Fashionable living rooms 2017 photos: design and novelties, interior of a small, stylish room of the year, repairs and solutions

Mirrors, furniture made of glass and plastic - multifunctional decor elements perfectly reflect the trends of 2017.

Design in the style of minimalism is not suitable for large rooms, because in them and without that spacious Design in the style of minimalism is not suitable for large rooms, because they are already spacious

New trends in design - it's an industrial theme. Brick walls, pipes and wires, careless details create their own atmosphere, while not depriving the room of coziness.

The industrial living room is always filled with new-fangled interior items:

  • Ceiling beams from natural wood;
  • Metal partitions, constructions for zoning;
  • Large open spaces;
  • Industrial lighting components.

Solid color, strong lighting and interior items of the most modern materials - this is the minimalism.

Repair of the living room 2017: fashion materials

What are the best materials and textures used in the design of the living room?In fashion - all natural.

Wooden floor coverings, carpets made from natural materials, ecological textiles for windows - the texture of natural materials is always unique and unique.

Actual trend - wallpapers. It would seem that this method of finishing the walls has long lost its former popularity, but 2017 again returns the wallpaper to our living rooms. Following the trend of individualism, it is best to make wallpapers or wallpaper with a drawing on their own sketches. Stone, concrete, ceramic tiles are simple materials, but how much they mean in modern design.

. At the same time this year's keynote is simplicity, which means that it is not worth overloading the ceiling with complex designs.

Main season trends:

  • Democratic white smooth ceilings;
  • Glossy stretch ceilings;
  • Zoning with suspended structures;
  • Ceiling beams from natural materials.

As for the ceiling finish, there are still multi-level and stretch ceilings.

New trends in window design

The center of any living room is a window. And the modern trends of textile design of the room amaze with its diversity. Curtains for the hall are also a mixture of styles and forms, the use of different textures and a field for experiments.

The most current curtain models:

  • Simple straight curtains in monophonic design;
  • Eyelets;
  • Curtains on rings;
  • Night curtains.

Like any element of the decor of the modern living room, curtains for the hall should carry the maximum practicality Like any decor element in the modern living room, the curtains for the hall should carry maximum practicality.

Whether it is worth using textiles in the hall depends on the style of the room. As for the material, then in this matter the natural fabrics predominate. Caring for them often involves a number of difficulties, but true connoisseurs of fashion are not afraid of curtains made of satin, silk and flax.

Scandinavian style and loft seek to abandon curtains, while minimalism can not exist without an accent in the form of bright curtains.

Luxurious living rooms-2017: all attention to detail

Simple colors, clear lines and strict shapes - comfort in such an interior creates exactly the details. Every professional designer knows - bright accents and small details are most important. The novelties of this year are the things of Hand Made. And even if you do not have the opportunity to make your own accessories and interior items, you can always buy original elements for decor: paintings, figurines, floor lamps.

Today corner couches are very popular, and the reason is one: functionality:

  • Saves space;
  • Allows you to store things in a compact way;
  • It is laid out in a comfortable bed.

Upholstered furniture is the personification of any living room, as well as comfort and coziness. Upholstered furniture is the epitome of any living room, as well as comfort and comfort

Soft puffs, also popular in modern living rooms, complement the basic composition, can also serve to store things. Openness and simplicity of design adjoins the idea of ​​storing things in open shelves and on shelves.

The novelties of the season are associated with the color decision of furniture - it is necessary to choose the shades closest to the base color.

This creates lightness in the interior, and massive shelves will not burden the interior

Modern interior room ideas( video)

The living rooms of 2017 are a mixture of styles and colors, simplicity and functionality. Individual approach to design, the search for original solutions and the embodiment of their ideas - this living room will become a fashionable model and will become a place for a pleasant stay. Do not overload the interior with details - bright accents and small details will create a cozy atmosphere, even among the stone walls.

Trendy living in 2017( photo)