The design of the walls in the living room: the decorate the cover of the drywall under the TV in the room

The design of the walls in the living room (60 photos): creative solutions


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  • 1 Partitions: functionality and design
    • 1.1 About functionality
    • 1.2 A few words about the design
  • 2 Creative solutions for design
  • 3 Decoration of accomodations with large crowds
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The living room can be called almost the main room of any home. The interior should combine comfort and coziness with exclusivity and functionality. Experts recommend to make out the design of the walls in the living mainly in rich color schemes combine a variety of contrasting textures.

In recent years become very popular design of walls made of plasterboard. Such baffles provide separation of rooms and visual selection of multiple zones.

The design of the walls in the living room

Partitions: functionality and design

The design of such barriers may involve a continuous sealing of rooms and various openings, which ultimately provide a decorative effect in the room.

About functionality

The functional partitioning can be built shelves, in which easily will accommodate whatever you want, as well as a variety in terms of aquariums (including through).

frame walls must be tough, especially if you make the partition with integrated door. Stability is provided by a special metal profile.

You should not do drywall walls with openings, such as the repair in a small room will make it at all uncomfortable little room. The partitions between the rooms, you can decorate the vertical or horizontal decorative niches or apertures of different shapes, to build back illumination, put indoor plants or other objects decor.

The design of the walls of plasterboard


Frame walls are plasterboard and functional load. They can arrange wiring, various communication systems built-in equipment.

A few words about the design

Design, first of all, should be combined with trim and shape of the ceiling. In order to achieve a harmonious and complete type of room desired repetition of certain forms.

Note! It is not necessary to pile up excessive living parts. The exception in this case can only be the stickers. These cute stickers are made of vinyl, the power to transform your interior and give it a "flavor".

If you have a large room, it can be divided decorative plasterboard partitions, thereby separating nooks.

When making a very large premises should also follow a few rules:

  • If you want to make the design of the walls in the room, remember that this interior will not tolerate chaos.
  • Emphasize the uniqueness of the room. To do this, you can place the author's works. This is an expensive option decor, however, it is the most popular and has never failed.
The design of the wall under the TV

Example design wall under the TV

With the advent of flat screens is gaining urgency of the matter under the TV wall design. It should agree that just put a TV in cabinet furniture - too simple and uninteresting. With a little imagination, you can come up with more attractive solution.

Factors affecting wall finishes under the TV:

  • apartment layout;
  • interior style;
  • your view of the comfort and glamor of the space around the TV.

Specialists, in turn, offer a dozen ways to aesthetic and original design of the walls with his own hands.

Perhaps decoration arch design, the use of mirrors and lighting as decorative elements.

Creative solutions for design

  1. Apply for a contrasting color

Especially effective this concept will look in a neutral interior. Use different colors, as well as the use of plaster texture.

  1. The use of artificial stone

Such a solution will look stylish and refined many decades later. You can use as a decorative stone and natural. However, the natural stones are much heavier and less practical for use in the walls of the premises.

Best of all would look a combination of those colors that echo the colors throughout the room.

  1. Decorative frame. Materials for the frame can be foam, wood or polyurethane. Such a frame may surround the large area, not only the TV, but also all over the perimeter wall. Inside her space can be wallpapered.

The main thing in this case to use the wallpaper, which differ from those which are decorated with decorative walls. The frame can be painted in a contrasting tone.

  1. wall photos. Mural can be placed in the center or slightly to the left (right) wall. It depends on your personal preferences, as well as the symmetry or asymmetry of the premises.

Decoration of accomodations with large crowds

How to decorate the room, where a large number of people? This question does not cease to be relevant.

Consider, for example, the design of the walls in the nursery. Thus, the modern psychologists say with certainty that the color of the walls in this room plays a major role in the formation of the child's psyche and influence its development.

Often this aspect is not taken into account teachers and builders.

The design of the walls in the nursery

Design example of the walls in the nursery

The walls in the nursery should not be dull, but not dazzle with bright colors, colors should include only the warm colors and shades. Look good painted pictures on the surfaces.

Summing up

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