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To make the living room unusual, interesting and cozy is possible with the help of the design of the room in the style of the country Make the living room unusual, interesting and cozy with the help of the design of the room in the style of the country. The interior in the country style is the ideal solution for romantic natures;Lovers of warm colors, comfortable upholstered furniture and environmentally friendly materials;Supporters of ordinary everyday interior items, which, unlike elements in minimalism or high-tech, do not need to hide behind glossy facades without handles. Country is a natural luxury, without pretentiousness and arrogance. How to decorate the living room in the style of country - read the article.

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What distinguishes living room interior in the style of country music

For country is characterized by naturalness and ease: rustic style does not tolerate modern materials, suspended ceilings, shiny floors and unnaturally smooth walls. This makes the style accessible from a financial point of view, as well as from a practical one.

Country style involves the use of only natural materials and natural colors in the design country style involves the use of only natural materials and natural colors in the design

to furnish the living room in a country style using wallpapers and textiles. Here you can see both pastel colors, and flower ornaments, cage, strip. As a decor of one of the walls often use rough stone, brick, wood or imitating materials( block house, carcass).

The ceiling is painted in a classic white color. If the height of the ceiling and the size of the room allow, you can use for the decoration of wooden beams, slats. The floor in country style is tile, wooden boards, stone. The main thing in the finish of the floor is the rough coating "antique".The basic shades are natural, those that are inherent in materials. Designers do not advise using more than three basic colors in the interior of the country.

Design living in

rustic Decor living in country style - this is probably the most affordable decorative items, most of which can be easily spotted in suburban attics or in the far corners of the vaults of city apartments, and if there are not found - alwaysYou can go through the vintage shops.

Particular atmosphere in the guest room in the country style creates decorative elements, so their choice should be approached carefully and competently special atmosphere in the guest room, country-style décor creates an element, so their choice should be approached carefully and competently

So, as decorative elements, you can use:

  • Vintage crocheted napkins;
  • Striped walking tracks-self-winding;
  • Lightweight, vintage curtains;
  • Warm, checkered plaids made of natural textiles;
  • Fabric shades.

The design of the living rooms in the rustic style depends on the direction of the country. For example, for English living rooms in a rustic style, a fireplace can be a key decorative element from a rough stone or a large brick. In the American country, abundant use of interior elements in the style of a hunting lodge is welcomed: rifles on walls, artificial stuffed animals, brick fireplaces, wooden walls and floors. American country will be ideal for decorating out-of-town houses, cottages, cottages.

Living room furniture in rustic style

Country furniture is a simple, good-quality hardware made of untreated wood or material that mimics it. Elements of furnishing of country living rooms should be massive, have comfortable handles. Categorically forbidden smooth, varnished surfaces. Excellent fit in the style of country furniture with artificially aged, made in engineering decoupage, facades. The color palette is natural, beige, white.

To ensure that the living room in the country style was cozy and atmospheric, designers recommend choosing a furniture set that is made of natural wood To Living in country style was cozy and atmospheric, designers recommend to choose furniture, which is made of natural wood

When choosing furniture to avoid modern materials, unusual shapes, chrome parts and appliances better hideFor vintage facades. All technical wires must be hidden.

Upholstered furniture in rustic style - it's comfortable, squat sofas, wicker chairs. Upholstery for sofas country choose natural fabrics: linen, cotton, burlap, wool, sometimes - real skin. It all depends on the direction in style. The colors of the upholstery are brown-beige, sandy, maroon. You can choose furniture with simple geometric patterns, cell, stripe, floral print or decorate the same blankets and pillows, soft sofas and armchairs in neutral tones.

Designers are advised when furnishing the room to avoid a clear symmetry negligence would make the room more comfortable and habitable.

Lighting Elements rustic living

Lighting rustic depend primarily on the country varieties: Romantic Provencal characteristic central chandelier with fine decorative elements, lace textiles, wall or pendant lamps with glass shades;In American country you can see porcelain table lamps;English style implies the presence of identical lighting devices, placed strictly parallel to each other.

