Photo arch in the hall: instead of the door, design and decoration between the corridor, apartment with their own hands, how to make beautiful

Using the arch, you can significantly improve the aesthetic qualities of the hall and give it originality With the help of the arch, it is possible to significantly improve the aesthetic qualities of the hall and give it the originality of . In modern apartments, arched constructions are increasingly found. They perform several functions at once: they save space, unite the rooms, add zest to the interior. Especially common are the arches in the studio apartments, where each meter counts. The most popular are gypsum board arches, so today we'll talk about their types, how they change the design of the room and how they are profitable to beat.

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Which arc to choose in the

hall The arch should complement the interior and harmonize with the rest of the room. Choose the type of construction in accordance with the situation of the room. It is not necessary to place an arch in the Art Nouveau style or minimalism in an exquisitely furnished living room, also make sure that the transition from the two combined rooms was not sharp.

When designing a living room with an arch, you should know a few tips:

  • The arch in the room should be wide enough to visually enlarge the room and create the impression of luxury, lightness and spaciousness in the room;
  • There are no restrictions in design in the hi-tech style, everything depends on your imagination;
  • Dome arches should be left for rooms made in Asian style;
  • Arch-portal is a universal option for any apartment;
  • For classics, choose round arches, leave square for modern directions of interior.

If the hall is large, then it is recommended to make a wide arch If the hall is large, it is recommended to make a wide arch

The width of the arch depends on the size of the doorway. The wider it is, the narrower the passage between the rooms, therefore, to achieve harmony and comfort in the room, it is necessary to arrange adjacent rooms as close as possible to each other. Very beautiful looking arches in spacious living rooms, they allow you to zonate the room, place accents in a certain part of the room. The arch allows you to distinguish the working area from the rest zone, create a unique atmosphere of comfort.

The design of arches can be very different - from the form and shape to the presence of any decor and patterns. Before installation, study each type of arched constructions and choose the most attractive.

Variants of placement of arches in the hall: photos and design solutions

Arches in the hall can be very diverse, as we already said. If you have already made or chosen an acre, the question is - how to decorate it?Expensive constructions, usually, do not need to decorate, various frescos and patterns are already present.

However, simple gypsum plasterboard arches can be decorated in many ways:

  1. Most associates arches with country houses and cottages, in which case arches should be made of wood or stone. The latter can be both natural and artificial, it is a universal material that looks original and fits well into the atmosphere of any room.
  2. Pay attention to the polyurethane mixture, it can also be trimmed with an arch construction to simulate stucco molding.
  3. If you live in a private house, then use brickwork, this is an unusual design of the arch decoration, while it is quite durable and does not require special care.
An excellent solution is to equip the arch with spotlights that will provide additional lighting for the hall An excellent solution is to equip the arch with spotlights that will provide additional lighting for the

. In modern apartments, the decoration of plasterboard arches with various built-in lights is becoming more popular, thus the arch can serve not only zoning but also additionalLighting element. Arches are used instead of doors to the hall, corridor, kitchen. Often, the arch is a kind of barrier separating the kitchen from the living room or dining room. They can be used both in modern homes, and in the usual Khrushchev between the corridor and the kitchen, to save space.

Beautiful arches can be made by hand from plasterboard, but for this you need to act carefully, so if you are not sure of your abilities - do not go for it.

The arch instead of the door to the hall

The arches that are now most often seen in modern apartments and houses came to us from the countries of Asia. Eastern interiors almost always include arches, there are almost no doors there.

Various types of arched constructions allow differentiating the interior, at present the following are distinguished:

  • Round arches;
  • Square arches;
  • Asymmetric arches;
  • Modern arches;
  • Semiars;
  • Eastern arches.

Beautifully designed arch can become a full-fledged replacement of the door between the hall and the corridor A beautifully designed arch can become a complete replacement of the door between the hall and the corridor

Round and square arches are considered classic and are used for visual entrainment of space and creating a sense of high ceilings. A great option for studio apartments, apartments and houses with high ceilings. In modern apartments, asymmetrical arches are also used. They are rare, they are chosen by creative natures: musicians, artists. Allows you to hide low ceilings, looks very unusual, fits into modern interiors.

Modern arches have a smooth arch that visually makes the room wider, also ideal for small apartments with low ceilings.

Half-arches are often placed in living rooms and are richly decorated with various decorative elements. Eastern arches have a vault in the form of a dome, it is best to install them in a living room decorated in Asian style.

Design hall with an arch in the apartment

Recently, the most common are some types of arches.

It is:

  • Semicircular;
  • Rectangular;
  • Figured.

Semicircular arch looks good in the interior, made in the classical style The semicircular arch looks good in the interior made in the classic style

Of course, the most common variant of the arches in the living rooms is a classic arched construction in the form of a semicircle. It's not surprising, this kind of arches looks stylish, laconic, perfectly fits both in the classical style, and modern. A design is established between the living room and the kitchen, which makes it possible to distinguish between these two zones. Such an arch can be installed in any room regardless of the style chosen.

The second most popular type of arched constructions can be called rectangular. It does not require special alterations in the house, it looks very nice, it sorts the space. Styles - classics, modern, minimalism, high-tech.

Arches with a trapezoidal dome are ideal for a gothic style living room. Wave-shaped - the choice of creative personalities, decorate the room in the style of pop art, modernism, minimalism, in order to add vitality and dynamics to the interior. Ellipsoidal arches are suitable for a luxurious classic interior or exquisite baroque, they can be decorated with frescoes to add to the interior a special chic.

Arch building in the hall( video)

Of course, the arches are more convenient than the interior doors. They save a lot of space, look laconic and accurate. You can create a gypsum cardboard arch with your own hands, and you can make it to order by selecting the look and decorations, depending on the interior of the living room. Arches will always remain an actual design solution for a wide variety of styles, so if you have a studio apartment, be sure to consider installing arch structures.

arch design in the room( photo in the interior)