Patchwork trivia and not only: articles and crafts, handicrafts for the house, tablecloth in the patchwork technique, napkins on the table

Make the interior bright and unusual to help you patchwork Make the interior bright and unusual you will help the patchwork Make the interior of your home interesting and original will help decorating yourself, for example, patch trivia and not only. Creative applications, decorated textiles, household items and even furniture will fill the house with comfort, comfort and love. We should not forget about useful semantic elements used in the interior, such as beds, potholders, coasters and organizers.

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Original patchwork for the house

Patchwork, or patchwork - a popular way of decorating the house, used as a skilled housewifezyaykami and experienced designers.

Such decorative elements can harmoniously fit into the most modern interior:

  • Soft bright cushions on the sofas in the living room of the Art Nouveau style;
  • A warm quilt with ruffles in the bedroom of the shebbie chic;
  • Patchwork seat cushions on veranda chairs in eco-style;
  • Patchwork housekeepers and beds for pantry;
  • Beautician or wallet patchwork in a classic bathroom;
  • Patchwork napkins, tablecloths and potholders in a minimalist kitchen;
  • Designer panels in a high-tech hallway.

Patchwork jewelry can be very different, the main thing is to show imagination and stock up on the necessary materials for work Patchwork ornaments can be very different, the main thing is to show imagination and stock up on the necessary materials for work.

Products in patchwork technique look good in any room, it is important to choose the right color range to harmoniously fit them into the overallThe stylistics of the room or, conversely, make them a semantic accent to the overall picture.

It should be noted that handicrafts patchwork involves the use not only of textile elements, but also pieces of wallpaper, plastic and other materials.

There are two techniques to carry out quilt products with your own hands - it is a patch of decor on the canvas and the collection of the entire craft in the patchwork style of pieces.

Comfortable and unique patchwork chair

In the patchwork style, not only decor elements look original, but also furniture, for example a sofa or an armchair. Patchwork technique allows you to make furniture upholstery unique, to depict your abstract pattern and focus on certain details. For this purpose, ready-made schemes are often used.

Using the patchwork technique, you can stylishly and unusually transform the interior of the room Using the patchwork technique, you can stylishly and unusually transform the interior of the room

When implementing the idea of ​​making an armchair in the style of patchwork, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Before work, the old upholstery needs to be removed and used as a templateFor your own creation;
  • Use scraps of fabric that is as strong as the original upholstery;
  • For thin materials, use a lining;
  • When cutting geometric elements, the edge must be properly machined to prevent shedding;
  • The selected images, stitch and tracks must be combined to obtain an integral interior composition;
  • Work on tightening the chair with new material is better to provide professionals.

Similarly, you can patchwork the sofa with your own hands, but do not get carried away and decorate all the furniture with scraps, because in this case, the accents will be too much, and the room will look "jerky".Such an armchair will look good next to a monophonic sofa of neutral color.

Tablecloth patchwork for home tea drinking

Patched patchwork will be appropriate to look in the kitchen or in a separate dining room, when a large table gathers close people over a cup of tea.

In the tone of the tablecloth you can make potholders, wall panels or curtains in the kitchen.

Patchwork tablecloth will not only surprise guests, but also make the festive table original and unforgettable Patchwork tablecloth will not only surprise guests, but also make the festive table original and unforgettable.

Patchwork tablecloth has its own peculiarities:

  • It can be used for an application that reflects the general idea of ​​the room;
  • Certain areas of the tablecloth can be made more dense, so that the stand does not need to be hotter;
  • Patchwork design can give a new life to tablecloths with non-removable stains;
  • Certain areas of the tablecloth can be marked with elements reflecting the places of specific family members at the table.

The craftsmanship of such a product is always pleasant to sit down at a table covered with such a tablecloth, because everyone will appreciate her skill not only in cooking, but also in handicrafts.

Excellent use of this tablecloth in the interior of kitchen curtains, made in the same color range, for the manufacture of which you can use similar geometric patterns and processing in the same style. Curtains may not consist entirely of shreds, they may have poured abstractly shaped pieces.

Handicraft in the technique of patchwork for children's decoration

Parents try to give their children the best, and therefore they equip and decorate their kids' room with the best possible way. One of the ways to design a game room can serve as patchwork for home.

Patchwork can also be used to decorate a children Patchwork products can also be used to decorate the children's room, the main thing is that they are bright and like the child.

The various design elements of the children's room that can be made in scrappy technique include:

  • Curtains;
  • Carpet;
  • Bedspread;
  • Blanket;
  • Toys;
  • Bedding;
  • Napkins on the table;
  • children's wallets;
  • panel on the wall.

For girls and boys, decorative products in the style of patchwork, of course, should vary. Boys are more suitable for blue or beige scales, while girls prefer white and pink colors. Bright accents of red, orange or yellow colors should not prevail in the interior, but certain elements will contribute to the decor of cheerfulness. For example, executed in a scrappy technique a red machine or a yellow ball gown of a princess, the panels will look very organic.

Sewing in patchwork technique will help to create original things that will decorate the house, perfect for gifts or effectively used in everyday life. The children will be very pleased with the clothes in original patches of shreds.

Unique l Sewn embroidery ( video)

Do not be afraid to experiment, handicraft patchwork can revive any boring interior, breathe the warmth of the home into the atmosphere and equip cozy places for sharing time with the family. In addition, you can sew pillows to chairs from patches for guests, and a hot patchwork cup of tea will warm after the winter cold of all relatives and friends. Examples of articles

patchwork( photo interior)