Selecting lighting for the living room in the country style, you need to remember that the lighting in the room should be soft and not too bright When choosing lighting for the living room in a country style, it should be remembered that the lighting in the room should be soft and not too bright

General rules for coverage in country style:

  • Warm, softshine;
  • No built-in spotlights, chrome elements;
  • Hidden light bulbs.

as typical elements of light in a country style can come floor or table lamps with shades of textile trapezoidal scattered wall light fixtures with bulbs in the form of candles.

Living in a country style: Provence is one of the areas rustic

main feature of the country is that as the dissemination and promotion, style incorporates the cultural characteristics of different countries. So there, the most popular today, French Country - a rustic style, impregnated with romanticism atmosphere, elegance and simple luxury.

To date, many prefer to choose a country style for the guest room, as it creates a romantic and homely atmosphere indoors Today, many people prefer to choose country music style to the guest room, because it creates a romantic and friendly atmosphere in the room


for olive country characterized by muted, pastel colors: looking for a room impression should emerge, That the textiles and wallpaper faded under the rays of the hot, southern sun. Provence does not recognize artificial, glazed surfaces. For interior decoration of walls, you should choose textiles, wallpaper with floral ornament, brickwork, decorative plaster. For floors suitable wood, deck boards, parquet and laminate. For the ceiling - white interior paint. Additional decorative elements will be multistage, relief plinths and fillets.

furniture and decorative elements

In contrast to the country, for the Provencal fireplaces are not typical, because the style was born in a warmer climate. A distinctive feature of the Provencal is a small floral print for upholstery sofas, wall decoration. Decor objects for the Provencal should be more refined than for typical country: handles, elements of lighting fixtures and furniture - thin, carved. Furniture - functional( for example, light chairs with armrests), with rounded or soft corners. For upholstery upholstered furniture you can use more saturated burgundy, muffled crimson, lilac shades.

You can complete the Provencal interior with fresh or dry flowers in vintage vases.

Modern country room in a small apartment

French country is ideal for a small apartment, because it is characterized by compact, practical furniture. The countryside in Khrushchev is light colors, comfort and coziness. Often with a living room in the country style, the kitchen is combined. This solution allows you to visually expand the room and gives you more opportunities to implement the style.

Even a small living room can be arranged in country style, if you approach the design process correctly Even a small living room you can arrange in a country style, if the right approach to process design


to separate zones using different finishing materials: for example, suitable cold stone for the decoration of the kitchen floor, tile with a matte, roughSurface, for the living area - warm wooden floors, parquet, laminate. An excellent solution to the zoning of the premises will be the use of the former interior wall in the area, as arches, wooden rails, beams.

Interior decoration in a rustic style for a small apartment is carried out on the same principles as for spacious apartments: the main thing here - aged surfaces, dull colors, natural materials.

furniture Provence kitchen-living room

elements of furniture for a small country can become a living: double sofa, a small chair with armrests decorative, low coffee table with carved legs. Ideally, a chest of drawers and a wooden rack, floor or wall mirrors in a wooden frame will fit into the style. For the kitchen area, designers are advised to choose furniture in subdued shades of green, blue, red. The facades of the furniture should be matte, create the illusion of a painted wood.

Beautiful country style will look in the interior of the adjacent kitchen-living room Beautiful Country style will look in the interior of the adjacent kitchen-living room

If the apartment is only one room, in the hall of a small country can be positioned and high, a narrow bed with decorative headboards. The bed frame can be made of both wood and metal( the main thing is that the metal had an archaic appearance).Fence the sleeping area from the general can be a fabric curtain. The role of boxes for clothing and personal items can perform wicker baskets of various shapes and sizes. Curtains in a small living room in a rustic style should be short, made of natural textiles, preferably with floral patterns.

TV and other modern household appliances can be covered with lace linen cloth. This solution will fit perfectly into the Provencal atmosphere.

cozy living room in country style( video)

country style - a modern tribute to the traditions available to urban residents the comfort and warmth of country houses. In order to decorate the living room in country style, you do not have to spend impressive sums or hire expensive designers: to realize the style is entirely for everyone. The main thing is to penetrate the romantic atmosphere of the countryside and then you can enjoy the style and calmness and comfort inherent in the style, easily conquer the hearts of the guests with a unique, cozy interior!

living room design in country style( interior photos)