semantic thread can be traced. Polyptych can have more elements. Schemes of such paintings in abundance are provided on the Internet and in our article.

Polyptych is a picture that consists of more than three separate elements Polyptych is a picture that consists of more than three separate elements

Which sets of triptych are usually embroidered:

  1. Magnolia flowers fill the room with oriental color. Tri triptych can consist of two colors of different sizes and one pattern with greens.
  2. The lotuses, poppies and tulips look gentle and modern. Such paintings will not do without spring greens.
  3. The theme "Africa" ​​perfectly fits into ethnic non-standard interiors. Just as good in such designs will look disassembled on the flamingo part.
  4. A butterfly large in size, combined with small paintings, and pearls in monochrome style will decorate pompous and feminine interiors.
  5. Trees and sakura branches will support the theme of environmentally friendly interiors.
  6. You can also embroider famous places of different cities, for example, the Colosseum or the Eiffel Tower.

Such embroidery on canvas, unlike the printed pictures, looks very interesting. They will become a real highlight of your interior.

Triptych: cross stitch patterns and tips

Cross-stitch embroidery of triptych has its own nuances. If you carefully execute them, then problems should not arise.

You also need to prepare and embroidery materials, namely: threads of a mulina of different colors, needle for embroidery, canvas, marker for fabric, embroidery frame, frame, scissors. A scheme for embroidering triptychs can be used both as special and as ordinary. In the second case, it is important to divide the picture correctly into several parts.

To the picture of the triptych came out bright and beautiful, use for its embroidering a few threads To make a picture of the triptych come out bright and beautiful, use several threads for embroidering it

Tips for cross-stitching triptych:

  1. Embroider such complex pictures by parking methods. To do this, divide the canvas by 10 by 10 squares and embroider them one at a time. The embroidery of the next square is possible only after the first completion of the previous one.
  2. Diagrams for embroidering a triptych must have a rectangular shape and be stretched upwards or sideways. Such panoramas look especially stylish and harmonious.
  3. Insert the triptych element into the correct frame. They should be square and rectangular. Their dimensions do not need to be the same.
  4. It's better to buy a bit more threads at once. Otherwise, the work can stop for a long time, as well as find the right shade.

In the picture of the triptych, more than 107 shades can be used. Therefore, when choosing a scheme, think carefully about which one is easier to embroider.

Cross stitch patterns for triptych

You should always embroider the triptych from the central part. It is she who will give direction to all the other parts. If you break the sequence of embroideries, then the elements can turn out to be non-metric and will not look neat.

In the process of embroidering a triptych, the number of crosses in the figures can be determined by carefully examining the diagram. When all the elements of the picture are embroidered, stretch out the canvas in warm water and iron from the back with an iron. Dry and ironed pieces of embroidery paste on cardboard with the help of PVA glue.

Embroidering a triptych on a canvas, you need to step back from the edge, at least seven centimeters When embroidering a triptych on a canvas, it is necessary to move away from the edge, at least seven centimeters

The advantage of the triptych is that their reverse side is covered with cardboard, so you can not worry about the hidden part of the embroidery, uncircumcised tails and small nodules of itWill spoil.

When you paint a picture into squares, select the area where the least number of colors are present, and start with it. Then gradually move on to more complex squares. Remember that the embroidery of the next element is possible only after the complete completion of the previous one.

Embroidery design of triptych cross

Embroidery of triptych takes a lot of effort and time, so it's important not to spoil your work at the latest stage. Everything is important here, and placing the picture on the wall and the color of the frames.

The frames must match the background color or shades of the triptych elements The frames must correspond to the background color or shades of the triptych elements.

In order to trace the relationship between the elements of the picture, they must be placed in the same color frame. To fill the canvas in the frame you need to carefully, so that creases do not form.

Very original look polyptych, the elements of which are aged in the same style, but have different sizes.

To place triptychs on the wall is not necessarily on the same level. It is better to place them at some distance. It will also be interesting to look at a triptych, the central element of which is higher and already two lateral ones.

Master-class: cross-stitching triptych( video)

Triptychs - look very modern and stylish. Their embroidery takes a lot of time, but the result more than compensates for the time and effort it takes.