Curtain curtains: curtains in the living room interior, wilborg in the room, curtain fabric and finished products

Curtain curtains can be made of various materials: metal, wood, plastic curtain curtains can be made of various materials: metal, wood, plastic Curtains in the interior should not only approach the general style direction, but also fulfill its immediate function - to protect the room from dirt, street noise. Of course, everyone wants to furnish their apartment fashionable, but do not forget that both furniture and window design is chosen based on the parameters of the room and its purpose.

    • Curtain mounting: photo and basic types of cornices
    • Curtains and curtains in the interior: photos and selection recommendations
    • Choose curtains for the living room in the style of the country
    • How the curtains look Vilborg in the interior
    • We install curtains on the windows: 3 boards for installing the cornice
    • How to choose curtains for curtains( video)
    • Curtain design for curtains( photo in interior)

Curtain mounting: photo and main types of cornices

Light and translucent curtains can serve as an element of window decoration, and be one of the components of the decor of the opening. Before you buy curtains, take measurements of the window and ceiling. Even the most beautiful curtains will not save the situation if the cornice is chosen wrongly, which many call a wrong curtain, although the latter is a kind of curtains.

Often, the fastening elements are sold together with the curtain Often, the fastening elements are sold with the curtain

In fact, the cornice is a product with several functions. It supports curtains, affects the visual perception of the room and hides some defects in walls and windows. That is, with the help of fastening for the curtains you can narrow or expand the space in the room, visually enlarge the window opening and remove minor flaws from the outside eyes.

The fastening for curtains is great.

They are distinguished:

  • according to the material;
  • method of connection with the plane;
  • appearance.

The classic option is wooden curtain rods. When they are made use such species of trees as oak or cherry, in which the structure is dense and clearly expressed longitudinal fibers. Conifers are also suitable.

Plastic models attract their accessibility and variety of colors. It is noticed that light shades burn out faster, but imitating dark trees can last long enough.

Metal cornices like their strength. They are able to withstand both the curtain fabric and the heavy curtain. There are simple models that fit the style of minimalism, and elegant forged ones - for a classic interior.

String cornices are universal. They fit in almost any interior, but the weight of heavy curtains can not stand, suitable for lightweight air fabrics.

The variety of finished products is really impressive, but if you can not find something suitable for your idea, you can order fastening for masters of the right size and texture.

When choosing a cornice, it is also worth considering the ceiling possibilities. Made of drywall, it can not withstand the weight of the anchorage and the curtains. All this must be taken into account in advance.

Curtains and curtains in the interior: photos and recommendations for the choice

In the interior design of the room, the cornice also performs a decorative function. If repairs are planned and you want something original, it is worthwhile to provide a special niche for this element, because for non-traditional arched or having an unusual broken construction of windows, standard models that are fixed to the ceiling or just to the wall will not work.

It is recommended to choose curtains and curtains, which are made in the same style and harmoniously combined It is recommended to choose curtains and curtains that are made in the same style and harmoniously combined

In rooms with a low ceiling, the cornices are fixed to the ceiling, thereby visually pulling the room.

If it is possible to use the ceiling, purchase ceiling cornices. With their help create the illusion of high ceilings.

They are divided into several subspecies :

  • Rail. Such options are good for short curtains, when it is not possible to hang long curtains.
  • Stringed. Cornices differ in the number of rows, fastened with brackets.
  • Rods.

The ceiling cornices have many pluses. With their help you can protect the room from cold air in the winter, maximally darken the bedroom or close the entire wall completely, hiding small defects in the wall cover or window.

We select the curtains for the living room in the style of the country.

The living room is the place where the whole family has a rest, they gather friends and relatives. Country simplicity of country style can not seem to be appropriate in this room. What to choose here curtains and cornices for windows?

The choice of material for curtains depends on the location of the room. If you need to let in as much light as possible, choose light cotton fabrics. The coloring of the curtains can be bright, the pictures on them are rustic, also the relevant curtains in the cage. Color usually choose a gentle, romantic( pink, blue, salad, peach, wine).

Fasteners for curtains are best made of wood. The hall with such cornices looks organically. For the living room are suitable and conventional plastic or iron models, without any ornaments.

For a country-style living room, wooden curtains of brown color For a country-style living room, the wooden curtains of brown

are good. If you do not want to use the cornice as an element of the decor, you choose inconspicuous profile variants made of aluminum or plastic tires. With this fastening for curtains, it is felt that the fabrics are flowing straight from the ceiling.

It is also important to choose the cornice according to the size of the window opening, so that the construction looks ridiculous.

Here are some tips for selecting the length of the cornice:

  • If the size of the opening suits, you need a design equal to the length of the window plus about 100 -150 mm on both sides;
  • If the window is small, the length of the cornice should exceed its length by about 250 mm;
  • To a large window a construction is selected equal to it in length.

Curtains with lambrequins are hung above, so that the accessory does not close the top of the window.

How the curtains look Vilborg in the interior

The variety of curtains offered by the manufacturers is impressive. It's no wonder that choosing is difficult to determine. The company "Ikea" has released many models, ready to boast of their positive qualities.

For a minimalist style you need simple, unfriendly curtains, without drawings or bright patterns. For example, the monochrome beautiful curtains "Vilborg", made of dense fabric, will be excellent protectors from the cold, noise and dust of the street. However, such curtains are suitable for other areas in the interior, if the wall covering is saturated - monochrome fabrics will look impressive.

Curtains Wilborg are great for a room decorated in Art Nouveau style or high-tech Curtains Wilborg are perfect for rooms decorated in Art Nouveau or high-tech.

You need to choose such dense curtains if you need to protect the room from bright sunlight. They are great for a nursery or a bedroom.

To create a cosiness and intimate environment also suitable:

  • Curtains "Verna" made of dense fabric, blocking light;
  • Curtains of "Sanela" of deep colors from cotton velvet;
  • Curtains "Maygull" will not let in the room, neither cold nor summer heat.

But the wide curtains "Otilde" with a beautiful modern pattern will decorate the living room or dining room.

We install curtains on the windows: 3 boards for installing the cornice

When the curtains and cornice are selected, it's up to the small thing - to install the structure. Many people do not know this process, and in fact it is necessary to do the work correctly, so that the window design would only please.

To install the cornice you need a certain set of tools.

It is worthwhile to stock :

  • Roulette;
  • Rotary hammer;
  • Staircase;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Level;
  • with Pencil;
  • Screws and dowels.

To install window curtains, use a drill or liquid nails To install window curtains, use drill or liquid nails

First, the construction is applied to the wall. The chosen location must be "fixed" with a glance.

If the floor and walls are level, align the cornice in the plane using a level.

The desired position of the cornice is fixed with marks. Using a level and a pencil, the height above the window is indicated, drawing a horizontal line. Also pencil marks the places where holders will be fastened.

A perforator or shock drill makes holes in the wall. Dusts are extracted from the holes, then dowels are inserted into them. The holders are fixed with screws.

When the cornice in the bracket is fixed, the second edge is applied to the wall, with the level determining whether it is level with respect to the wall or not. After the holders are fixed securely, strengthen the cornice itself.

After installation, it is necessary to check whether the structure is stable or unstable.

How to choose curtains for curtains( video)

Choosing a curtain rod and curtains is not an easy task. It is necessary to take into account all the features of the home: defects in walls, floors, the size of windows, the style of the interior, the strength of the ceiling, the presence of protruding parts of the heating system, and much more. Sometimes the choice of these details of the decor from the photo-examples can play a cruel joke, because what is suitable for one room - can look tasteless in another.

Curtain design Curtain( photo in the interior)