Wallpaper design for living: Mediterranean interior, children 30 sq m

Wallpaper design for living room (42 photos). Making at overlapping areas. Color compatibility. Features Mediterranean style


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Flats with a small area, unfortunately, not uncommon. And every owner wants in close and small space to win the maximum benefit. Therefore, often have to do in a small apartment versatility and functionality, as much as possible.

Very important thought wallpaper design for the living room, which usually plays a major role even in a studio apartment.

Wallpaper design for living room

What should be the design at overlapping areas

Interior living children

Separate living room area

It has become not uncommon when doing design living room with kitchen, bedroom, balcony and even a children's playroom. In principle, it is possible to combine with everything, except perhaps the bathrooms.

A common living room interior-children kind of came into vogue because of all it is the most profitable option.

Resting in the evening, you can at the same time to pay attention to their children, which is very valuable in the busy working all day parents. Children with this will be under your constant supervision.

Of course, combined in such a way it is necessary to divide the room into zones. a seating area and reception, and the area of ​​the child. It is important to opt for the children's safety and the lightest part of the room.

Study the table it's best to put in the window, because the right lighting is important for the health of the child.

Tip! The sleeping area is better positioned as far as possible from the front door to the room, in the cozy and warm corner. If several children, is very useful in this case would be a bunk bed. When space allows, it is desirable to install a small children's play area with exercise equipment. Such kits are often found on sale, they are compact and safe to install competent.

If there is even the slightest possibility, consider the design of living room with balcony.

Then you will win quite a good portion of space that may be used to maximum advantage.

By combining the living room with children it is important to consider not only the security, the absence of sharp edges in the furniture, plenty of soft objects. Living on the floor above the ground, keep in mind the safety of windows.

It is better to make a high sill and, preferably, set lattice, so you can not worry about the children when they are left alone in the room.

About the color, compatibility and other nuances

living room design in shades of green

Living in shades of green

With regard to the selection of wallpaper for the interior living room which is combined with children, should choose quiet, no annoying color and pleasant pattern. The most auspicious color is green and all its shades.

Therefore, living room design in shades of green will give an atmosphere of tranquility, comfort and convenience.

Advantages of green in the fact that it visually expands the space and creates a feeling of lightness and flight. No wonder it is usually applied in the design of kindergartens.

Do not choose too dark shades of green, especially for the children's area. Calm olive-green, or blue-green just to be out of place. It is important to remember that this color is best combined with white and red.

Note! In this case, the white will give even more peace and tranquility, it will look in combination with green noble and tasteful. If such a combination seems too boring and cold, you can throw a few bright spots in red tones. These may be pieces of furniture, paintings, ottomans, cushions, bright flowers in a vase.

Design living room with balcony

In a large room look great wallpaper with a large pattern

Creating a design living room of 30 square meters, or a larger area, you can use wallpaper with a fairly large figure.

If you have to create a design of a small living room, it is best to pick up small and dim picture.

In the latter case you are visually expand the space. At low ceilings will be to place pattern with vertical stripes, they are visually pripodnimut ceiling.

To calm colors, which should be applied to finish the living room, refers Gray and all its shades.

However, developing a living design in gray, do not get involved in it too dark tones.

It is better to dilute it with white or light gray. This color goes well with red, brown, beige.

Cold gray, and metallic notes are most commonly used in modern styles such as high-tech, minimalism, postmodernism.

But its warm hues, perhaps make a cozy, soft, soothing beautiful interior of the living room into a completely any style.

Interior living room with breakfast bar

Bar in the living room

Very interesting and original look interior room with the bar.

Moreover, this solution gives you a clear division of zones required. With proper placement of the rack is not only decorate the interior, but also to replace bulky partitions, dividing the conditional space.

Bar in the living room can perfectly replace bulky desk, which is not always necessary.

living room design with a stand not only original and easy to use, it is a kind of business card of the owner, speaking of his good taste.

Another advantage of home bars that stand design itself, especially multi-level, involves a plurality of shelves and niches, where it is convenient to arrange bottles, glasses and utensils.

Beautifully arranged, all this in addition to decorate the interior.

It is very convenient to install a rack, if you combine the design of a living room with a balcony.

And if the balcony area in the future will take the kitchen, its combination with the living room just complement the mini bar.

A bit of Mediterranean style

Living room interior in gray

Mediterranean-style wallpaper

It is worth to mention another not only fashionable, but practical style and design of your future living room. It - Mediterranean style, from the title of which it becomes clear that it contains a lot of Spanish, Greek and Italian motifs.

What is the difference Mediterranean interior room from other styles?

Wallpaper for the living room in this style are selected predominantly warm gray and brown shades. Often used figure of stone, pebbles and sand. This pattern mimics stone walls, because it is built out of it most of the house in the region.

Note! The idea of ​​style - at a minimum all the excess, at the same time, everything needed for comfort and cozy atmosphere is necessarily present. The colors used preferably yellow, soft gray and brown colors. I am sure a lot of light, there should be space congestion and excessive pathos. Mediterranean style is a bit like a village, but in a relaxed and improved version.

Mediterranean interior room

For the Mediterranean is characterized by an abundance of greenery

The space in the living room in this style organized without abrupt transitions, where one zone gradually passes into the other.

Almost always, there are many decorative plants and flowers in large pots, mini-gardens, lots of greenery, among which it is pleasant to rest. Without the fire is not usually cost in the interior.

The advantage of natural materials, a lot of wood and stone, embossed texture finish, warm colors, often - mosaic and painting, vaulted or wood-beamed ceilings - this is what distinguishes the Mediterranean style of others.

Having decided to decorate the living room in this style, you will not only surprise your guests with originality, but also to create comfort in the house, comfort and an atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

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