Loggia design: ideas for a balcony, arrangement and decoration, photo of an interior of 6 meters, cozy large finish

Balconies and loggias, with the right approach, have great potential for application balconies and loggias with the right approach has great potential application Many people do not know how to dispose of free space on a balcony or loggia, and turn them into a warehouse a variety of things. How to make everything beautiful - read more.

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Practical examples of ideas for balcony

Even the smallest balcony can be turned into one of aMykh favorite places in the apartment, with no drastic measures are not required, most importantly, you must make an effort to come up with an interesting idea, and put it into practice. To make it easy for anyone to equip a balcony, and with their own hands, almost without involving specialists, you can use the examples below.

In many ways, the purpose of the finished balcony will depend on its size Largely purpose trimmed balconies will depend on its size

Construction begins with:

  • Cleanup on the balcony;
  • Its glazing;
  • Warming;
  • Sheaths;
  • If necessary, you can perform a cosmetic repair.

Glazing, insulation and repair is best entrusted to professionals. After you can proceed with the arrangement, and the easiest option is to install a pair of chairs or chairs and attach a balcony to the wall, a reclining semi-circular wooden table.

For more coziness, several floral plants can be hung on the walls.

On the end of the balcony you can install a small cabinet cabinet, and not some old-fashioned, and modern beautiful with a soft seat and a small back. The seat of such a cupboard cabinet will recline, and inside it you can store small things, and the cabinet-cabinet itself, like a seat. And along the long side of the balcony you can arrange a real elongated small flower garden on the floor, just do not forget about the waterproofing.

If the balcony is large, you can even make a summer bedroom, for this you need to install a bed, you can even a modern cot, hold lighting, and hang beautiful curtains on the windows.

example of arrangement balcony

work on arrangement of the balcony begins with cleaning the balcony, removal of all unnecessary and repairs, glazing, insulation, etc. If necessary, a floor heating on the floor of the balcony, which will allow to maintain a tolerable temperature in winter. On top you can lay a laminate or carpet, but you need to lay a special cloth, designed to ensure that under it will be a warm floor, as well as a special tufted carpet.

If you plan a warmed balcony, equip it with multi-compartment double-glazed windows If planning insulated balcony, equip it with multi-chamber Fiberglass

walls of the balcony you can sheathe:

  • siding;
  • PVC panels;
  • Other materials, for example, lining if the balcony is subsequently stylized as a country style.

After all the works, you can start the arrangement, which consists of the stages. To create a comfortable workplace, you can use a small computer desk, you can hang a shelf with several compartments on the end wall and install a compact chair.

If people live in Khrushchev, where there is a catastrophically small amount of storage space, a small storage room can be organized on the balcony using modern storage systems.

The storage system can be presented to two wardrobes from Ikea, height from the floor to the ceiling, installed at the ends of the balcony. If the area of ​​the balcony allows, you can equip it in the gym, you can put a couple of simulators, and leave room for warm-up. And all the things necessary for sports will be stored in small wall cupboards or on beautiful open shelves.

Correct registration of the

Loggia in modern houses, especially if it is large( 4-meter or more), these are additional square meters, which are by no means superfluous. Loggia can be designed for a room of different directions, the main thing is to think over the design, and use the loggia for certain needs.

The all-season balcony can be fitted to the style of the villa Seasons balcony can be fitted to the style of garden

equipped bar, for that along the long side of the loggia( where 4-meter) bar issued, its size depends on the dimensions of the loggia. In addition, in one end of the loggia you can put a mini fridge for drinks, set a coffee machine on it, and at the other end, install a small sofa.

useful arrangement of the playing area for children, again, if space allows, the game can be arranged in different ways:

  • soft non-slip mat on the floor;
  • Smooth outlines of all corners on the loggia;
  • Safety tables for toys;
  • Bright colors in the design of the loggia, etc.;
  • And, of course, the most important thing is reliable locks on the frames so that children can not open them.

