Condensation on the balcony after warming: how to get rid of mold, what to do and how to fight, glazed ceiling

Condensation on the balcony after insulation - a common phenomenon Condensation on the balcony after warming - a phenomenon common very unpleasant, when on the balcony of the formation of black mold that spreads very quickly, there are bugs. To get rid of all this, it is not enough just to wash the walls and ceiling, since an integrated approach is required, due to which it is possible to clean both mold and fungus.

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condensation on the balcony after warming

often, after the warming of the balcony, there is condensation on the surface of walls, ceiling and windows. Initially, when such a problem arises, it is worthwhile to carefully check the sequence of work performed to identify a defect in them. In addition, you need to think about the option of building a heating system in the room, which will require an individual approach.

In particular, it is possible to make central heating or, in other words, to remove pipes from an apartment only after obtaining permission in a special service.

Otherwise, this will be considered a serious violation and will entail not only a fine, but also a compulsory elimination of the pods. As soon as there was condensation on the ceiling or balcony walls, you need to analyze it and determine the appearance.

Condensation on the balcony after the insulation can be of several types condensate on the balcony after warming may be of several types

It is classified according to the surface on which is formed, and it may be:

  • walls;
  • Windows;
  • Ceiling.

There are differences in the seasonality of condensate - demi-season, formed in spring and autumn and winter, appearing only in the cold season. In addition, the accumulation of droplets on the peak is possible, which is due to increased humidity in the air.

Tips: how to get rid of mold on the balcony

The appearance of the fungus on the wall or windows significantly spoils the appearance of the room, and, naturally, the first thought will be the desire to remove it. However, it is necessary to fight the problem only after the cause of the occurrence is identified. It should be noted that fungus and mold are especially dangerous formations that can cause serious diseases in the human body, for example, allergies, asthma and even tuberculosis in mild form.

Even if the glazed balcony can be a number of reasons for the appearance of the fungus:

  1. presence of poor ventilation.
  2. Low temperatures and constant dampness.
  3. Condensate is the original cause of mold, which is formed in the form of moisture falling on the surface of the panes and walls of the balcony.

Mold on the balcony may appear due to poor ventilation Mold in the balcony may appear due to poor ventilation

Usually damp occurs if the balcony is insulated not carefully and have drafts and openings overlooking the cold air from outside, and wet occurs when a regular dryingLinen. The optimum temperature for the development of fungal spores is 19 ᵒC and above, and humidity is more than 60%.That is why, if the room is too high humidity and temperature, then it requires a good ventilation.

If the condensation is not eliminated and the cause of its formation, mold is guaranteed.

To process the room, you can use any modern means, but initially you need to eliminate sources of dampness, humidity and condensation.

What to do if there is condensation on the balcony

It is necessary to eliminate the condensate correctly, and it is first necessary to determine the type of the sediment. As a rule, the reason for the formation of condensate is a sharp temperature drop, which leads to the formation of a kind of sediment on the surface of the windows. The air at night, cools down on the street, but inside the room remains warm and a similar drop causes condensation.

If the balcony does not have a heating system, the condensate in the winter season will be formed by:

  • The penetration of warm air to the balcony;
  • When the door is opened;
  • Use of the window.

Condensation on the balcony must be corrected correctly Condensation on the balcony need to be addressed properly

When hanging clothes in the winter time and in the absence of heating on the balcony too, there is a dampness of the laundry, she will remain in the room, but because of the lack of heat and drying, Condensation and mold will soon accumulate.

If there is heating in the room and it is used year-round, the condensate may become too moist, which is required, for example, in a greenhouse.

In this case, in order not to overdo it with humidification, it is desirable to install special devices that automatically adjust the humidity level, and this is how mold can be eliminated.

Getting rid of mildew on the balcony

Many people think that to get rid of mold on the balcony, you can simply rubbing it with a towel, but it will occur again. The fight against this problem begins with the elimination of the root cause of the formation of the fungus. Basically, the condensate and the subsequent mold begin to form on the windows, both plastic and glass.

How to fix the problem:

  1. necessary to take care of a good ventilation of the room, what you can do even with their hands. You can install a forced draft, as well as a mechanical one, which is driven manually.
  2. Ventilation must be installed in conjunction with the insulation, sealing and waterproofing of the room. Only in this case it is possible to exclude penetration of dampness from the street, as well as leaks in the event of precipitation.
  3. In addition, you can install a system of warm floors to be warm, not only the floor, but all the space, and therefore, will be eliminated dampness, humidity and possible condensation.
  4. No less attention should be paid to the glazing of the balcony. As a rule, poor-quality and single-chamber structures are most susceptible to condensate formation, as they have high thermal conductivity, and at the slightest temperature changes on the street, indoor precipitation will fall out.

To permanently get rid of mold, you need to think over the ventilation system on the balcony To get rid of mold, you need to consider the ventilation system on the balcony

Experts recommend choosing quality PVC window three or four-.They not only do not pass a low temperature, but also have additional insulation. In some cases, simply place the heat insulator from the inside, but if the balcony is dilapidated or if the insulation was previously laid, but it is obsolete, then processing is possible from the outside.

For internal insulation use mineral wool, polystyrene foam, foam and mounting foam.

Small seams and joints are sealed with frost-resistant special sealants. The most popular designs are special valves, which pull out dampness and humidity and let fresh air in, excluding the penetration of dust, dirt and insects into the room. It is excellent ventilation - this is the most successful way to make the loggia and balcony room comfortable, cozy and, most importantly, perfectly suitable for staying.

Location condensation on the balcony after warming( Video)

Generally, condensation and mold problems are interrelated, and therefore by preventing a problem, you can get rid of the other. Those who have already encountered fungus and mold know that it is extremely difficult to get rid of them, so it is better to prevent the problem than to deal with it later with serious and particularly complex measures.