Balcony design: for the loggia of the idea, the interior with their own hands

Thanks to a wide variety of finishing materials, it is possible to decorate any balcony in a beautiful and original way Due to the wide variety of finishing materials can be nice and original issue any balcony insulate and glaze the balcony, you can dramatically change the design of this room, to make the space more functional, and not have to worry about changing weather conditions. How to do this - read below.

    • First steps: design of balconies and loggias
    • Tips and ideas for the design of the balcony
    • ways to create balconies interior design and balconies
    • Popular design style balconies with their hands
    • cozy design balcony( video)
    • balcony design( interior photos)

first steps: design balconies and loggias

If loggia planned to be used as an area for recreation, it is better to buy a sliding plastic or aluminumstems frame, they will be more easy to use and will last a long time.

Choose a design for the balcony should be based on its size and personal preferences of the owners choose the design for the balcony should be based on its size and personal preference hosts

Before beginning any design, you need to make a few important steps, they will greatly facilitate the process of work in the future:

  • must clear allPart of the balcony from unnecessary things, replace the old floor covering, frames, if necessary, insulate and make the walls;
  • Next, you need to take care of the heating and lighting of the balcony;
  • The final stage is the development of design and additional decoration.

also need to pay attention to the furniture for the loggias - you need to pick up these ideas for interior design, so they do not clutter up a small space, and were at the same time light and multifunctional. Add warmth, excellent climate and comfort in indoor room flowers. It is better to choose such types of plants that love a lot of light, are unpretentious in their care and saturate the air with oxygen.

Tips and ideas for balcony design

Each idea requires a careful approach, and compliance with certain rules. If it is planned to create a working room in the room, it is necessary first to thoroughly insulate it, and also make noise and waterproofing, these basic elements will allow to increase the service life of the equipment and create the necessary atmosphere.

It is necessary to organize the working area so that all necessary items are at hand. Do not interfere with additional lamps or lamps, you may also need an adapter or extension cable.

Decorating is better done in a light color, preferring pastel shades, especially pleasant for the eyes will be peach color.

You can extend the main room at the expense of the loggia by removing the walls and window, or partially. In any case, it is necessary to permit the special bodies of the BTI, because incorrect planning can endanger the safety of all residents of the house and create an emergency situation in the building. Experts advise after agreeing and permission to join, be sure to deal with the ceiling - it must be complete, then the room will look stylish and harmonious.

To give a balcony of comfort and coziness is possible by installing on it an electric fireplace Give balcony comfort and relaxation can be achieved by the installation of its electric fire

Before starting work, and the development of design with their own hands, you need to accurately represent and to create, preferably in computer form, plan for future facilities, to look into the availability of stores:The

  • The right furniture;
  • Accessory;
  • Decorative materials.

If this point is left out, the final result in most cases will bring disappointment. The workshop should contain several multi-function lockers for various trifles, as well as a convenient table, it is better that it should be added if necessary, this will expand the room in case of various situations associated with fitting or searching for any items. It does not hurt to have a small tablet or a laptop with a router, because many experts scan various seminars or video lessons to improve their professional skills and knowledge.

Ways to create interior design of balcony and loggia

The most popular types of finishes for today are plastic panels - they have different shades, are unpretentious in care, are easily mounted by their own hands. To ensure that they are not disharmonized with the general style of the house, one must adhere to the use of similar material in other rooms, emphasizing a few details.

The affordable price category and the availability of a variety of colors, even with imitation wood or stone, makes this material the most popular, so it is leading today.

Decorative stone - this type of finishing material is quite expensive, but it is completely compensated by the service life. If the room has small children, you need to carefully select the elements, without the presence of sharp corners, about which the baby can be injured or hit.

Moisture resistant plasterboard - the use of this material replaces several tools at once:

  • Primers;
  • Thorough putty;
  • Use of moisture-resistant coatings;
  • In the presence of a not very flat surface, it is able not only to align it well, but also has an anti-fire properties, which is very good for general room security.

Coating of cork - is a pleasant and environmentally friendly material, it has a specific color and structure, so before you select need to present the final result to be disappointed at the end of the work, because there is a similar coating is cheap.

To visually expand the balcony, when decorating it is worth using materials of light colors To visually expand a balcony, with its decoration should use light colors materials

Decorative plaster - is a type of painting, but supplemented with interesting structural elements. In the presence of artistic abilities and fantasy, you can create a unique project that can please the eye and cheer up.

Painting - refers to the simplest and most accessible types of finishes, but at the same time, before using it, you need to carefully prepare surface - proshpaklevat, sanded, because on it will be visible all the bumps, rough spots and stains.

You can also easily combine several of these materials at the same time, creating an interesting design and easy-to-use room. For flooring, the most suitable is tile, parquet, carpet, linoleum or laminate. Everything depends on the overall style of the room and the financial capabilities of the owners, because some materials are characterized by a higher price category, but they will last longer and will be more environmentally friendly.

Popular design styles of the loggia with their own hands

When designing the loggia, most of the owners stop at the simplest versions. Classics is an absolute leader, it is characterized by strict lines, pastel shades, exquisite and expensive furniture. Provence gives a person to feel relaxed and relaxed, adjusting to positive emotions.

Loggia can be easily arranged for a workplace Loggia is easy to arrange a workplace

This style is characterized by simple and natural fabrics, mostly white furniture, making sure there must be real flowers. Modern - modern style, featuring simplicity in lines, but at the same time full convenience and the availability of modern technology. He is preferred by business people, keeping pace with the times.

cozy design balcony( video)

In conclusion, it is worth noting that in recent years has become a popular Mediterranean style, which is characterized by natural materials, turquoise, mint and blue shades, and to maintain the ideas in the loggia you can hang a hammock.

balcony Design( Interior photos)