Painting the ceiling with a roller of cunning video: how to paint water and acrylic, which is better and how right, what is needed and how to choose, the better the brush

The right choice of roller for painting the ceiling will achieve the highest quality result The right choice of roller for painting the ceiling will achieve the highest quality result There are many different ways to transform the ceiling surface. One of these methods is painting the ceiling. Roller is an excellent tool for carrying out this work. However, there are a number of special tricks that will make the painting of the ceiling more easily and efficiently. If you want to see the ideal result from painting with a roller, then read below!

    • What should be a roller to paint the ceiling
    • What a roller to paint the ceiling latex paint
    • How to paint the ceiling latex paint roller
    • Painting ceilings acrylic paint roller
    • ceiling painting roller( video)

What should be a roller for painting the ceiling

Not every roller is suitable for painting the ceiling. This is due to the specifics of this surface: a large area, the need for a smooth and even staining, an uncomfortable location of the surface. It should also focus on the necessary preparatory work before painting. It is necessary to carefully level, plaster and primetovat ceiling.

Instead of leveling the ceiling, it is possible to make a gypsum plasterboard suspended ceiling. Before applying the paint, it is also recommended to apply a primer coat for perfect evenness of the ceiling and better adhesion.

For a better result of painting the ceiling, choose wide rollers For the best result of ceiling painting, choose wide ridges

If you compare the roller with a brush, you can find a significant advantage of the first before the second:

  • Brush, no matter how good it is, leaves streaks and streaksOn the surface to be painted. With the roller there is an opportunity to avoid this.
  • The roller absorbs the paint, which saves time compared to a brush, which has to be dipped much more often.
  • The roller stains a larger surface than the brush with the same energy costs.
  • With a special long handle for the roller, the use of this type of tool will be much more convenient than painting with a brush that is not possible without a stepladder.

If we talk about the characteristics of the roller for painting the ceiling, the recommendations here are quite simple. For an ideal result, use a wide roller with a pile of natural fur. The length of the pile is also important. Choose a long pile that absorbs more paint.

How to paint a ceiling with a water-based paint

Water-based paint is a very popular choice for painting ceilings. This paint is inexpensive, has a wide range of shades, its environmental friendliness is in the lead, it dries quickly and is easily applied.

There are several types of water-based paints, each of which has its own functional differences:

  1. Mineral water-based paints are rarely used for interior finishing. The destiny of this type of paints is the facades.
  2. Silicate paint is not suitable for wet rooms, but nevertheless for interior decoration can be used.
  3. Acrylic water-based emulsion is very resistant to different types of influences. But for bathrooms this type of paint is not recommended.
  4. Silicone-based water emulsion is suitable for any type of room. It looks expensive and beautiful. Its cost is higher than other types of water emulsions, but it's worth it: the durability of such paints is higher than that of any others, the paint does not fade in the sun, does not deform from moisture or cold.

Thus, the choice of paint depends on the purpose of the room. As for the roller, then to all these types of colors the same roller will do. Stop your choice on the roller with a comfortable handle, rather wide with a long natural pile.

A roller with a long natural pile is able to absorb a lot of paint and distribute it evenly on the surface Roller with long natural nap is able to absorb a lot of paint and distribute it evenly over the surface

It is recommended to purchase a special paint tray for the roller. It is convenient to roll paint on the roller, which minimizes the possibility of the appearance of stains on the ceiling.

How to paint a ceiling with water-based paint with a roller

If you have chosen the roller and all the related products, then the coloring of the ceiling will not be difficult for you.

The following instruction will create the necessary basis for representing the process of coloring the ceiling with water-based paint with a roller:

  • First you need to completely level the ceiling and primetrovat it. Choose the method of leveling for your taste, purse and other circumstances.
  • Start painting on a completely dry and clean ceiling. Start at the corner next to the window. For small jobs, use a handy brush.
  • After the corners and the area near the baseboard are handled with a brush, you can start working with the roller.
  • Roll the roller into the container with paint, roll over the edges of the paint tray, then proceed to apply the paint in the direction from the window to the opposite wall.
  • Wait for complete drying( about 10 hours).
  • Apply a second layer of paint perpendicular to the first. After that, wait until it dries.
  • The final layer is positioned just like the first one. Try to work with the sun's rays to assess the smoothness of the paint application. In case of formation of a strip or a bunch, draw an empty roller in this region;The roller must absorb excess paint.

Proper execution of painting the ceiling with water-based paint will give you excellent results Correct painting of the ceiling with water-based paint will give you excellent results

Dry the paint better during the night without exposure to moisture, temperature and direct sunlight.

Painting ceilings with acrylic paint with a roller

Acrylic paint is not an expensive pleasure, but the advantages that acrylics have over other substances cover all costs.

Acrylic has the following advantages, which determine its cost:

  1. Acrylic paint can easily cope with cracks, small irregularities on the ceiling.
  2. Time does not change the color or the state of the paint.
  3. Acrylic is not afraid of moisture.
  4. This paint will behave well even on the kitchen ceiling: acrylic is indifferent to temperature changes.
  5. Acrylic paint is environmentally friendly, odorless, completely safe even for children and animals.
  6. Acrylic paint dries quickly, slightly darker by the time of complete drying.
  7. For the price of acrylic paint is very democratic.
  8. The number of colors of acrylic is simply unimaginable. Everyone will find the shade that suits him.

Acrylic paint is enough to apply on the ceiling in two layers and it will change significantly Acrylic paint should be applied to the ceiling in two layers and it will noticeably change

The painting process itself does not differ from the painting with ordinary water-based paint. Choose high-quality materials and make your ceiling this way. How would you like to see him!

Try to be economical with acrylic paint. Roll out the roller a little longer than usual, so that the paint layer is as thin and neat as possible. The drying process will also accelerate with decreasing layer thickness.

Painting ceiling with roller( video)

Summarizing the conclusions, we can say with confidence that the roller is needed and even necessary for painting the ceiling!Choose it is not difficult. A natural high-quality roller will paint the ceiling with an unsurpassed result. The color level of the ceiling, as well as of the walls, qualitatively depends on the choice of the roller. In addition, a nice comfortable roller is nice to use. Make your choice with regard to color and texture, and a well-chosen roller will help you to realize the idea!