Modern hallway design ideas photo 2017: the corridor is small, the interior is small, the walls of Ikea

A wide variety of decoration materials and furniture allow you to decorate the living room in any style A wide variety of decoration materials and furniture allow you to decorate the living room in any style. The first thing that the owner or guest of the apartment sees when opening the door is the entrance hall. This is an individual business card of each housing, and according to how the hall will be decorated and arranged, an initial impression is created about the interior of the whole house.

      • Design of the small hallway: photo 2017, modern ideas and practical advice
      • Corridor decoration and design: photo 2017, modern ideas
      • Floor and ceiling decoration: modern hallways, design, photo 2017
      • We select furniture for small hallway
      • Lighting: an important role in the design of the small hallway
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      • Design of the hallway 2017: modern ideas( interior photo)

Design of a small hallway: photo 2017, modern ideas and practical advice

Not every owner of his home can boast a wide and roomy hallway. Most often, it is an elongated narrow corridor, in which it is difficult not only to place furniture, but also to be more than 1-2 people.

The design of modern hallways adheres to some rules, here are some of them:

  • If possible, the interior decoration should be made of moisture-resistant materials;
  • Cleaning and cleaning of the room should not be difficult;
  • Strength and durability of furniture and finishes, as the hallway is most often subjected to various kinds of mechanical damage;
  • Environmental friendliness of materials, natural and natural in fashion.

Despite the small area, this place is significant for every home and therefore its development deserves special attention. In addition to the fact that this place should fulfill its functional tasks, place all the accumulated footwear for the year, outer clothing and accessories, so it should also be convenient enough to gather before leaving the house.

When arranging a small hallway it is recommended to use light shades We recommend using light shades

We recommend several tips on how to design the hallway:
  1. Focus on the light palette when choosing the color of the walls. As a rule, light colors help to visually expand the space of a small hallway.
  2. Adhere to minimalism, do not install large-sized furniture or oversaturate the interior with various trifles and details. The closet is ideal for placing clothes and shoes.
  3. The main rule when designing a small corridor is the use of mirrors and glossy surfaces. Mirrors add light and volume to the room, giving it an expensive and luxurious appearance.

Highlight the end of a long, narrow corridor, for example by changing the color of the door or doorway to a darker one. If the door is not provided for in the layout, then at the end you can hang a picture and a photo.

Corridor decoration and design: photo 2017, modern ideas

When selecting the finishing option, it is necessary to take into account the corridor area, the level of pollution and the intended style of the rest of the house.

To date, building materials stores offer a huge selection of wall decoration options:

  • Non-woven, textile, vinyl and other types of wallpaper;
  • Wall-papers;
  • MDF and PVC wall panels;
  • Tile;
  • Paint;
  • Self-adhesive film.

In 2017 it will become popular to use in the hallway of a three-dimensional mirror in combination with lamps located above it In 2017, the use of a volumetric mirror in the hallway will be popular in combination with the lamps located above it.

Popularity is gaining a combination of materials for wall finishing. You can combine not only wallpaper of different colors and textures, but also excellent in properties materials.

For example, the top of the wall can be pasted with wallpaper, and the bottom can be decorated with wall panels. Since the lower part of the wall is more exposed to various kinds of pollution, this option is quite practical. For the same reason, if the choice fell on pasting wallpaper on the entire wall, it is better to choose such types of wallpaper that can be cleaned and washed.

Another fashion trend in wall decoration is the use of panels stylized for wood, stone or even bricks. The requirements applied to materials for wall finishing - moisture resistance, easy cleaning, reliability and durability, are the same for the choice of flooring.

Floor and ceiling finishes: modern hallways, design, photo 2017

Of the possible options for flooring, the best choice will be the use of stone or ceramic tiles. This option looks great when choosing almost any style, and its reliability and ease of cleaning will delight you for a long time. A stylish and practical laminate deserved a good reputation. When decorating their homes, people often began to prefer wood based flooring materials. This option creates coziness and comfort, brings a special mood. The rule of combination is suitable for finishing the floor. The entrance area can be laid with tiles, and the rest of the area can be laid out with a laminate or parquet.

Not so long ago a new technology appeared - polymer-based floors with a 3D pattern. Modern technology allows you to make a floor with a "living" pattern, which looks very realistic. The main advantage of this choice is that the design of the 3D floor depends only on the imagination of the owner.

An excellent solution is the combination of several types of floor coverings An excellent solution is the combination of several types of floor coverings

The options for finishing the ceiling are also great, although the choice often falls on the classic white ceiling.

Relatively inexpensive and practical type of ceiling finishing are stretch ceilings. For a small hallway, such as a narrow corridor, the glossy surface of the stretch ceiling fits perfectly, which will help to optically make the room more spacious and free.

We select furniture for a small hallway

All furniture should be practical and functional, and even more so such functions should have furniture that is located in such small rooms as the hallway. Having made the right decision in choosing furniture, you can organize everything in the hallway so that you can find any necessary thing without effort. A huge selection of similar, multi-functional furniture exists in IKEA stores.

As furniture for small vestibules you can buy:

  • Open storage systems for clothing and footwear;
  • Hangers;
  • Benches playing a role both as a seat and as a shoe shelf;
  • Bedside tables;
  • Shelving and chests;
  • Benches and ottomans.

For a small hallway is perfect for a small wardrobe light color: beige, white For a small hallway, a small light-colored wardrobe is perfect: beige, white

An excellent furniture option for small hallways is a closet that easily accommodates any items. In it there are both convenient shelves for shoes and bed linen, and spacious areas for the placement of outerwear, dresses and suits. An advantageous addition to a small hallway will be the mirrored door of the closet that will help increase space. To design the space of small hallways, built-in wardrobes resemble, the advantage of roomy furniture sets is the organization of the space of corners, which are usually not used.

To make it easier to take off and put on shoes, it is advisable to purchase soft furniture or at least a bench or ottoman.

Lighting: an important role in the design of the small hallway

Most people believe that the entrance is a dark and gloomy corner of the apartment, from which you do not have to wait for warmth or comfort. To improve the impression of the "business card" at home will help properly selected lighting. Lighting plays an invaluable role in the design of the hallway, because before you leave the house, almost everyone looks in the mirror to fix make-up, comb their hair, or fix their clothes, and in dim lighting it is difficult to see yourself in the mirror. And since most hallways do not have windows, the necessary level of lighting should be provided by lighting devices.

If the hallway is small, then it is better to use spotlights than a volumetric chandelier If the hallway is small, then it's better to use spotlights than the chandelier

There are several lighting options for the hall:

  1. General lighting - one light source, such as a chandelier or ceiling light.
  2. Local - used to illuminate specific functional areas. Zones can be divided into: an entrance area, a mirror, a dressing zone. Lighting devices can be halogen lamps, LED strips or sconces. Fixtures, it is possible to use with a dimensional adjustment of the lighting level, to be mounted in a wall, furniture or mirror edge.
  3. Decorative lighting - for lighting a niche in a wall, a plant or a fictitious window.

Lighting in the hallway can be diverse, combine, for example, working and decorative, but at the same time take into account the level of light in the other rooms of the dwelling so that moving around the house or apartment there is no discomfort from sudden light transitions.

Unique design of the hallway 2017: modern ideas( video)

The design of the hallway is better to choose in one common with the whole apartment direction, but do not fixate on a single style, using it throughout the house. Focusing on the above ideas, we can conclude that in the new season in fashion includes the ultimate functionality of the interior and the maximum increase in the space of the hall.

Design hallway 2017: modern ideas( interior photos)