Fabric stretch ceilings: photos, pros and cons, reviews, seamless ceilings on your own

Fabric ceilings have many advantages: high waterproofing properties, strength, durability Fabric ceilings have many advantages: high waterproofing properties, strength, durability ceiling trim - it's always a problematic issue, as the design has to be a match for the whole environment, organic style of the room, etc. You can opt for an inexpensive repair, which is easy to do yourself. And you can choose hinged structures that professionals will arrange - yes, it will be more expensive, but such a ceiling in the apartment and looks accordingly.

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fabric ceiling: characteristics of structures

Fabric ceiling - this is a design from the canvas, which is fixed by a special profile under the base ceiling. And although the suspended suspended ceiling has been decorating the interiors of houses and apartments for more than 40 years, its tissue variant appeared relatively recently.

And immediately the textile ceilings began to be in great demand - they create an especially cozy atmosphere in the interior, and such quality as the original and fashionable design is also in the cards at the ceiling.

With the help of a fabric ceiling, you can completely change the geometry and interior of a living room with fabric ceiling you can completely change the geometry and the interior of the dwelling

ceilings are made of cloth are good because they are seamless, durable, cold-resistant. And although many myths surround them, there are still a lot of untruths in these myths, but it's worth discussing this in more detail.

Fabric ceilings: pros and cons

There are drawbacks to any ceiling structure. But many of them are exaggerated or thought out. For example, the myth is tenacious, that if you strongly pull the fabric, they may eventually break up at the seam. But the ceilings are still not cotton, it's a mesh impregnated with polyurethanes, and this composition gives the ceiling certain wear-resistant properties.

Advantages of fabric ceilings:

  • Resistance to temperature conditions. The temperature range ranges from minus forty to plus eighty. Because you can pull this ceiling even in unheated rooms.
  • Durability. Manufacturers are improving their products - the modern fabric ceiling is not really easy to scratch or, for example, damage some sharp object( and the same film constructions do it).
  • No measurements are required. And this is also good - time is saved at least, the canvas is taken with a reserve, the stretch occurs, the excess cut off.
  • Simple installation. And though the profile is needed, the canvas is the same, but the heat gun will not be required( but the film without it will not stretch).
  • Material does not light up. And this is also an extra reason to trim the ceiling with a cloth.
  • The ceiling is not electrified.
  • The ceiling can be painted if you use acrylic paint - decorating with the right color can be done up to four times.

Fabric ceilings in the interior( video)

Disadvantages cover

And now - about the shortcomings, although these defects can be quite relative.

There is an opinion that film tension ceilings, at least domestic, even French, are harmful to health. But the textile is completely ecological. But is it?Environmental compatibility is highly questionable, as the material for such a ceiling is polyester, a fully synthetic material. Yes, and soaked in polyurethane.

Perhaps such a ceiling is not harmful, according to buyers, since there is no characteristic chemical odor even during installation.

When installing a ceiling from a fabric, it is necessary to remember about such its lack, as low water resistance installing a ceiling made of cloth, it should be remembered that its deficiency, such as low water resistance

better judge so - this ceiling decor is not harmful synthetic clothing, which you wear. And even with heating, the ceiling does not emit harmful substances.

Protects the fabric ceiling from flooding

Many say that the textile ceiling is not only the decoration of the room, but also a reliable protection against flooding. And if you choose this design for a hall or a bedroom, the flood is not exactly to be feared.

Yes, this ceiling is water resistant. To this end, it is impregnated with polyurethane. As already mentioned, the textile ceiling is not a delicate chintz, because the safety margin for a flood will suffice. But here everything depends on the scale of the flood.

Even a strong fastening can not stand the powerful flow of water. The PVC film is elastic, it is more reliable than cloth in this respect. With a strong flooding, water from the fastenings will break out and flood the room.

Fabric stretch ceilings: comments and remarks

For example, film ceilings can be decorated with photo printing. But textile ceilings are good for their design, for their texture, it can also emphasize the features of the walls.

Modern fabric ceilings - this is a quality element of the decor, amazing with its artistic variety, thanks to hand-painted, or elements of photo printing Modern fabric ceilings are a quality element of the decor, amazing with their artistic variety, thanks to hand-painted, or elements of photo printing

Matte, beautiful, muted aristocratic colors, exquisite drapery, if sostretch ceiling.

As the owners of apartments themselves admit with stretch fabric ceilings, before buying such a ceiling, they wanted to make a frame and hang it with plasterboard. Multilevel ceilings are always relevant, and this is understandable. But once you see the ideal surface of the fabric, you want to make this ceiling not only in the living room and bedroom, but even in the bathroom. Both in an apartment and in a wooden house they are appropriate.

Care for fabric stretch ceiling

If the dirt is small, light stains can be removed with a soft dry cloth. Wet cleaning involves only severe pollution when there is nowhere to go. If you are going to wash the ceiling, then test the method of cleaning in a small inconspicuous area. It happens that when contact with water the ceiling changes in color, why do you need such a "seal"?

If necessary, conduct a wet cleaning of the surface of the stretch ceiling, removing all dirt and dust If necessary, conduct wet cleaning of the surface of the stretch ceiling, removing all dirt and dust

Interestingly, today there are cleaning companies that provide services for cleaning stretch fabric ceilings.

You can clean the fabric ceiling with a brush with a soft pile. In any case, you should take care of such a cloth with great care.

Suede fabric ceilings

There are various types of textile stretch ceilings. Today, glossy, matte, lacquer, satin and suede stretch ceilings are made of metallic.

Suede ceiling is the basis for the arrangement of the ceiling. This is not an independent invoice, but rather an additional element. When something is missing, and you think, but we'll paste something interesting. Suede is great for a starry sky ceiling.

These are special light ceilings, and similar light-permeable fabrics are used for niches where lighting fixtures will be located. The light that penetrates through such a coating will create a special, romantic atmosphere.

Installation of fabric ceiling( video)

Today, many countries are establishing the production of stretch ceilings. This is the ceiling, which is not terrible painting, to which in case of damage, you can paste vinyl stickers. If you do not want to pick up a spatula, paint, primer and level the rough ceiling, and just in a few hours to transform your room, the fabric ceilings are an excellent choice.

Fabric ceilings( interior photos)