Interior of a large living room: design in the house, suitable photos, spacious room for the family, color and a huge project

It is necessary to think over the design of the living room to the smallest detail, because this is the main room in the house It is necessary to think over the design of the living room to the smallest detail, because this is the main room in the house. The living room is the main room in the house, the whole family gathers here, they meet guests, so it's very important to think about the design before the slightest detail. A spacious guest room can be not only a hall, it can combine elements of the library, office, creative area. Therefore, when creating the design of a living room, it is necessary to take into account the combinatorics of the finishing material, as well as the combination of colors in the conditionally separated zones of the hall. Also it is necessary to take into account the possibility to arrange accents with the possibility of integrating various kinds of household equipment. At first glance, there may be a feeling that it is an inconceivably difficult task to equip a room of solid meters. But, do not rush to conclusions, decorate and decorate the room in a stylish, harmonious way and without the involvement of masters-designers.

    • Modern large living room: design
    • Separation of the living room by zone
    • Different areas in the large room
    • How to decorate the large living room
    • The color of the large living room: the choice of wallpaper
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A modern large living room: the design of

First of all, it is necessary, on what conditionally the components will be divided into premises. What color will dominate, and which will dilute the main gamut. Also, you need to choose a style in which the decoration of the living room for the family will be sustained. Ideas can be very diverse, the most popular today is the combination of a kitchen, dining room and living room in one space. If the room is arranged according to this scheme, it is important to consider the functionality of the zones.

Everything should be not only beautiful and harmonious, but also create comfort. Once the decision is pleasant, you can begin interior planning.

The guest room should be cozy, and all the items in it must be in harmony with each other The guest room should be cozy and all items in it must be in harmony with each other.

For homogenizing, the rules of uniformity must be observed. For large rooms are well suited different style directions, projects can be varied, but today designers are increasingly arranging rooms in a minimalist style. To decorate the living room in the style of minimalism is very profitable, so these rooms look modern and fresh.

Also for large living rooms styles are suitable:

  • Classics;
  • Modern;
  • Modern.

Modern was loved by designers due to the possibility to use many shades of light. Light colors visually expand the space, make the room airy, light, cozy and fresh.

Separation of living room by zone

If we talk about partitions that divide the large living room into zones, then the choice should be stopped on special glass inserts. If this solution is chosen, then the dining area should be highlighted with bright colors. Be sure to remember about lighting. It is good to choose luxurious designer hanging lamps, floor lamps or other original lamps. It is not superfluous in a large room to look like a coffee table or a chic floor lamp in the center. In non-single-storey houses, where a fairly spacious room can be divided into zones by the so-called electric type.

A large living room can be furnished with a sofa, screen or other elements of decor Large living room can be zoned with a sofa, screen or other decor elements

Simple chambers

  • Shelving;
  • Screen;
  • Curtains.

By the way, the home equipment, the music center and the TV will perfectly fit into the shelving. If this solution is chosen, then the interior should include many details, components of different stylistics. Very actual and unusual will be the use of carpets. Often zoning space does not provide explicit boundaries. In such living rooms, eclecticism prevails, English country. Externally, you can not notice the separation, however, for the household, this option is the most comfortable.

Despite the chaotic nature of the room, all members of the family feel comfortable.

Different areas in a large room

In a large room you can place a library, or even arrange a small workplace. To create a zone for work or creativity, you do not need a lot of space.

In the room you can additionally arrange a workplace, a creative zone or a recreation area The room can additionally be equipped with a workstation, a creative area or a recreation area

For this, the installation is perfect:

  • Operating console;
  • Table;
  • Chair;
  • Lamp;
  • Comfortable armchair.

To properly and effectively design a library, it takes a little more effort. Here to have cabinets and tables along the wall, this will also fulfill the role of zoning. For such living rooms, the country style is ideal. The library is conveniently combined with a dining and kitchen area. The place for reading the book can be separated by a designer screen.

How to decorate a large living room

A huge room is always good, it's the right thing to make it right and interesting. For large living rooms, there is no need to regret the light, so the perfect solution is the device of a glossy or glass ceiling. To decorate a large room elegant fit glass tables and partitions.

It will be suitable to look bright accessories:

  • Textiles;
  • Crockery;
  • Interior items. can be placed in the room, a fireplace or a rustic chest. Products made of stone, natural or artificial, will look great. A definite charm will be given to the beams painted in a dark color. Upholstered furniture should be the opposite tone with the color of the walls.

    It is very important to choose the right color scheme in the interior, everything should be interesting and harmonious.

    The color of the large living room: the choice of wallpaper

    What should be the color of the walls in the living room.

    The designers give some recommendations when choosing the color of the finishing material for the walls of the large living room:

    1. The color range from floor to ceiling should have a transition from darker shades to light colors. This means that if the ceiling is white, then the floor should be dark. This palette is recognized as the best for perception of the eye.
    2. Coziness, comfort and harmony in the atmosphere of the room will bring wallpaper, sustained in a natural style, natural colors.
    3. When choosing it is necessary to give preference to those colors that exactly like. Designers are advised when choosing to imagine the color in which you want to dress and more than once, it is he who will be right for the design. It is important to listen to yourself, since we do not repair often, and if you wall-paper the wallpaper with annoying eyes, this is unlikely to add pleasant emotions.
    4. It's better to choose 3 close neutral colors. On a neutral background, you can place interesting designer accessories very well and without errors.

    It is best to choose wallpaper neutral shades, which can be supplemented with bright accessories It is best to select wallpaper neutral shades that can be supplemented with bright accessories

    You can not forget about the sides of the world, that is, where the windows go in the room. Here we must observe the principle of the opposite. That is, if the windows on the north side, the walls should be pasted with wallpaper of warm colors and vice versa, if the windows face south, the walls can be made colder. If the windows go to the east, then you can cover the walls with bed colors, and if to the west, it is better to pick up all the shades of lilac, saturated with green. It is important when choosing how to look at the walls in the room in the evening. The color of the walls depends on the color of the furniture.

    Experts recommend not to forget about the rule of 5 colors. It sounds like this: in one room you can not use more than five colors.

    Walls should be lighter than furniture, however in dark interiors everything can be exactly the opposite, dark walls are light furniture. However, the classic combination of light walls, dark furniture always remains in the trend and if you want an impeccable result, you should prefer it to the classics. Today, the most popular colors for the walls are chocolate, beige, white, bright shades.

    Spacious living room interior( video)

    The color of the walls is incredibly important for the living room, so the selection of the finishing material should be taken as carefully as possible. The wallpaper can be replaced by staining or plastering - this is also an interesting solution for large central rooms. Adhering to recommendations and advice, it will be possible without the help of the designer to design the living room according to individual design.

    design of a large living room( photo)