Thread curtains in the kitchen photo: muslin curtains are threads, faded in the interior, threaded design options

Thread curtains fit well into any interior, regardless of its style Threaded curtains fit well into any interior regardless of its style Lightweight and airy curtains that frame the window are an excellent way to decorate window or doorways in any room. Such products will perfectly fit in the arch between the balcony and the room, will do well with the role of zoning rooms, decorate with their presence a window in the kitchen or another room. Rope curtains give extraordinary ease and elegance to the living space. They can be both very simple, and heaped with expensive patches of precious stones.

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    • What is the phrase "muslin curtains"?Typically, this product, which is a light curtain, collected from individual filaments or thin ropes. Using in the interior of rooms such a version of the curtains, you can stylishly transform the room, so that it starts to play with new bright colors.

      If the kitchen is small, then it is better to choose muslin curtains of light shades: beige, white If the kitchen is small, then it is better to choose the muslin curtains of light shades: beige, white

      Advantages and advantages of the muslin:

      • Does not create a dark, but gently dissipates the sunlight;
      • Provides protection against sun and drafts;
      • Does not interfere with air circulation, which is especially important in the kitchen;
      • Perfectly matches with other types of curtains and thanks to a variety of colors and textures fits in almost any interior;
      • Practical and easy to clean( often has special impregnation that prevents the absorption of contaminants in the curtain material);
      • Not afraid of fire;
      • "Can" transform the interior for the better - for example, visually add height to the ceilings;
      • Easy to use - easily fixed to the cornice and does not require any complicated mechanisms;
      • When cutting, the threads do not crumble, they can be easily tied with a knot or weave and it's also easy to return the initial shape, but they do not deform and do not lose their stylish appearance.

      Curtains from muslin can be fastened not only to windows, but also to be used as interior curtains. They will perfectly save space, unlike massive doors and will thinly divide the kitchen area from other rooms.

      When choosing thread curtains for the kitchen, you do not need to hang them next to frequently used items. For example, a stove or fridge. This will help to avoid possible ruptures and other deformations of the canvas.

      If the house has animals or small children, it is advisable to choose short window curtains so that they do not have the opportunity to reach them or hang ordinary curtains.

      Correctly selected muslin is able to make the room more cozy, well-groomed and "airy".

      Fashion curtains for the kitchen: photos and types of products

      Appearing in the market of curtains, thread-like curtains immediately gained popularity. And this is not accidental. Because of the unusual texture and variety of shades, they give the opportunity to embody the most daring and original fantasies.

      Thread curtains of gold color perfectly fit in the kitchen interior, made in a classic style Golden thread curtains perfectly fit into the kitchen interior, made in the classical style

What are the thread curtains:

  • One tone - the palette of the muslin is very diverse and includes about 60 shades;
  • Multicolored - these curtains can be with sharp or smooth transitions of different shades, creating unique bright compositions;
  • Decorated - contain decorating items, such as rhinestones, beads, sequins, pom-poms.

When choosing rope curtains with bright decorative elements, you should observe the measure in their quantity. The abundance of jewelry can get bored or look at the windows too pretentiously.

In addition to the colors, curtains can be different material of manufacture. It can be: linen, wool, polyester, viscose. In addition, the threads can be thin or thick, have different weaving and structure.

The most popular are curtains - noodles or filaments - pasta. Products with such "tasty" names are ideal for the interior of the kitchen.

Modern curtains-threads in the interior: photos in the kitchen

When choosing the sauce in the kitchen, you should pay attention to models impregnated with special substances that protect the material from contamination. Greasy stains and dirty plaque can not soak into such a product, and it can easily be cleaned.

The curtains of a thread may differ in thickness, length, color and material from which they are made The curtains of the thread may differ in thickness, length, color and material from which they are made.

Kitchen design options with thread curtains:

  • If in the room environment there are many chrome parts, you can hang on the windowShiny metal rope curtains, which will create an original roll-call;
  • For a classic room, you can choose a multi-layered version, made in light colors without additional decorations( in this case, you can make a combination of threads and conventional curtains with lambrequin);
  • Ethnic and eclectic motifs "will be pleased" with threaded curtains with a variety of beads;
  • For the hi-tech style, curtains of contrasting tones arranged at different heights are perfect;
  • In the Provence fit dense thread curtains in a light pastel range.

By the way, with the help of light threads you can make zones in the middle of the kitchen, dividing it into lunch and working parts. It will look original and truly cozy.

You can buy curtains with multi-colored beads, which in their appearance resemble some images. For example, a combination of blue and violet fibers from a distance can resemble a rain or drops of water.

It is also possible to use different tapes and pins. Tape ruffles looks especially elegant and lively on such curtains. It is best to use them on multi-colored curtains.

Fancy gauze in the kitchen and care for it

Many are afraid to use thread curtains because of its apparent complexity in care. But in fact, nothing complicated is there. Moreover, rope products are dirty much less than even the finest tulle curtains. So you often do not need to erase them.

To care for the filament curtains, it is sufficient to use a cleaning agent and a damp cloth For maintenance of thread curtains, it is sufficient to use a cleaner and a damp rag

Special care for thread curtains:

  • If the curtains are slightly dirty - just wipe them with a damp cloth to restore the old look;
  • If there is a need for washing, then you can do it manually in a mild soapy solution - gauze should be rolled up and soaked for about 10 minutes, then rinse well without wringing or twisting;
  • Textiles without ornaments can be washed in a typewriter in a delicate mode( like a delicate dress), having previously curled them with a tourniquet or braid in a pigtail and intercept the thread in several places, after which place the curtains in a special bag for washing;
  • No need to iron the muslin - just hang it in a non-woven form on the cornice, spread out with your hands and leave to dry;
  • If you do not want to do anything at all, you can give the curtains to a dry cleaner.

Stylish filament curtains in the kitchen( video)

The design of thread curtains is famous for its originality, as well as a variety of colors and textures, which is gaining increasing popularity. Stylish kitchen, where everything is matched in one style, gives a feeling of warmth and comfort, and rope curtains give the room a kind of charm. Threaded curtains - this is ideal for decorating a window or doorway in the kitchen.

Design of thread curtains in the kitchen( photos in the interior)