Diagram of cross-stitched napkins: easter cross for free, embroidery for easter download, style gzhel

Give your napkins a new life with cross stitch napkins Give your new life with the help of cross stitch Napkins are often used to decorate the tables at dinner parties and dinners. However, in some families these table settings are used during each meal. You can buy such napkins in the stores of goods for home or embroider them with your own cross. On how to make serving napkins with your own hands, we'll talk today.

    • Embroidered napkins cross: determining a pattern
    • Nuances embroidering napkins cross
    • Easter napkins: circuit cross stitch
    • embroidery Scheme cross napkins and rings for them
    • Workshop and embroidery scheme Crossnapkins( video)
    • Details: napkin embroidered cross scheme( photo examples)

embroidery cloth stitch: determined with pattern

Before select circuit for embroidery wipesLimits that you want to get eventually. The drawing on such a kitchen towel will differ depending on the interior of the kitchen and the reason the guests are going to.

There are napkins for winter dinner parties, they can be embroidered with a dagger of ash with bullfinches. For the New Year's table suitable towels with a picture of spruce branches and Christmas balls.

On Easter it is customary to depict cakes and colored eggs on napkins At Easter customarily represented on napkins Easter cakes and colored eggs

If you love to sew, you can make for each case a set of napkins. Otherwise, an excellent solution is to embroider several universal options. Napkins in the style of gzhel will be very appropriate to look at the kitchens in the classical style. Flowers and fruits are suitable for interiors in a rustic style. Ethnic ornaments and patterns will fit absolutely into any design of the kitchen, so sets of such towels are the best way to be ready for the arrival of guests on any day of the week.

In addition to napkins for serving tables, you can make a set of round towels to identify cans with blanks for the winter. For each such product, an image of a fruit or vegetable that is in the jar is applied.

For those who do not like big tablecloths, narrow and long paths will do. Embroidered along the edge of the canvas, they spread along the center of the table. The secrets of needlework for such paths consist in the fact that the pattern must go exactly along the edge and not be too large. Then such a product will look beautiful.

Nuances embroidering napkins cross

To napkins looked neat and beautiful, we must carry out all rules of their embroidery. Experienced skilled workers can rely only on their eye, but beginners should act according to the scheme.

There are a lot of different schemes for napkins, but there are also options for buying a scheme together with a set of tools and materials. Such sets usually include napkin blanks, a chart with instructions, threads and needles with embroidery frames.

Usually embroidery uses a cotton mulina, but for special occasions it is possible to purchase more expensive options. Mouline of wool looks more natural and volume than the threads of their xb. Silk threads are very expensive material, embroidery with such a moulin gives a lot of pleasure, the pattern of them will beautifully shine. Melange - has a gentle color transition, napkins decorated with it, do not require additional decor with beads and beads.

All crosses must be embroidered in one direction. It is desirable that the first diagonal is viewed in the left, and the second - in the right side All crosses must be embroidered in one direction. Desirably, the first diagonal looking to the left, and the second - in the right side

embroider napkin Cross:

  1. napkin to look more carefully at first row of embroider polukrestikov, and then return back to, finishing elements.
  2. To prevent the napkin from messing up the look of the table, make sure that the back side also looks neat.
  3. to neatly hide the remnants of thread after the completion of the work, pass it through the next two crosses, and the remainder of the cut.
  4. Rinse wipes in cool water and dry them. Then iron the iron on the reverse side.

If you decorate a napkin on a napkin, then first draw a line on it, along which the pattern will pass. Take care that the crosses go, exactly on it. If you are not confident in your abilities, then embroider ornaments on a water-soluble canvas, after that you can wash it, and sew a pattern on towels.

Easter napkins: embroidery cross schemes

Easter - is a sacred holiday, which is a major triumph in all Orthodox and Catholic countries. Its main attributes are cakes and colored eggs.

Napkins for such thematic feasts can be decorated in this style, namely eggs and Easter cakes. In Europe, there is such a character as the Easter rabbit, so the image of this animal is also appropriate on napkins.

Embroidered by a dagger on the scheme of napkins can be put on your holiday table or give to friends and acquaintances embroidered cross on the scheme can be put napkins on a festive table or to give to friends and acquaintances

Tips for embroidery Easter napkins:

  • icing on the cross Easter cake can be decorated with embroidered beads and sequins;
  • Such napkins are better for embroidering with woolen threads;
  • Nodules on Easter napkins should not be;
  • When the work is completed, iron the napkins with the iron on the reverse side.

embroidery cross schemes napkins and rings for them

Usually napkins decorating the table for feasts, fold into a tube. To ensure that the cloth does not unfold, you can use fabric rings.

Such rings can be monophonic or colored, and they can also be decorated with a cute little embroidery.

Embroidered tissue rings for napkins look more neat and elegant embroidered fabric napkin rings look more carefully and delicately

Napkin rings can be in addition to the cross-stitch to decorate the beads or beads.

Look great rings with embroidered initials of guests and family members. So each participant of the feast immediately finds its place. To be ready for the arrival of any guest, you can make a lot of rings with embroidery of different letters, and put them on napkins, depending on the need.

Workshop Scheme cross stitch and napkins( video)

Napkins for table decoration significantly improve serving. If you want to surprise and please the guests, you can embroider such things with your own hands.

Details: napkin embroidered Cross scheme( photo examples)