Winter garden decoration is also possible, but for this you need to insulate the loggia, make a waterproofing, hold a highlight for the plants. When finishing the loggia, you should use natural materials - wood, bamboo, imitation stones. You can put a small fountain, and provide a place for a chair with a small table made of rotan or wicker. For colors, you need to use a variety of stands, and also provide space for storing inventory to care for flowers.

best examples

arrangement cozy balcony How to make a cozy balcony, this question is raised by many property owners, and to ennoble the balcony, and make it cozy, there are many ideas that allow you to make this space a favorite vacation spot or a place to work.

How pleasant it is to spend time on an improvised veranda, contemplating the surroundings What a pleasure to spend time in a makeshift porch, watching the neighborhood

all depends on the desires, fantasies, and, of course, financial opportunities.

Before you do anything, you need to repair the room, and only after that you can bring comfort. To create coziness on the balcony, there are certain ideas and options. Accomplishment of the balcony begins with the installation of furniture accessories, for a small balcony suitable light folding chairs, with the same small folding table. And part of the folding table top can be attached to the wall. Some mount a suspended hammock chair to the ceiling, and add different accessories for decoration.

If a small balcony, part of it can be used as storage space, for example, you can install on the sides of the balcony shelves from floor to ceiling, on which you can place:

  • Books;
  • Figurines;
  • And even small flowers in pots.

You can arrange a balcony by making a study from it, from the balcony end you can put a small table, with shelves and place on it all the necessary things, put the computer. It is worth taking care of the workplace lighting. You can make a reading corner inside a narrow balcony, you need to put a bookcase or shelves in the end of the balcony, next to it a small armchair, a round table, and hang a beautiful wall lamp for lighting.

options and ideas for balconies

Often, loggia is used as a place of storage or as a storage room, which stores all sorts of unnecessary or necessary things. This is due to the habits of storing things in reserve, and with inability to organize space. Loggia equipment begins with cleaning, and repair and after that begins its re-registration, and for this you must first choose a style, and only then draw up a loggia according to the chosen style.

Balcony in French style gives great design possibilities French-style balcony gives great design possibilities

The loggia interior can be made in the style of Provence, the loggia is finished:

  • Natural materials;
  • You can use the tile;
  • Simulating a stone is also good.
  • The ceiling and walls can be painted in light colors, not only in white, but also light beige, light blue, etc.

The Italian style includes floors trimmed with wood or ceramic tiles, a palette of colors should be approximated to the shades of ivory with the mandatory introduction of orange and red tones. The ceiling is finished with stucco or plaster. You can decorate the loggia in the now popular loft style, but this option is only used for a large loggia with panoramic glazing. Elements of decor should be minimum, and furniture should be the most simple and executed in one color scheme.

There are other interesting ideas for the loggia, for example, landscaping, planting pots and boxes for plants, and at the same time, this way of decoration will cost inexpensively. And the rest zone on such a beautifully decorated loggia will turn out just fine. It is also possible to use stained glass with glazing, the stained-glass balcony from the outside will look interesting.

Tips: how to make a balcony in the apartment

If there is no balcony, then it can be built if it is the first floor of the house, but before its construction, it is necessary to draw a plan, and it should be drawn by a professional. Together with the balcony you can build a storage room, a pantry under the balcony will store a lot of things. Such a functional balcony will bring a lot of benefit to the person who built it. To build such a balcony is necessary in accordance with certain rules and regulations.

When you are going to attach a balcony to your apartment, you will get permission from state agencies are going to attach to his apartment balcony, be sure to get permission from the state authorities

In addition to being made a plan, you must:

  1. Get permission from the neighbors;
  2. Consult with a lawyer;
  3. Then order a detailed drawing in the architecture management;
  4. Get permission in BTI;
  5. And only after that you can proceed directly to the construction.

is important to make all payments to the open or closed balcony withstood not only your weight but also the weight of people and things that are on it is, for example, one-bedroom or a double lounger bench, chest of drawers and other things. The same applies to the corner balcony attached to the corner apartment.

As for the construction of a balcony on the second floor, everything is more complicated here, since additional supports are required, since it is not possible to build bearing beams in the walls, as this can disrupt the integrity of the house.

Cozy loggia design( video)

Using the above techniques and techniques, many people can make a choice to decorate their balcony or loggia. Including, you can make a fashionable balcony that will stand out among other ordinary buildings.

Design ideas for the balcony( photo examples)